Admins and Reviewers Contest - 2nd Half

posted on 7th of february, 2011

Today, on Tuesday, February 8, 2011 at 00:00 GMT started the second half of Admins and Reviewers Contest. For today there have been 10 of 20 admins (50%) who have participated in the competition more or less. Within 6 months they have played 892 games, with total average percentage 72.42% (I didn't count 0-gamers). But the second half of the Contest has just begun and everyone has a chance to leave the arena with honor and glory in the end.

Our top admins started with scores:

1. Constantin - 85 (rank 14, 10582 points, 86 games played)
2. Martine - 81 (rank 7, 2909 points, 26 games played)
3. Andrei - 78 (rank 40, 87009 points, 1219 games played)
4. Serban - 77 (rank 23, 30039 points, 383 games played)
5. Petar - 77 (rank 24, 30668 points, 339 games played)
(Admins and Reviewers Contest - 1st Half)

Currently the TOP5 of Highest Percentage Gamers has not changed much:

1. Constantin - 83 (rank 20, 22009 points, 185 games played)
2. Martine - 81 (rank 7, 2909 points, 26 games played)
3. Petar - 79 (rank 29, 45342 points, 460 games played)
4. Andrei - 78 (rank 41, 94272 points, 1331 games played)
5. Serban - 77 (rank 23, 30039 points, 383 games played)

But the scores which might seem more interesting, are of the Most Improved Gamers:
I will reveal the formulas of my calculations at the end of the game, but here are current scores:

1. Petar - 14.10
2. Sebastian - 10.26
3. Andreea - 9.06
4. Kathy - 8.17
5. Viorel - 6.11
6. Andrei - 5.45
7. Rui - 3.39
8. Constantin - 1.92
9. Catalina - 0.98
10. Marius - 0.90

And again, although numbers are very different, everyone has still a chance to climb to the top and become a winner. The key factors are high points of every played game and stable participation.
No need to overdo it, We need to have our images reviewed in the meantime.
The Contest will end on Aug 8th 2011, 00:00 GMT. And from now on gamers who don't participate in the Contest within 3 consecutive months will be removed from the Contest.

Good luck everyone! :)

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Comments (19)

Posted by Maigi on March 07, 2011
A quick update on game.

TOP5 Hi% Gamers: Constantin - 82.75%, Martine - 80.77%, and Marius - 80.57% with reseted score. Petar and Andrei are right after them with 78.63% and 77.68%, and Serban with 77.01% is just waiting behind them to hit TOP5 list.

On improvements list Petar still keeps the Best Player title with 15.34 points of solid distance, Viorel and Sebastian are after him with scores 10.22 and 10.07. Then come Andreea and Cathy with respective 9.41 and 8.17 points. And Andrei and Rui are just about catching the TOP5 list.

Good luck!
Posted by Maigi on February 14, 2011
Time and experiences help to improve. :)
Posted by Ponytail1414 on February 13, 2011
They all beat me.
Posted by Patpat on February 11, 2011
good luck
Posted by Mani33 on February 09, 2011
So you're still tracking them! Cool! Ought to see the final :-)
Posted by lzf on February 08, 2011
good luck
Posted by Dmccale on February 08, 2011
keep us informed you all are the greatest.(((H)))
Posted by Maigi on February 08, 2011
Huh? I didn't do nothing. 8-]
Posted by Noonie on February 08, 2011
You're a tough boss, Maigi!
Posted by Maigi on February 08, 2011
Enrique, several of them have pretty high scores. But when you think about reviewing, then there are lots of factors what are not included in The Game. The Game is just the game.
Posted by Egomezta on February 08, 2011
Thanks for sharing, I always thought Admins would get higher scores.
Posted by Maigi on February 08, 2011
:) Don't put too much pressure on gamers. This competition isn't a competition for the Best Admin title. That would be totally different competition. ;)
Posted by Fleyeing on February 08, 2011
I'm totally biased, I agree. Rui is the perfect business model. Petar writes great blogs but he sounds too serious. Achilles is too busy with his brainchild DT, although he has a great fish-eye. No no, we should single out the weaker victims. :-p
Posted by Maigi on February 08, 2011
Yeah, right. But he gave up too early. Never give up too early.
Wanna play too, Hugo? Maybe next competition will be for submitters. :)) Or maybe someone else will arrange it.
Posted by Fleyeing on February 08, 2011
Nah nah, Rui (Rolmat) is the best. He will always be. ;-)
Edit: after Maigi of course. Why don't we organize a shoot in Porto or Tallinn? With Ryannair, it's almost free!
Posted by Maigi on February 08, 2011
:) Let's see how they are doing.
Posted by Sobek85 on February 08, 2011
Well done
Posted by Mariaam on February 08, 2011
hehe...great article! :) ... Let´s see who will win...
Posted by Trottola on February 08, 2011
lol :))) Nice blog, Maigi! Look foreward to know the winner on Aug!

Comments (19)

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