If Your Camera....

posted on 3rd of september, 2011

"If your camera can make a phone call, you are NOT a professional photographer"

Heard at the bike races tonight. Way too good not to share with all of you!

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Posted by FabioConcetta on September 05, 2011
Thanks for the information!
Posted by Nero67 on September 05, 2011
Thanks for sharing!!!
Posted by Angelaostafichuk on September 05, 2011
It's interesting when you say that because everyone I know, including the top notch photographers use their I-phones to capture images : ) I agree with you but...
Posted by Livingstonatlarge on September 04, 2011
I do know some colleges are adding mobile phone photography to their curriculum.
Posted by Physi28 on September 04, 2011
well, if you make photos with a mobile phone and you manage to sell them...
Posted by Mariaam on September 04, 2011
:D Thanks for sharing!
Posted by Ewapix on September 04, 2011
:-) Ewapix
Posted by Livingstonatlarge on September 03, 2011
Wow..great minds chatting from a joke. Always a good thing!
Posted by Ewapix on September 03, 2011
Hello, thanks for the joke, I think it is quite funny - I always enjoy everything you write. However, I must add that I have read two wonderful books on photography written by a Lee Frost, photographer I greatly admire: "The A-Z Creative Photography" and "50 Photo Projects". In both books he dedicated a chapter on photographs taken by mobile phones and the result of his work is wonderful. Hugely recommended - not only for those two chapters, of course. Ewapix
Posted by Nikon4004 on September 03, 2011
A 12 mp sensor in a phone is a LOT smaller than a 12mp sensor in a camera. There is NO way to get the same quality image from your phone, NOT including the difference in the optics
Posted by Egomezta on September 03, 2011
Great joke, thanks for sharing.
Posted by Morrismann on September 03, 2011
It seems that people love to stay stucked with preconceived ideas. There are some camera/phones with a 12 megapixel sensor. Seems to be quite good for a phone. Some cameras (real ones) don't have that capacity. Agree, megapixels are not everything, especially when it comes to sensor size.
PS and other programs are not good or bad. They are only tools and we, as photographers, must take them for just that. Who has never used a filter to help make a better picture.
The camera, the accessories, the programs, etc do not make pictures. The photographer does.
Let's all do what we really love to do. Cheers everybody.
Posted by Baldas1950 on September 03, 2011
The camera is a "tool". Like all tools can be used well or badly by the user. Whoever is intelligent can do good things even with limited tools and vice versa ....
Posted by Livingstonatlarge on September 03, 2011
LOL...I agree. However, Where do you SELL images you took with your phone?

I think he meant if your ONLY camera makes phone calls.....
Posted by Keki on September 03, 2011
crap! I have many wicked snaps on my phone .. obviously not good enough for her ... however I'm quite proud of the shots ... humf!
Posted by Thanatonautii on September 03, 2011
I don`t believe in such things! The photography stays in the eye of the photographer not in the tools he is using. As much as a picture stays more natural (not modified with different programs like PS) I think the photographer is more genuine. The tool you use is not so much important, your brain is :)
Posted by Luis2007 on September 03, 2011
That is a superficial statement.
Cameras do not take either good or bad photographs it is the person behind it with his heart and sensitivity who does the job.

Comments (17)

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