Distortion, distortion, lens distortion

posted on 9th of october, 2011

I nerve thought that this kind of effect impacts my picture. I thought that the image distortion exists only for the very fist digital camera like Olympia Camedia 800L that I bought more that 15 years ago.

It is still exists. Not so obvious but It can be notice when you come to the landscape or cityscape photographies. It can be seen with the lines, parallels. It make your picture having something weird or not real. For exemple: your horizon is not flat. your buildings are bulky. your cube are round etc... If you analyze closely the vertical edge line of this building from this two pictures, you can notice that the edge is not straight but a little bit curved.

Distortion not corrected

Distortion corrected

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Posted by Laurasinelle on October 10, 2011
Great info, thanks for sharing!
Posted by Karenfoleyphotography on October 10, 2011
Great info, thanks for taking the time to let us know.
Posted by Mariaam on October 10, 2011
Great photos! Thanks for sharing!

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Is this the end of the DOF, sharpness rejection ?

posted on 11th of october, 2011

© Digikhmer (Help)

According to this vidéo, it look like that Adobe found the solution to correct the blur picture. It will outdate all IS/VR expensive lens.


Impressive demonstration.

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Posted by Dprogers on October 12, 2011
Spend a few seconds to get it right in camera or spend hours fixing on a computer. Give me get it right in the camera any day. But, if you had one opportunity and didn't get that one in a million shot perfectly, well, nice to know it can be fixed, but yes, always better to work correctly with the camera.
Posted by Yuritz on October 12, 2011
Not sure it'll be like that,but if it was that good it'd be a shame because people would start taking even less attention to what they do in camera.
Anyway it'd be an help,but it could add lots of noises and a pic will be refused for that reason too.
Posted by Rolmat on October 12, 2011
Don't think so. Guess things will only change when PS runs on my microwave or on my fridge :D

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Picture's sale refund

posted on 12th of october, 2011

Until now, I never dare to think that It will happen to me to face a refund request.

Today it is a new milestone for me. I have a picture's refund yeh! It was a credit sale ... It must be a 9 credits sale ... I knew that It can happen. I don't mind much about that as long as I have sales for my portfolio.

Whoever you are, dear buyer, I would like to tell you that you are most welcome to buy my other picture or if you are looking for any picture which are not on my portfolio, just let me know.

Greetings for The Hague, Netherlands.

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Posted by Heywoody on October 13, 2011
Don't get me wrong, your suggestion is a sensible one and would prevent mistaken downloads. The point is that WE don't lose money on this as instead of a credit and a debit there would simply not be a transaction. As I said, I've had exactly 1 refund which I would never have noticed except for the email and STILL had 3 downloads for that image on the same day and my stuff is not that popular. This has happened a number of times with different images with no refund. As for $2 - roughly what a 9 credit non exclusive sale is worth but maybe double that as an exclusive.
Posted by Digikhmer on October 13, 2011
@Heywoody: It is more that $2 as you mentioned. As I said, I am very OK and I am not the only one who experience this refund and I will be not the last one as well. There is no excitement neither ... I have only one question for you ... how many time to do press on a unwanted link and press on the "Go back one page" button? If this unwanted link deduct "$2" from you account every time would you like to have a confirmation before?

That's my "suggestion" : a pop up confirmation window and don't get me wrong there is nothing else.
Posted by Heywoody on October 12, 2011
so essentially we're talking about $2 that you never had being refunded - doesn't seem to justify a lot of excitement. I had one of these refunded before i even noticed the sale and, on the other hand, a number of occasions where the same image has been downloaded sequentially by what seems to be the same buyer with no refund request. Overall I'm willing to bet that these kind of errors favour the site and the contributor.

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National emblems and coats of arms

posted on 25th of october, 2011

Today, everyone knows perfectly recognize the flags of countries, especially neighboring countries from where you live. But do you know the arms of your country?

Personally, I know very little before. I learned a lot by doing photographic report on the institution called the Permanent Court of Arbitration. Each member has a solid wood seat and the back of which is lined with the emblem or coat of arms woven fabric of the country in the courtroom or audience room. There are 112 in total. I had a crazy idea to list them and hope to publish them here. But it is more difficult than that to get them accepted in my portfolio. I do not think I can upload the 112 in view of difficulties unlike certrains contributors who have managed to upload tens and tens of flags generated by computer some more. Never mind,...

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Posted by Laurasinelle on October 26, 2011
Great idea, good luck!
Posted by Akulamatiau on October 26, 2011
Great idea. I am sure there are buyers who will want these.
Posted by Digikhmer on October 26, 2011
@Egomezta, Mariaam: To be honest, I do not find much country emblem in the data base of DT. I thought that I can be accepted easily but the fact is not. I think, they are accepted as Emblem and not "emblem of the country" as "flag of the country". I hope that there is a market for this kind of picture... sound like more official country logo than ordinary country flag.
Thanks for your kind encouragement and comment.

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National emblems and coats of arms collection

posted on 27th of october, 2011

Dear DT friends,

I saw that there is lack of "National Emblem" listed in DT data base.
That's why I started to create a collection of embroidered emblems and coats of arms ... I schedule to have around 112 countries emblem.
If you wish to list yours in my collection, you are most welcome.

Here is the link of the collection : click National Emblem and Coats of Arms

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