Very first download for each of us... (a bit of nostalgia)

posted on 17th of february, 2011

I would like to introduce my collection which is dedicated to very first downloads on DT for each of us.


I suggest to use this collection to share our first sales. Let each of us shows there a picture that was one's first download on DT. We all remember that brilliant moment when figures in "Uploads:" field became non-zero. It was exciting, impressive and gaily. And gave us lot of pleasant feelings. Let's get a bit nostalgia and repeat that moment.

To get your very first download to be presented in the collection you are welcome to put ID here in comments. It would be nice if you post your Very First Downlosd also HERE IN THIS THREAD.

Those who are on DT from the beginning are invited especially.

Have a nice day or night depending on your location. Take care.

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Posted by Igordabari on April 26, 2011
Thanks, Tamara. It has been added.
Posted by Tamarabauer on April 26, 2011
Here's my very first ever sale: 17274085
Posted by Igordabari on April 26, 2011
@ Neirfy Thank you for contributing to my collection and best of luck with further sales! :)
Posted by Neirfy on April 26, 2011
Great idea! And I find my first sale in collection - thank you:))
Posted by Igordabari on April 26, 2011
@ Laurasibiu Thank YOU for providing me with you first sale to be added to my collection! :-)))
Posted by Laurasibiu on April 26, 2011
Thanks for adding my first download to your exciting colletction.:)))))
Posted by Igordabari on February 22, 2011
to Deniskelly: Done. Thanks. Good luck!
Posted by Deniskelly on February 22, 2011
Hi Igor! Here's mine - thanks for the opportunity.
   Wine press, Lanzarote, Canary Islands.   
Posted by Igordabari on February 22, 2011
to Madajimmy: Done. Lot of thanks!
Posted by Madajimmy on February 22, 2011
My first sale: 10955427
Thank you
Posted by Igordabari on February 21, 2011
Posted by Igordabari on February 21, 2011
Anybody else? :)
Posted by Igordabari on February 18, 2011
to Teguhonly Thanks for providing with your first sale. The picture is just great! We all were beginners, do not mind. I guess your photos are quite suitable for selling, it is just a matter of time. And - of course! - do not forget to add new ones!

Best of luck to you!
Posted by Teguhonly on February 18, 2011
nice sharing, Igor. i'm new in DT and only have 1 image sold,
i realize my photo collection are not so great that low in selling.
this is my first sale:
 Image not available or id is incorrect. 
Posted by Infotrontof on February 18, 2011
My first one was this one:

 Three in-line brass instruments 
Posted by Cbomers on February 18, 2011
Hi Igor, great idea! Here is mine:

Many thanks! Caroline
Posted by Stefaniav on February 18, 2011
Thanks Igor
the collection looks very nice and varied :)
Posted by Igordabari on February 17, 2011
Thanks to all. All images mentioned in comments have been added to the collection.
Posted by Egomezta on February 17, 2011
Hi Igor, great idea for this blog... Mi fir downloaded image was 2269245 a while ago...
Posted by Colette6 on February 17, 2011
LOL! Go on and this will propably become DT's biggest collection...! :-)
Posted by Bradcalkins on February 17, 2011
Mine: 4977871
Posted by Captainzz on February 17, 2011
My first download from 07/06/2009:
   Image not available or id is incorrect.   
Posted by Laurasinelle on February 17, 2011
Great idea! this is mine :
Posted by Annemario on February 17, 2011
My first sale is an image from my sailing trip 9887516.
Thank you for this great idea!
Posted by Igordabari on February 17, 2011
Done. VERY NICE PHOTO, I like it much. Thanks.
Posted by Lowthian on February 17, 2011
Here's mine. I've also posted it in the other thread. Thanks.
Posted by Igordabari on February 17, 2011
to Antoinettew Done. Thanks.
Posted by Antoinettew on February 17, 2011
I have put it also in the other thread, like you asked; this is going to be a nice collection.
Posted by Igordabari on February 17, 2011
to Stefaniav: Done. Good luck!
Posted by Stefaniav on February 17, 2011
:) that's fun! Thanks for sharing

Here's mine


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Comments (33)

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