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posted on 5th of may, 2011

As a mother/photographer I tend to read into the line "I wish time would stand still" from many different angles. The mother side of me says, "I want them to be like this forever. Or until they break something else, then they can be adults and be out on their own." The photographer part of me says, "Where's my camera?! Where's my camera?! Is the battery charged?! Which kid tried to flush my filters down the toilet?!?!" Both thoughts colliding together at the same time has resulted in me scrambling to grab the camera at a cute moment but not wanting to tear my eyes away from the scene unfolding in front of me. I think as a mother it's a common fear (well, I might be alone on this one but oh well) that we'll forget the little moments. I have scrapbooked, done journals for each kid, taken photos to the point where they think I'm the paparazzi, and made them model endlessly for me. Frankly, they are tired of the camera and my 5 year old will either moon the camera if she isn't in a confined space or made an ugly face complete with her fingers jammed up her nose. The 2 year old has just learned to run when she hears the lens cap pop off. But... those are moments. And they're mine. The best photos are the ones which aren't perfectly posed. They're the ones that capture a glimpse of reality and truth, of candidness and raw life. I would rather have a million pictures of a tiny little butt sticking up in the air amidst 3 other people and a dog who are all smiling and posed than to have a "plastic" appearance

. We are all different, that's what makes photography worth while. The same shot will never turn out the same no matter how many times you take it. And for me, that's part of why I love photography. And to be able to share it with the world is a blessing. Happy clicking, everyone! :)

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Posted by Taylorgracephotography on May 15, 2011
Those moments are the best. Whether we're looking for a professional looking photo or just taking a trip down memory lane when we look through all of those baby books. It gives life and feeling to a picture. It tells a story and gives you a glimpse of who that person is in that picture.
Posted by Alaskaparks on May 09, 2011
What a nice article, and thanks for including one of my images. That moment was, exactly as you put it...a non posed oops, a moment that stood still and i will remember forever. Thanks for sharing!
Posted by Marcovarro on May 09, 2011
Great!Thanks for sharing.
Posted by Taylorgracephotography on May 05, 2011
Joe, I just now looked at that, creative minds think alike! :)
over 90% of my personal photo shoots are done this way, especially with my kids. I just want the shots to reflect who they are as a person, in that moment and when I look back when I'm 80 ( hopefully I make it there) I can say I remember well that day and that moment I snapped that picture. Posing is just that: a pose, not a natural posture of who one is but of what we want them to be. Candid allows us a window into the personality of the subject. I'm a sucker for wanting to savor all of the tiny events of life, whether it be a mudhole or a walk through the woods. I don't want my subjects to stop what they're doing and have to tilt and manipulate how I want them. I always say, just do you, I'll move where I need to be. And it works... Most of the time. :)
Posted by Joezachs on May 05, 2011
A good article.
I agree with this The best photos are the ones which aren't perfectly posed (something that I have written in my blog - see my web site in My profile)
Posted by lzf on May 05, 2011
nice pic
Posted by Taylorgracephotography on May 05, 2011
I guess I should also note that the images I posted aren't of my girls, I just wanted to put a feel to the words I was writing. They are great shots though, by 3 very talented contributors. If you haven't already, I encourage all of you to check these 3 out. If you're like me, you appreciate everyone else's work and effort they put forth. Credit goes to these guys who captured the images. :)
Posted by Mary981 on May 05, 2011
wonderful article, adorable little ones!
Posted by Taylorgracephotography on May 05, 2011
Thank you all for taking the time to read my ramblings lol :)
Posted by Davulcu on May 05, 2011
great images, congrats
Posted by Laurasinelle on May 05, 2011
Great photos! Thanks for sharing!
Posted by Nero67 on May 05, 2011
Beautiful Images!!!
Posted by Mariaam on May 05, 2011
Great article and very cute photos!!! :)))

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