May be exclusive?

posted on 20th of may, 2011

Hi everyone!
Recently, my pictures are sold primarily only here. Other photobanks greatly reduced my sales. I think to stay only on dreamstime. And to become an exclusive photographer. I hope this photobank approve.

Do you think this is the right solution?

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Posted by Aleksdem on May 24, 2011
Status has changed. :)
Posted by Thanatonautii on May 22, 2011
Being exclusive brought be a lot of satisfaction! Let`s hope it will be the same for you! Good luck!
Posted by Aleksdem on May 21, 2011
I've written request. Waiting for reply...
Posted by TMarchev on May 21, 2011
Do it ! Go exclusive here !
Posted by Grisho on May 20, 2011
I can advise you not to base your decision to be exclusive upon the fact that you're selling slow on other sites. Because once you go exclusive here and start selling you will probably start asking yourself whether you could have been selling well on all other agencies you turned your back to. There are many other advantages about exclusivity and the other contributors before me have shared some good, yet individual reasons why you should be exclusive.
Posted by Rigsby8131 on May 20, 2011
I have no regrets about going exclusive. I hope things work out well for you in the future.

Best wishes
Posted by Egomezta on May 20, 2011
I'm also exclusive and I'm very happy with it...
Posted by Laurasinelle on May 20, 2011
Im exclusive, and it works for me!
Posted by Yuritz on May 20, 2011
I'm and doing quiet good for now,but it depends what you're looking for and what you expect from this world
Posted by lzf on May 20, 2011
i'm exclusive already.welcome you to join~
Posted by Rosedarc on May 20, 2011
I'm also exclusive and it's working well for me. Good luck!
Posted by Py2000 on May 20, 2011
Why not? I've been exclusive ever since I was eligible.
Posted by Physi28 on May 20, 2011
It happened to me also that the other stock agency where I was together with DT was not making any sales with my pics and refusing pics which not only were accepted at DT but also getting sold. For that reason I moved to exclusivity at DT.
Posted by Igordabari on May 20, 2011
Best of luck, Alexey! :)
Posted by Aleksdem on May 20, 2011
I thought I could not decide. I guess that the scales were in balance. But your comments have helped me decide. Thank you! :)
Posted by Suenos6 on May 20, 2011
I've been exclusve for about 5-6 months now and am really glad I made the move. It now means that I can put all my energy into creating images for one organisation that I am starting to get to know well.

It is of course a personal decision but I haven't regretted it.
Posted by Igordabari on May 20, 2011
Exclusivity issue strongly depends upon what one wants to get from microstoc. So, I can't give you a direct advise. But I can say that for me it seems to be the best solution and works perfectly well. I am exclusive for an year or so and am not going to cancel exclusivity.
Posted by Neilmachin on May 20, 2011
I have not yet got the required number of images to become exclusive, but from all that I am reading it certainly sound like something worth doing and I do plan to apply myself very soon when I pass the 50 images limit.
Posted by BCritchley on May 20, 2011
It works for me and my situation. You will be accepted as long as you have pulled all your other files from other sites from sale.

Good luck :-)

Comments (19)

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