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posted on 17th of june, 2011

I feel like holiday is coming, everything is asleep and slow, summer has arrived here, I suggest lets have some fun yet - say "hello, I am looking forward to holiday" in your native language so as we could see how much cosmopolitan DT is... :-)

Czechs say: Ahoj, těším se na dovolenou

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Posted by Silent47 on November 01, 2011
As a Canadian that speaks English I'm already covered, so I'll say it in the language of Dreamstime images :)

 Hello Sand message  Looking forward  Holiday choice.. 
This is a cool message:)
Posted by Jpsdk on October 31, 2011
ja, goddaw.
Posted by Ewamewa2 on October 31, 2011
Cześć, nie mogę doczekać się wakacji - this is in Polish. And thank you for adding my picture to your collection! Ewa
Posted by Apouchain on July 14, 2011
In Brazilian Portuguese we would say: Oi, não posso esperar pelas minhas férias!!!
We don't have a literal translation for "looking forward to" so... I had to use "I can't wait for my vacation"
Posted by Metrusky on July 12, 2011
Good read... Thanks for passing it along.
Posted by Riganmc on July 07, 2011
im irish deea ghuit to everyone
Posted by Metlodromu on July 07, 2011
Hello, I'm a newbie here. I stumbled upon this thread and found it very informative for me. Thanks for sharing.
Posted by Dmccale on June 29, 2011
howdy from down south USA
Posted by Wesgreen on June 28, 2011
In Urdu we say "Khush Amdeed"....and in Arabic it is "Ahlan wa sahlan marhaba"
Posted by Laozhang on June 26, 2011
In China we say: 你好,我盼望着去度假
Posted by Tan510jomast on June 24, 2011
If you go to a place where they eat people, they say "Hello , you're just in time to be dinner" , and then they put you in a pot of boiling water .
Honest, I saw that in a silent movie of Tarzan against the maneating cannibals . Of course, like sharks, they only eat man. that's why they are called man-eaters. (ha!ha!.. just kidding).
Posted by Grafvision on June 21, 2011
In Hungarian we would say: Szaisztok, várom a nyaralást!!!!!!
Posted by Vwimage on June 21, 2011
Gidday! Bring on Summer !!! :) (Aussie)
Posted by Pindiyath100 on June 21, 2011
In my native country, Philippines, we say "hello, ako ay naghahanap ng inaabangan ang panahon na holiday" and in Hong Kong where I reside at the moment we say "你好,我期待着假期".
Posted by Ebamo on June 21, 2011
"Marhaba, Mestanni el ejazeh ala nar " in Arabic / Jordanian accent :)
Posted by Meshelltingle on June 20, 2011
Hey ya'll!! How ya'll doin? I sure am lookin' forward to the holidays! (Southern English)
Posted by Scaramax on June 20, 2011
Ok, and what shall Czechs say now:)) ..maybe: Nazdar, konečně prázdniny... but, in the place where I live now, they say probably something like: "Salam, man
# rokshati"
... but I need your help here: does somebody know, how to say "look forward (
#)" in Dari? ... I´m in 4th lesson just :(
Posted by Lambroskazan on June 20, 2011
"Γεια χαρά! Ανυπομονώ να πάω διακοπές!"
From Greece :-)
Sounds like: "Gia hara, anepomono na pao diakopes"
Posted by Rosipro on June 20, 2011
In Ukrainian we would say: Привіт! Я так чекаю відпустки і теплого сонячного моря! (I'm waiting so much for a vacation and warm and sunny seashore)
Summertime, what a wonderful season :)
Posted by Rosipro on June 20, 2011
In Ukrainian we would say: Привіт! Я так чекаю відпустки і теплого сонячного моря! (I'm waiting so much for a vacation and warm and sunny seashore)
Summertime, what a wonderful season :)
Posted by Neirfy on June 18, 2011
In belorussian it will be - Прывитанне! Хачу на адпачынак. Sounds like Pryvitannie, hachu na adpachynuk - Mean - Hello! I want wacations;)
Posted by Androniques on June 18, 2011
Привет! Хочу всё бросить и уйти в отпуск, поехать на море! :)

Privet! Hochu vsyo brosit' i uiti v otpusk, poyehat' na morre! :)

meaning (in Russian):
Salute! Wish I dropped everything and went on vacation, to the sea! :)

This would be a very informal way of saying it...

   Little boy with binoculars exploring seascape       Seascape with coastal line: beach, waves, blue sky   
Posted by Gbfoto on June 18, 2011
I am English so also already covered here! So, I will say it with an image - I am not the model of course but you'll ge the idea!! :O)

   First day of holiday   
Posted by Ulita on June 18, 2011
Well, in GERMANY we would say: "Hallo, ich freue mich schon riesig auf die Ferien!"   Hammock in the Caribbean   
Posted by Hotmidhun on June 18, 2011
In Malayalam, it is "Namaskaram, Njan Avadhikkay kaathirikkunnu"
Posted by Thanatonautii on June 17, 2011
Maybe in gypsy language! I only know how to say hello, and I don`t know it I will spell it correctly " avelo bahtalo" - at least that`s how you pronounce it :)
Posted by Calyx22 on June 17, 2011
I'm American, but I think that's already been covered! So, since I now live in Saudi Arabia, it would be "Salaam Aleykum, Marhaba! Keyf Halaak?" Which means Peace Be Upon You, Hello! How are you? :) Arabic is not an easy language for Westerners to learn!
Posted by Silent47 on June 17, 2011
In romanian we say: Salutare, abia astept sa plec in vacanta!
Posted by Markosloizou on June 17, 2011
Im cypriot and we talk Greek so"Γεια σας, ανυπομονώ για τις διακοπές"
Posted by Syamin on June 17, 2011
In Malay, we would say: "hello, saya menunggu waktu percutian"

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