posted on 30th of november, 2011

I was wondering how you will act for entering keywords and titles of your images, especially when it comes to a series of images quite similar to each other or who are from the session with a similar concept.
In general I write a description and keywords on a Word document with the description and keywords, and insert directly into the raw fiels before work, so that once worked and loaded the image I choose only the most appropriate categories and you're done, but at the end of the games I find myself with several images with the same title description and keywords. So what I was wondering if it was better to somehow differentiate between these parameters for better indexing

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Posted by Morgancapasso on December 05, 2011
Tanck you far all your feed back :-)
Posted by Moonb007 on December 04, 2011
I use Photoshop to add all that info and keep a word document open for like images to make it easy to copy and paste.
Posted by Shopartgallerycom on December 02, 2011
I use Lightroom to add metadata to my files. My workflow is this one: I first import in Lightroom all the RAW files. Than I create the jpegs using from case to case Photoshop or Lightroom and saving them in the same folder with the RAW files, than I import in Lightroom all the jpegs. Done this I first put the comune keywords too all the pictures from a serie (RAW and jpegs), set the copyright and my name and save metadata in batch. After this, I take each picture (selecting raw and jpeg together) and I add or remove keywords (because not all the pictures from a serie can have exactly the same keywords). than I set title, description and save metadata. In this way I have metadata file saved for both raw and jpeg. Is very important that titles from the same series are different, the title says a lot. Also, the description cannot be the same. When I didn't know a lot about keywording I did too a lot of mistakes using many, many keywords and finish to loose my pictures between other millions...(More)
Posted by Alvera on December 01, 2011
Egometza, you are wrong, title diversity is a must. But this is not easy, too.
Posted by Egomezta on November 30, 2011
That is not a problem, I guess we all kind of do the same. Sales should not be affected.
Posted by Bradcalkins on November 30, 2011
I agree with Dark3y3s - I'd vary the titles so that your work shows up in a variety of searches. The downside is that they will be less likely to appear to the buyer as similar images if the titles are varied... The thing I like about DT is that you can really get into it and drive traffic to each image. The downside is that all that takes time. If you upload to many agencies it is tempting to do the same thing everywhere - I think that is a mistake that will leave you wondering why sales on DT aren't there... Looking at your latest uploads I'd have "Pumpkin", "Halloween background", "Pumpkins", "Spooky backgrounds" etc as titles :)
Posted by Dark3y3s on November 30, 2011
Even if the keywords are mostly the same for certain images, I think you should try to vary the titles and descriptions. For example, if you have "Young beautiful woman", you might also use "Young pretty woman", "Lovely girl" etc etc. You never know what the buyer will search after. He might use "woman", "girl", "female" and so on. Therefore, by varing your titles and desc, you increase your chances to get noticed. :)
Posted by Zenonk on November 30, 2011
In Dreamstime it seems that title and description get most exposure. I keep same generic keywords for images for a series and change only title and description. That works if you upload only to DT and as long as you use generic keywords.
Posted by Alerizzo78 on November 30, 2011
I do all my description/keywording work in Lightroom, and if two or more images are very similar I assign the same title/description/keywords to all.
I don't think sales are affected in a negative way if images have the same title and description. The important thing is that they have a good title and a good description! :)

Comments (9)

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