The Return to Jenne Farm

posted on 1st of november, 2011

When last wrote about my trip to the famous Jenne Farm in Reading, Vermont, I was there to capture a bit of the Autumn leaves and fine fall foliage among a backdrop of rolling hills and pastures accented with bright red painted farm buildings.

Jenne Farm is indeed a iconic, scenic location complete with donation box which highlights its popularity among photographers seeking to capture a classic image of rural landscape.

As may know from my previous post about the farm and surround area, I promised to return in the winter to capture some snow covered images. Little did I know my chance would come so soon!

A freaky late October snowfall (thanks climate change!) deposited about four inches of snow on the area. It was perfect! Just enough to cover the ground and coat...

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Posted by Peanutroaster on November 14, 2011
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Posted by Peanutroaster on November 09, 2011

Well, I did head back with my photographer friend but the lighting was all wrong. Morning is when the sunlight is best on the barns but we did manage to get some other great shots in the area and I got this picture of my friend.

Photo of a Female Photographer in action

Also the lighting WAS right for this hightop farm off in the distance. Got it with a 400 mm lens (200 mm in micro 4/3 format).

Hilltop barn lit by the sun.
Posted by Photoexpress on November 04, 2011
what a nice trip, very beautiful place. Hope few disaster on the earth. Redneck did not see the wealth the visitors bring. Sometimes it is like that. Thanks for sharing your story!

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Tip - From Editorial to RF

posted on 3rd of november, 2011

As some of you know from a recent blog, I bought a new "stealth" camera - a Lumix LX5 point and shoot. It has a fast lens and low profile that makes it perfect for going places where a bulkly DSLR might draw attention.

I thought I'd bring it along on a grocery shopping trip with my wife. Now if you've never paid much attention to all of the brand names and logos in the supermarket, you certainly will when you try to find a good picture. Everything in the supermarket is slapped with a label, a logo or bar code. Even a lot of the fruit and veggies these days.

One method of getting a usable shot in a store is to throw the products out of focus using shallow depth of field or blurring them via software or slow shutter speed.

In this image taken at a home improvement center, I ran into another...

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Posted by Peanutroaster on November 14, 2011
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Posted by Laurasinelle on November 04, 2011
Great idea, thanks for share!
Posted by Yadamons on November 04, 2011
Nice idea and method, Thanks a lot.

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Another Vermont Icon - Sleepy Hollow Farm

posted on 9th of november, 2011

Now this one I came by completely by accident and then later I found out I wasn't the only one to see the photographic possibilities of this beautiful landscape known as Sleepy Hollow Farm.

Driving around the Woodstock Vermont area last summer, stopping to take a picture of this stunning flag draped cow barn:

I noticed the road called "Cloudland Road". Who could pass up the promise of such a road? I remember living on Mount Desert Island and how my fellow islander Martha Stewart called her estate Skylands so I figured something good had to be up the road.

I drove along the windy gravel road, taking in the rolling hills and meadows until I came across a stunningly beautiful piece of property.

I was a bit put off by the electronic gate complete...

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Posted by Peanutroaster on November 14, 2011
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Posted by Wordplanet on November 12, 2011
Beautiful! You have certainly lived in some lovely places!
I especially like the composition of the middle one. Some views and scenics are just timeless. Nice job.
Posted by Lobe on November 12, 2011
Beautiful works.

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Tip - Leave space for copy

posted on 14th of november, 2011

No earthshattering new ideas here but for novices to Dreamstime I think its worth mentioning that stock image buyers want to have room for their copy.

Nothing says "amateur" or snapshot more than a composition with the subject in the direct center of the frame. Just because your camera's default focusing target appears in the center of the screen doesn't mean that is where the subject needs to end up.

Push the button down half way to focus and then move the camera to get your subject in position for good composition. I think we've all gotten unacceptable notices that implore us to use the rule of thirds for good composition.

The rule states that an image should be imagined as divided into nine equal parts by two equally-spaced horizontal lines...

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Posted by Giannit on November 16, 2011
Thanks for this tip... great photos.
Posted by Nero67 on November 15, 2011
Thanks for sharing!!!
Posted by Laurasinelle on November 14, 2011
Thanks for the tips!!

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Tip - Think Ahead

posted on 16th of november, 2011

As I'm writing this, Thanksgiving is one week away, I've been raking leaves, chopping wood and thinking all of the cool photography equipment Santa could bring me for Christmas.

In fact a lot of my recent uploads to Dreamstime have been Christmas and winter images like this one of falling snowflakes:

But most designers and stock image buyers are not thinking about next month, they are thinking four to six months down the road.

I used to work for BYTE magazine which was a monthly magazine focused on cutting edge computing technology. Even at BYTE, a magazine covering fast moving technology, we had something like a two or three month lead time. The editorial staff was always thinking ahead by three or four months.

Now simply using my last few sales as an indication,...

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Posted by Peanutroaster on November 23, 2011
That fish photo is by my father in-law "Bobkmt". He's an amazing fly fisherman and takes a lot of photographs in Montana and around the world. I've been encouraging him to put some of his photographs up on Dreamstime. That's him modeling in my Grandfather and Grandson fishing photo also.
Posted by Owaisphotography on November 23, 2011
[imgl]22010071[/imgl]this picture is awesome
Posted by Peanutroaster on November 16, 2011
It is funny how the traditional European Victorian era Christmas is the tradition (instead of say a more appropriate Middle Eastern motif) and here in the warm states such as Florida they still spray the fake frost on windows and sing songs about magic snowmen and frightful weather.

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Information wants to be free...

posted on 21st of november, 2011

The meme in today's Web driven world is that information wants to be free. From state secrets to the hottest music or newest movie, the concept that everything should be free has somehow entered our collective mindset.

The middle school kids I work with tell me to go on YouTube to play music because you can get every song and "its free". They have no concept of how the artists are paid and seem to have no direct way to compensate the artist for their work.

If their parents complain about getting a bill from iTunes, they have plenty of easy work arounds for listening to the music they want via school supplied laptops and YouTube.

Google images provides an easy way for them to find illustrations for their reports. The school teaches them to source...

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Posted by Wordplanet on November 28, 2011
Congrats on your 400th image and I totally agree with you thoughts re: schools and copyrights. They should be teaching kids rather than encouraging them to rip off images. A school could easily get a subscription to DT for kids or point them in the right direction.
I think the concept of "royalty free" also confuses kids. They'lll focus on the "free." Many adults seem confused too or think if they give you a credit it's enough.
I've had people find me and my images via google. The photos I have online here and on my website go straight to the source if you click on them via a google images search. I've made some nice sales and garnered some clients via google.
It's distressing though, that even with images available on DT for such a reasonable cost, people still steal them. Let's hope Congress does the right thing via the new law.
Posted by Ewapix on November 23, 2011
Thanks! Another great blog. And congratulation on the 400th image on line! Ewapix
Posted by Antoinettew on November 23, 2011
Nice port. Congratulations.

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Tip - Moving Indoors

posted on 23rd of november, 2011

Since starting to contribute to Dreamstime, I've been driving all around this past summer and fall looking for people, places and things to photograph.

Now that the leaves and temperature have fallen and the sky's are gray, I've started moving indoors and have been experimenting with a DIY home studio in a spare bedroom.

My supplies include a roll of white paper from Staples, black and white poster board and some 300 watt CFLs I found at Home Depot. Lately I've added a new flash unit, found my old flash unit from the Olympus OM-10 of my youth and shoot through umbrella.

My latest addition was a set of flash triggers from iShoot that I purchased via Ebay. They work great to set off my flash units and cost under $40 which is a lot less than the Pocket Wizards I've read about.

My results haven'...

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Posted by Vtr on January 04, 2012
Thanks for this nice article ... This comes in a great time when I have been planning to have a indoor setup and have been experimenting multiple things.
Posted by Dgphotographic on December 13, 2011
Some good ideas ! Just shows what can be done on a tight buget !
Posted by Artalis on December 13, 2011
I like the elegance of the first shot as well as the last one.

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Happy Thanksgiving!

posted on 24th of november, 2011

Fastest approval time yet! I haven't even gotten a chance to taste this pie yet.

Must not be a lot of images in the upload stream. What is everyone taking a holiday or something?

Nice to have an accommodating family who doesn't mind light stands set up in the kitchen.

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Posted by Wordplanet on November 28, 2011
Lovely photos! And a belated Happy Thanksgiving to you!
Posted by Giannit on November 26, 2011
Great shots!
Posted by Egomezta on November 25, 2011
THose are great images. COngratulations.

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