Think twice before you upgrade your camera body!

posted on 20th of february, 2016

After using my lovely D700 Nikon for more than 5 years I decided to buy the new D810 body.

What I didn't consider was the rest of my digital infrastructure. My computer is even older than my retired D700. In terms of our quick changing modern world: Close to stone age ...

That's why my happines about my new pixel monster (called Nikon D810) decreased when I copied the first bunch of pixel monster babies (called high resolution photos) with my USB 2.0 card reader to my computer. The transfer speed was not much quicker than one angstrom per week, that means: Very very slow.

Luckely I already had an USB 3.0 PCI card installed in my computer for my big external backup disk so I thought buying an USB 3.0 card reader (I have Linux and cannot transfer the photos directly from the camera) would solve...

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Posted by Jdanne on February 25, 2016
Seawatch1: Yes!
Posted by Seawatch1 on February 24, 2016
I just did, Jdanne. Looks like crap to me. (I've always said you never know what a buyer needs. Congrats! ) You know that was a joke, right?
Posted by Jdanne on February 23, 2016
Corluc and Wlliamsphere: Thanks a lot!
Corluc: Sooner or later you need to upgrade. So you shouldn't wait too long.

Seawatch1: You should read my naughty blog (not everybody took it as joke!):
My ugliest photo at DT
By the way: I don't know who buys such an ugly photo but it has a quite good revenue!

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Milestone: 1000 Photos Online!

posted on 25th of august, 2014

Today is a happy day for me:
- 1000 photos online !!!!

- around 4,5 years at Dreamstime
- 70,1 percent acceptance ratio
- 3 assignment photos
- 753 images sold (should be improved!)

Progress comes slowly but constantly. Now I want to concentrate on more concept oriented photos with better sales potential and improve my post processing skills which are still very poor.




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Posted by Jdanne on August 27, 2014
Thank you Rigsby8131, Perstock, Concetta and Fabio!
Posted by FabioConcetta on August 27, 2014
Amazing images, very nice work, congratulations my friend!
Posted by Rigsby8131 on August 27, 2014
Congratulations on your milestone!!! Good luck for the future.

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When you have just a few moments to make your photos

posted on 21st of may, 2014

There are situations where you must be quick to make your photos - even if the environment is anything else but photographer friendly.

This happened to me at the Easter Procession in Malaga, Spain, during the Semana Santa (=Holy Week). This area is sunny and warm for nearly the full year. The weather was still nice when I left the hotel but it became very cold and rainy during the day.

The first photo shows the leading part of the procession: Men and women with their traditional black cloaks and hoods. It also shows the bad weather condition. Professional photographers who stood beside me had covered their equipment with plastic. Since I'm not a professional I even didn't have an umbrella!

In the background you can see the statue carried by strong believers. All my photos from the statue itself...

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Posted by Adanne on May 26, 2014
Well, the weather was the opposite of beautiful! Even in Andalucia/Spain, at the Costa del sol, the weather is sometimes really bad. It was raining cats and dogs the entire day in Malaga. The streets, my father and I and the whole city were so wet because of the rain. The poor volunteer men and women who had participated at the Easter Procession.
Posted by Jdanne on May 23, 2014
Thank you, Perstock and Egomezta.

Egomezta: I know this feeling. My own family has not much patience.
Posted by Perstock on May 23, 2014
Still you catched the moment and thats great!

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Paris - the most visited town in the world

posted on 1st of april, 2014

Paris - for most of us this town is the most famous tourist area in the world. For rich Chinese it is a famous place for wedding tourism, too.

For me Paris is a working place at the customer side - at least for several months. That means: Being away from my family, overtime, night shifts, a demanding customer and even more demanding local managers AND my poor french language knowledge. The last time we had a lot of smog, too. During this smog period the public traffic system was without charge but for one day cars with an even number at their plates were not allowed to drive.

Paris also means to me: A working place in the most famous tourist area close to the Arc de Triomphe but two levels under the ground at the customer side which is under construction - with the smell of fresh color and the...

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Posted by Jdanne on April 24, 2014
Thank you, Managalika, Rkristofferson, Angelaostafichuk!
Posted by Angelaostafichuk on April 20, 2014
Great shots! It's very interesting to see why Paris is the most visited city in the world, and who is visiting it right now. They have some very good people in their marketing department!
Posted by Rkristoffersen on April 20, 2014
I going to Paris on Tuesday for a short three-nights vacation. Hopefully, I'll bring back some good images. :-)

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1000$ Milestone reached :-)

posted on 27th of december, 2013

Today my sales reached the 1000 Dollar milestone. This year gave me a lot of possibilities for my photography: Business trips to Seattle (USA) and Paris (France) as well as a private trip to China - the home country of my wife.

Especially in December I had an exceptional boost of sales: One buyer (I guess it was one buyer) bought nearly ALL my photos from Kunming, China - the home town of my wife - just before Christmas!

This photo from the airport Catania in Sicily, Italy, hovered me over the milestone:...

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Comments (35)

Posted by Aynursib on February 26, 2014
O-Ho! I envy you!
Posted by Frank11 on February 09, 2014
Congrats. Thats really great!
Posted by Perstock on January 22, 2014
Thats great! Many congrats!

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Medieval Festival in Nuremberg, Germany

posted on 21st of september, 2013

The Medieval Festival is one of the most popular event in Nuremberg, Germany.
It takes place in September and demonstrates the life of this epoch

from brave knights in authentic and less authentic outfits,

noblewomen and noblemen,

family life,

authentic non vegetarian food,

funny musicians with authentic and less authentic haircuts,


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Comments (12)

Posted by Jdanne on September 26, 2013
Thank you, Egomezta!
Posted by Egomezta on September 25, 2013
Wow, great images. Good luck.
Posted by Jdanne on September 25, 2013
Thank you, Fabio, Conetta, Laursinelle, Hanbaoluan and Baldas1950!

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First Uploads from China

posted on 22nd of january, 2013

As a westerner with very limited language knowledge it's not easy to travel in China. Nevertheless I'm well "protected" by my chinese wife and mother-in-law. Besides the language barrier - even the Chinese Windows from my mother-in-law's laptop is a challenge - China is a paradise for photographers.

A good source for photos are the parks with its pavilions, the dancing amateur groups, musicians and people feeding the birds:

Since the province Yunnan in South-West China has the highest density of ethnic minorities, the Minority Village in its capital Kunming is an absolute MUST for each photographer....

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Comments (15)

Posted by Angelaostafichuk on August 29, 2013
Excellent pics! I was just in Kunming as well but also travelled around the province as well. China is a truly amazing country and incredibly diverse...with some great photo ops. However it's not an easy place for some. This is my second time here on as many years and Im still trying to get the hang of things...
Posted by Edosaodaro on August 29, 2013
Great shots!
I recently visited the great republic myself...
First time over there... Absolutely amazing!
Posted by Linqong on June 30, 2013
Nice shots!Welcome to China!

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Concept of Simplicity

posted on 7th of october, 2012

One of my favorite concept is: SIMPLICITY. Keep it - stupidly - simple. Of course, such photos will never get an award nor will be accepted for assignment. They are neither first class nor fine art nor really charming. But they are useful.

Here are a few - very simple - photos which all got sales, even my rusty railway track and my snow powdered roof:

Comments (11)

Posted by Giannit on October 11, 2012
great concept.... but very hard to reach it...
Posted by Jdanne on October 10, 2012
Thank you very much! All of you!
Posted by Lenutaidi on October 10, 2012
What you said is true!ID: 26855795[/imgr]

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The rusty charm of the broken stuff

posted on 14th of july, 2012

There are plenty of pretty photos at DT: Monumental buildings, nice flowers, delicious tomatoes, lovely landscapes, cute dogs "smiling" into the camera...

But what about the old destroyed stuff? Everything which exists will be dismantled or will get broken - it's just a matter of time. Photos of demolished things are not pretty, but they show something which many people eliminate from their memories: The transient nature of our world.

Such photos have a harsh charm of their own. And the broken house against the blue sky was my first sale at DT nearly two years ago.

Comments (7)

Posted by Laurasinelle on July 16, 2012
Thats right nothing in this world its forever! Nice photos
Posted by Giannit on July 16, 2012
You're right.... I really like old and dismantled object...
Posted by Peanutroaster on July 15, 2012
Photographers always seem to have a soft spot of rust and decay. All that detail and history I suppose. Just don't know if it translates to sales as much as the shiny and new.

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When you have to run to make your photos

posted on 6th of may, 2012

Weather in April can be very changeable in Germany. From warm sunshine to heavy rain showers and sometimes even snowing - nearly everything is possible during this month. And the weather can change in a few minutes. I made this experience during our weekend trip to Frankfurt.

Frankfurt is the fifth-largest city in Germany, the financial and transportation centre of Germany and the largest financial centre in continental Europe. It has a very pretty historical center but also very impressive skyscrapers just beside its historical center and the river Main.
To make these photos was quite sportive: Protect the camera during the rain showers but moving quickly when the sun was shining. The two skyline photos below were just taken after a heavy rain shower...

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Posted by Fallostupido on August 01, 2013
Congrats, I was surprised by the beauty of Berlin ,a special city for me.
The light sun of aprile in Berlin,is perfect to photos
Posted by Jdanne on May 09, 2012
Thank you, Halilin and Giannit!
Posted by Giannit on May 08, 2012
Good work...

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