Good Things Come To Those Who Wait (and Keep Uploading)

posted on 11th of august, 2011

Have you been waiting forever for that first ever download? Or perhaps you've been stuck with download number 10 or even 100. Maybe some of your photos just haven't been downloaded at all. Do you feel like throwing in the towel?

Sometimes, perhaps often, things just don't move as quickly as we want them to. And this can really get us down; No, not downloaded, d-o-w-n :) But that is just the way life is. Things take time, and good things take lots of time. Good things like getting to 1,000 images online or having hundreds or even thousands of downloads under your belt.

So, hang in there. Don't forget that you got to be a contributor here at dreamstime because you have something unique to offer. You have your own take on the world around you. Maybe you need to improve your technique. Perhaps you need to diversify. Or maybe it's just that the people who need your photos just haven't found them yet. How many photos do you have in your portfolio? I only have 7 now. How many downloads have you had? I only have one. Yes, it can be discouraging, but hey, Rome wasn't built in a day. Things may be moving at a snail's pace for you now, but even snails eventually get to where they're going.

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Posted by Michaelee on September 05, 2011
Not one person starts anywhere else but at the bottom no matter what they do and not one made a penny until they put in hard work and effort. The only way in this World is the hard way. I guarantee you all those who are successful started out at the bottom also so you look at it with an attitude " If they could do it, then So Can I."
Posted by Gmborden on August 30, 2011
Thanks for this post. I found it very encouraging! Best of luck to you!
Posted by Akulamatiau on August 27, 2011
Great words of encouragement! Love it!
Posted by Kannichan on August 27, 2011
That's encouraging. More sales to u!
Posted by Edayrit100 on August 19, 2011
Thanks for that very encouraging comment, Calyx22.
Posted by Calyx22 on August 19, 2011
My philosophy completely. I'm not a quick uploader, and have a small portfolio compared to others in the thousands and so on. Obviously, I'm no Yuri Accurs! But I AM me, and I do seem to upload images buyers want. It is always a slow process for me for various reasons. I'm up to 581 uploads and the odd 930ish downloads, So even with a smaller portfolio, good things can happen. In the line of Rome Wasn't Built in a Day, also there is Patience is a Virtue, and Good Things Come to Those Who Wait. Just work in your own time, don't worry about everyone else here, and be the best photographer you can be. It will happen, I am proof. :) Best wishes for you and chin up!
Posted by Taylorgracephotography on August 16, 2011
I have 43 images online, and it took FOREVER to get my first download. Now within a short time of my first, I just had my 9th. Watch and wait, good things will come! :)
Posted by Crystofurr on August 16, 2011
Yup, I agree and also I'm taking heed to diversification. Never hurts to try and it's all a part of growth.
Posted by smartview27 on August 16, 2011
I agree !
Posted by Nadezhda1906 on August 15, 2011
absolutely true!
Posted by Vennys on August 15, 2011
Nice words. I ask myself often too. Patience and love is the key for me .-)
Good luck to everyone here!
Posted by Edayrit100 on August 13, 2011
Thanks everyone. I'm glad I helped encouraged others through this blog. You're comments are equally encouraging :)
Posted by Kartouchken on August 13, 2011
Stockphotography is often with up and downs. On a certain moment you think it isn't the effort worth and then suddenly a few downloads and accepted files and you feel to be a happy person
Posted by Fotografoingles on August 13, 2011
Thanks for the motvation, just picked my self back up
Posted by Rebeccaosborn on August 13, 2011
Nice little motivational blog - thanks!
Posted by Lobe on August 12, 2011
We will try all together, command :-)
Posted by Yuritz on August 12, 2011
Agree with you and yeah,keep uploading!
Posted by Hotmidhun on August 11, 2011
Same thing I tried telling last month through my blog post. DT : I'm lovin' It.

But you said it in a better way. Cheers.
Posted by Jdanne on August 11, 2011
You are right!
Posted by Hunor83 on August 11, 2011
So true! Keep uploading!!!
Posted by Laurasinelle on August 11, 2011
So true, I agree with you!
Posted by Rigsby8131 on August 11, 2011
Great attitude. Congratulations and good luck with future sales.

Best wishes
Posted by Cmoulton on August 11, 2011
true, and your snail photo is adorable!
Posted by Haslinda on August 11, 2011
So true and good advice. Patience and perseverance - you will attain your goals soon enough. Keep up the spirit! Cheers! :)
Posted by Dmccale on August 11, 2011
congrats keep uploading LOL
Posted by Karenfoleyphotography on August 11, 2011
Like your snail, good luck!
Posted by Silent47 on August 11, 2011
So true! And you must be the faster seller after 1 digit of upload! Congratulations!
That's right:)
Posted by Picstudio on August 11, 2011
True spirit of a true photographer.
Posted by Digikhmer on August 11, 2011
So true! And you must be the faster seller after 1 digit of upload! Congratulations!
Posted by FabioConcetta on August 11, 2011
Hi, I agree with you with what you write! At the beginning all we had to wait a bit before you sell, but with perseverance and determination get results! Good day and good work!

Comments (30)

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