False Prophets Cry of Doom

posted on 3rd of april, 2011

False Prophets Cry of Doom

I Have To Find My Peace Cuz No One Seems To Let Me Be
False Prophets Cry Of Doom What Are The Possibilities
I Told My Brother There’ll Be Problems, Times And Tears For Fears,
We Must Live Each Day Like It’s The Last!
(Michael Jackson - JAM)

I don't know if it’s a good thing writing this blog, for a person like me who prophesizes or predicts things. With 2012 closing in, the doomsday prophecies have started making headlines again. The latest stupidity was about the two dates 09/11/2001 (911 US WTC) and the latest 03/11/2011 (Japan Tsunami) dates adding together to form the exact doomsday date 12/22/2012. in 2000 When it was the millennium time same kind of prophecies supposedly predicted by Nostradamus were haunting people. I guess till the ball dropped everyone was quite serious about how and what would happen! An Armageddon a tsunami or what? But times just 10 years back were slow in spreading panic over the globe. What changed now is facebook and twitter, not to mention cheap News channels and web-feeds which support such speculations. A human mind generally likes to embrace such predictions which talk about devastating effect. I don't know if our sub-conscious finds exciting adventures on a imaginative realm or is it something else. Such news fascinate the prophets as well as the rest of the world which accepts them. Even people who deny prophecies do keep discussing these publicly. It’s the fascination like we have for betting for things we believe in. Who will win and who will loose. With our limited intelligence and logics we support or oppose these prophecies, but we become a part of it. We also play the bad game by helping spread them around through discussions like I am myself doing right now.

Being in the network of so many spiritual people worldwide, I have friends in social networks who deal with all these cosmic things that cannot be explained by science. I am proud to be a part of that world, but I am not proud to know those who are time and again reminding people of such doomsdays when everyone already knows about it. There are some really stupid people calling themselves spiritual talking about normal solar flares as pounding firing from sun to start bad radioactive effects on poor earthlings. See the universe with your eyes. We are just like that dot of a star in the sky or even smaller considering its size. Why does anyone have to think that the doom of a planet, sun or a solar system be so calculated by the cosmos? Won't cosmos have better things to do than planning a destruction of a small planet with life, which is again one of many others hosting life? Is the cosmos primitive than our technology which also has the capability to program destruction which is based on situations (failures of systems) and not time-bound always.

I wouldn't like to judge the MAYANS for the doomsday predictions because I don't believe that we have been really able to understand their calculations! Is there anything I can do if I know for sure that I am going to die tomorrow? Considering that the earth will be destroyed due to some cosmic calculation shouldn't be my problem as much as my own death should be. Is anyone a messiah or a god to really take care of this problem of saving the world from destruction? If you do want to believe in the doomsday theory then do that by preparing to embrace death peacefully and happily more than creating a panic around! The world that we believed is round and 360 degree sphere with 12 equal parts for time and also constellations is shaken as well. What about the new 13th constellation? Are we seeing 360 degree 3D objects just because the shape of our eyes is limited to see till that level? I would rather say that the MAYANs knew much more than this. Even if we assume that their calculations were perfect we cannot assume to understand their science and maths for sure. We cannot claim to be as intelligent as them because we are believing in a system that we know about very less.

My own prophecy is that we will live very well through the coming years and 2012 is not a big deal. But for those people who get scared of prophecies from prophets like myself I would say, "If you live to see the dawn of 2013 then stop believing in any doomsday prophecies that you come across. Most importantly stop believing in those spiritual leaders and gurus who are creating a panic again and again for their own benefit using such prophecies!" The destruction of our planet is happening in front of our eyes and with our own hands. We don’t need some cosmic system to destroy us. Again don't start thinking about the radiation leak in Japan. I am not talking about it. Though it’s a dangerous thing happening its not as devastating. There are a lot more calamities and natural disasters to come but life has always won. Even if the dinosaurs were destroyed by an asteroid, life still evolved reaching to a stage which we are in. There is more to learn maybe the machines will take over, the artificial intelligence will take over the natural one. How does that all matter in this lifetime. The future generations are more intelligent and capable enough to take care of all these problems. Adding a point, I would also say that when we talk about machines being alive we are talking of silicon life unlike carbon based like ours. Recent researches showed non-carbon based lifeforms right on our planet. Maybe there are lifeforms that not all can see, which survive and thrive on other natural resources.

Lets wake up each day trying to plan what we can do for ourselves and people we care for, regardless of doomsdays or blessings. Finally what we get is what we think and anticipate. If you want to end yourself up so soon... keep calculating the countdown. The rest can join me to live even after any kind of destruction happening around. I am here for a purpose and I won't die till I serve it! :)



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Posted by Thefinalmiracle on April 08, 2011
I wish the coffee idea was feasible financially in time. Since the idea seems about traveling so far I guess we can help ourselves with other drinks too! :)
Posted by Snookless on April 07, 2011
@Thefinalmiracle...well...then I think we should all get together on the 23rd for some coffee!! Do dreamstime people do that? i mean meet socially anytime?
Take care and good luck!
Posted by Fenghui on April 07, 2011
nice photo,interesting blog.
Posted by Haslinda on April 06, 2011
Wise words and the voice of reasons. Good article!
Posted by smartview27 on April 06, 2011
Keep your attitude! It's very good!
Posted by Alvera on April 06, 2011
In my religion there is no doomsday. After death I will go in Heaven. This life is just a test for afterlife. (Heaven or Hell, of course, I will see :))
Posted by Thefinalmiracle on April 06, 2011
@Snookless.. Not at all offended! you are right about the 2 digits of the year! Anyway none of them is my theory. My theory is only that I will be alive till I am not done with my job! :)
Posted by Sobek85 on April 06, 2011
Great photis. December 2012 will be a month like any other. No one knows the future.
Posted by Snookless on April 05, 2011
Well...actually they can not add those dates like that...they are incorrect. They are adding the days and the months....but only adding the last two digits of the year. ???
If we were to correctly add them it would be 12/22/4012. We only make things how we want to see them.
And I agree..now with FB, Twitter and other avenues of information......everyone is 100 times more paranoid.
No offense...and greats pics.....Just my opinion.
Posted by Lostarts on April 05, 2011
I agree. But if the end comes in 2012, we'll get some great shots!
Posted by FabioConcetta on April 03, 2011
Nice image,congrats :)
Posted by Joe1971 on April 03, 2011
beautiful photo!
Posted by Thefinalmiracle on April 03, 2011
Thank You!
Posted by lzf on April 03, 2011
nice pics
Posted by Littledesire on April 03, 2011
Your blogs are always very interesting for reading, Nikhil!

Comments (15)

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