Carl Zeiss lenses review

posted on 29th of september, 2012

I was asked by the largest photo gear shop in Romania to do a review of several Carl Zeiss lenses. I accepted and the results is in the link below. Feel free to use Google translate, as the article is in Romanian language.


I hope it can be useful to people considering buying Zeiss glass.

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Posted by Mightymogwai on October 01, 2012
Nu-i rau! ;-)
Posted by Xalanx on October 01, 2012
Yes, it's a true pleasure working with Zeiss lenses.
Posted by Egomezta on October 01, 2012
That's a great honor to be asked for a review like that, Congratulations.

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Fully redesigned personal website

posted on 16th of november, 2011

Hello everyone,

I finally managed to rebuild my website. It's something I want to do for a good while now, but I always find myself short on time. Shooting, processing, sending to agencies - the normal stuff for someone who is full time on this.
The website is meant to be a showroom, to let people know what I'm about and it contains a selection of my personal favorites, many of them also available at agencies.

Music generously provided by Easily Embarrassed (credited in the footer).

The site is here: www.catalinpetolea.com

Please have a look, I hope you'll enjoy it!


Comments (9)

Posted by Egomezta on November 17, 2011
It looks great, you have amazing images, good luck.
Posted by Neerajarora on November 17, 2011
Very impressive photos!!
Posted by Almaterra on November 17, 2011
Nice pictures !

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My new website - will it work on Mac?

posted on 15th of february, 2010

Hello everyone,

I have set up my new website, at www.catalinpetolea.com

I am not sure if it works on Mac, and I can't test it. Can you boys and girls give me some feedback? Much appreciated.


Comments (6)

Posted by Xalanx on February 16, 2010
Thanks, all
I'll think about a bigger watermark :)
Posted by Creativei on February 16, 2010
yeah it works both on Safari and firefox on Mac. congrats, nice site, I agree with the below comments.
Posted by Adeliepenguin on February 15, 2010
It works on my Mac...very nice! I would recommend putting your watermark visibly in the middle of the image. People are known to cut and paste right from the screen. (I know this through the experiences I have had with my website:) )

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My website

posted on 24th of february, 2009

I ran into blogs or forum posts of photographers that opened their own website all the time, lately.
So I thought "yea, why not, after all?" and here I am, buying a domain and hosting package at bluehost dot com.

The result is right HERE.

I haven't finished it yet, but it is something to look at, a bit of everything - just to give a general flavour about the look of the website.

Comments / critics are welcome.


Comments (11)

Posted by Xalanx on September 15, 2010
Hey there Popeslattz, you can see a "Contact me" text which is an email link.
Posted by Popeslattz on September 15, 2010
Nice slideshow but I wasn't able to find contact info. I'm using IE.
Posted by Xalanx on February 24, 2009
Thanks everyone for the kind words! It really motivates me to get the site to its final shape and get some more content on.

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Alps. Tyrol. Austria. Marmots.

posted on 1st of august, 2008

Yea, so I just came back from a holiday in Alps. In Tyrol, Austria, to be more precise. Even more precise, in Kirchberg.
The holiday was about 12 days from which only 1 was sunny and 2 partly sunny. Rest of them it rained or heavy clouds.
Despite this, it was beautiful. We (my, my wife, my son and our friends) enjoy going to mountains and if this is what you're looking for, then Tyrol might be the place for you. Mountains everywhere, with valleys between them, where you can find plenty of hotels and pensions. Make sure you have your reservation a few weeks before you go, and bear in mind that usually they make reservations for no less than a week.
I recommend going with your car, unless you know exactly where are you going with the public transportation; and have a PDA with...

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Introducing myself and some results of my best hobby

posted on 15th of may, 2008

My name is Catalin Petolea, I am from Romania.

As a day job I am senior software developer working for a large company.

And as everybody can guess, photography is one of my hobbies. The most important one, I would say.
In fact, I'd exchange writing code for photography at any time, but unfortunately I am new to microstock and it needs time.

What I like to shoot... almost everything.
In my portfolio you'll find many areas covered - landscapes, portraits, macro, isolations.

In the last few weeks I have enlarged my portfolio to over 500 images, due to the fact that I had several free days to spend in mountains or other remote locations. I enjoy hiking.

Here are a few of my images that I would like to present to you.

Spa in nature. A beautiful...

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Comments (1)

Posted by Xalanx on May 16, 2008
Thank you very much. And you have a beautiful portfolio!

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