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posted on 9th of june, 2011

Last week was going to buy a new lense and to start with the macro photography,captured by the beautiful images I have seen around lately.
Went to the shop and asked for the Tamron 90mm f2.8 which is a great one and not too expensive,compared to the Nikon ones,like the Nikkor 60mm f2.8 or the Nikkor 105mm f2.8;another great one is the Sigma 105mm f2.8...don't know about the Canon ones (out of the Canon 100mm f2.8),more into Nikon stuff,sorry!

Anyway I asked about it but they didn't know and even after a few days,nothing about this lense,will have to wait some more I thought,but they offered me an used Sigma 17-70mm macro f2.8-4.5 which is not really a macro lense,although it's called like this,but they were making a good price on it and I found it intresting to see if I could have liked the macro photography and in case buy a dedicated macro lense in the future.

All of this to show some of the new pics I took with that lense,like few days ago and just bought...hoping they look nice.

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Posted by Wordplanet on June 12, 2011
Lovely photos.
There are some inexpensive solutions if you can't afford a true macro lens.
If you have a lens that takes a 52mm filter (such as one of the 50mm prime lenses and some others), you can purchase a Nikon 1, 2, 3T or 4T close up lens or if the filter is 62mm, a 5T or 6T. This is a magnifier that screws onto your lens. You need to be sure you get one that is designed for both the filter size and the focal length of your lens. 1 and 2 are recommended for lenses with a focal length up to 55mm; 3T and 4T work best with lenses from 85-200mm; 5T, 6T with lenses from 70-210mm. Numbers 3T, 4T, 5T and 6T are two-element achromatic lenses that are considered to be of much higher quality than the single 1 and 2, but I've had great success with the 1 and 2 attached to my 50mm f1.4 lens. I use the 4T on my 105mm f8, a macro lens I bought used for less than $250 on ebay a few years ago. It's slow but works well in bright sunlight and when I use my strobes. I'm hoping to sell it and get...(More)
Posted by Haslinda on June 12, 2011
Very nice photos. I was considering getting a new lens since several nature parks are gradually opening around my neighbourhood. Thanks for the great tips :)
Posted by Secmaster on June 12, 2011
My friend wonderful work. Macro photography is a very technical and testing field of photography, demanding of good quality equipment and even more patience from the photography. I have had some success which you can see in my profile but not as much as I would like to have because I don't have a traditional macro lens. The favorite one of macro I have in my profile is called Snowy Texture. It is called snow moss here in Newfoundland Canada and I took this macro shot while climbing a small mountain near my home. Enjoy and keep up the great work my friend.[imgr]http://www.14215372[/imgr]
Posted by Llareggub on June 10, 2011
Oh and I love the snail pic :D
Posted by Llareggub on June 10, 2011
As much as I would love a dedicated macro lens I cannot justify the outlay at the minute, I do however have the Raynox DCR150 dipoter and it has produced some lovely images that I have up here on my DT portfolio. If memory seres me correctly it cost less than 50USD :D

The most important thing that I have discovered with taking close ups is that lighting is absolutely critical, shadows can become very harsh without using a difuser and I also found that the flexibility of being able to use off camera flash invaluable.

Posted by Yuritz on June 10, 2011
haha yeah,it sounds strange,think Nikon is the only one who calls those lenses micro instead of macro;I know that's also a great lense,not sure about the price,but should be around 900 €...
Replying to: https://www.dreamstime.com/Tonnywu76_info
Posted by Tonnywu76 on June 10, 2011
Great photo.
I am using Nikkor micro 105mm f2.8 for all my macro.
They are an excelent lense for portrait. Cant really use it for indoor though.
Strange to know that Nikon call it Micro and Canon call them Macro.
Posted by Yuritz on June 10, 2011
I'll look for that too...but can buy once at time! :))
Thank you all
Posted by Unteroffizier on June 09, 2011
Great images. Don't forget to look into an external flash and light diffusing system setup :)
Posted by Nero67 on June 09, 2011
Beautiful images, congratulations!!!
Posted by Halilin on June 09, 2011
Posted by Egomezta on June 09, 2011
Great and beautiful images... Thanks for sharing.
Posted by FabioConcetta on June 09, 2011
Really beautiful pictures, the lens has a coverage of delicate colors, but at the same time has a good definition! Excellent buy!
Posted by Picstudio on June 09, 2011
Lovely pics!
Posted by Mariaam on June 09, 2011
Beautiful photos! I like them very much.
Posted by Tan510jomast on June 09, 2011
Ciao Yuritz. coincidentally, I was also shopping a month ago when I was getting my payout from DT and my other agencies ( for an excuse to spend my money, lol). The salesman showed me the same lenses, and also told me about "macro, called this but not". I like the low price of the Tamron, but Sigma is a favorite among my network of working photographers.
I am sure there is a difference with a real MACRO lens, versus a close-focus "macro called this but not" lens. Technically speaking a macro lens gets REALLY close, more like the eye of a fly , or the head of your snail, bee, chocolate. That is what appeals to me , really
, if I were to spend money on a new lens.
Sure like to hear what our other friends here in this DT community have to said , with their first hand experience . A presto

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