The second weighty argument in favor of an exclusive!

posted on 1st of october, 2011

You didn't reflect, why different microstocks lower fees, the salary to the authors?

The answer: the Example, at you in portfolio of 3000 photos.

You have loaded them on different microstocks. The buyer will go hardly on another microstock, because there the same works as well as here, identical.

Means at microstock not especially strongly buyers and microstock increase then reduces fees to the authors to pour in money in advertizing and so to struggle with competition.

It turns out, ourselves create competition and we promote fall of our deductions...

Ourselves dig to ourselves hole, or we saw bough on which we sit.

Exclusive works and authors - allocate microstock from its competitors, do it not similar to others and by that involves more buyers.

Therefore, if we want to sell successfully further the works, it is better to become exclusive authors.

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Posted by Lobe on October 04, 2011
Even at forums sincerity is a rarity.
Posted by Llareggub on October 04, 2011
Llareggub, thanks that have shared your opinion.

It's what forums are for :D

A great way to hear ideas and thought of other people, we can not all agree all of the tie, it would make hings pretty dull :D
Posted by Lobe on October 04, 2011
Llareggub, thanks that have shared your opinion.
Posted by Llareggub on October 03, 2011
Llareggub, all begin with small and simple. All of us study. Greed it that people constantly try to justify...

I think refering to it as greed is a little condescending, I agree that exclusivity with some agency or other may work for some photographers however cannot possibly see how it could work for all.

Sock photography as I see it in the modern market place is a "low value, high volume" industry, typically exclusivity in such market places is very rare for a reason!

For the record, I love DT and if I were to consider Exclusivity with an agency it would be here but for me the numbers quite simply do not add up.
Posted by Egomezta on October 03, 2011
Exclusivity will make a microstock agency more valuable for certain type of costumers that doesn't want the images they buy so easy to find. Exclusivity works very well for me.
Posted by Lobe on October 03, 2011
Llareggub, all begin with small and simple. All of us study. Greed it that people constantly try to justify...
Posted by Peanutroaster on October 03, 2011
Bradcalkins: "Full exclusivity requires you to work with Dreamstime only in order to sell your stock photography."

I don't believe it pertains to non-stock channels.
Posted by Llareggub on October 03, 2011
Tht is only a weighty argument if you produce stand out individual images, if you produce images of tomatoes on a white background or garlic on a chopping board then I cannot understand how exclusivity can be the answer.

I am not criticising your style as I like your portfolio and I produce lots of "been done a thousand times" type of images also... But for me the weighty argument for exclusivity if you produce well crafted but ultimately reproducable images is not really that weighty.
Posted by Lobe on October 03, 2011
On all the basic microstocks can be found the same photos. Here in what a problem. So the photo-bank isn't allocated and loses buyers. We know with you одн photo-bank where especially persistently call in an exclusive, for this reason so the mad traffic and the majority of buyers.
Posted by Bradcalkins on October 03, 2011
I think it is quite a bit more complicated. Even just looking at the top few sites they seem to target different types of buyers. Some sites focus on corporate buyers, some cater to designers and supply all forms of media (illustrations, video, audio, etc.). The problem is that while a single site may get better sales for your image, it won't necessarily be the same site for every image you have.

Consider two types of products - ketchup and some niche flavored sauce. If you are selling the ketchup would you sell it in one chain, or would you want it in all the grocery stores? On the other hand, if you sold a niche flavored sauce you might go exclusive with a chain that caters to those buyers. Likewise with microstock - the more generic your image the more it could sell anywhere. The more specific, the better off you may be to find the right place to sell it.

Where it gets really complicated is that Dreamstime requires FULL exclusivity and prevents you from selling in channels...(More)
Posted by Lobe on October 02, 2011
Thanks are sincere! Your choice very wise. I am sorry for my English.
Posted by Calyx22 on October 02, 2011
I'm exclusive but it is really just because I didn't have time to split between a number of sites, and my images weren't selling as well as dreamstime. I've never regretted it, and I think you will be happy too. Best wishes to you!!!
Posted by Lobe on October 02, 2011
Yes, you are right. People greedy...
Posted by Gmargittai on October 01, 2011
You are right in principle, but people are greedy. If most photographers upload to many site and you don't, guess who is going to sell less.
Posted by Lobe on October 01, 2011
Similar researches spend the special analytical organizations.

Comments (15)

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