Ellen Boughn offering inexpensive mini-consults

posted on 19th of april, 2010

More than anything in my long career in stock photography, I have most enjoyed interactions with photographers and their work. Now that I've finished my book about microstock photography, I've decided to offer microstock photographers a relatively inexpensive consulting service (a mini-consult) for $39.00 to satisfy that need and to generate some scratch.

So far since I started this program a few weeks ago, I've reviewed portfolios. Helped photographers isolate and concentrate on their strong points. Isolated market areas that a person was uniquely skilled to exploit. Discussed future changes that I see. Speculated on possible revenue streams against changes in the business. Offered advice on book publishing, all among other issues and advice.

Please visit [link=http://www.ellenboughn.com/ask-ellen]...

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Posted by Noonie on April 20, 2010
Fabulous idea!
Posted by Justmeyo on April 19, 2010
That's great Ellen!
Posted by Egomezta on April 19, 2010
Thanks for sharing your knowledge... You are full of experiences.

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New blogs by Ellen Boughn

posted on 3rd of january, 2010

Thanks to all the wonderful experience I gained writing blogs for Dreamstime for two years nicely organized by Maigi here, I have decided to go forward with a new blog on my own site found here I hope you find them helpful as you continue to succeed at Dreamstime and look for fresh ideas about photography and your work.

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Posted by Ellenboughn on March 12, 2010
Engene: You should respond about flagged images from the message that you received about the image. But I did find the images by searching on your portfolio. I objected to 'winter' I was raised a few hundred miles from Aspen and I can tell you that those mountains have snow on them all year and the area that you photographed where there are trees with leaves on them is under more than a foot of snow in the actual winter.
Posted by Engere on March 12, 2010
You tagged my photos for incorrect key words, Aspen, Colorado Winter, for your information, there are Aspens in the image, I shot the image in Colorado and there's snow on the ground in the background.
Posted by Eclecticelegance on January 11, 2010
Thank you so much for letting us know!!!!

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Lishui China Photography Festival

posted on 17th of august, 2009

I have been invited to be a guest curator at this international festival. I would like to have comments from anyone who has attended in the past or who can tell me more about the city of Lishui.
© Xcd6592 (Help)

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Posted by Meganeaves on August 26, 2009
i stumbled upon your blog looking for info on the lishui festival. beautiful photos you've taken! i live in lishui (am an english teacher here) and would be happy to give you some info on the city! it's very small and only a tiny handful of westerners live here. my email address is megan.eaves at gmail.com. :)
Posted by Eclecticelegance on August 18, 2009
Wow! How exciting!!
Posted by Picstudio on August 17, 2009
I just want to say, looooovly pics.

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posted on 23rd of february, 2009

It’s been two years and one month and well over a hundred blogs written since I joined Dreamstime. But now it is time to say goodbye as I move on to finish writing a book that continues the themes of my blogs to be published by an imprint of Random House and to concentrate more fully on my busy consulting business.

In the beginning I thought that all the learning would be one-way: me passing on all I had learned in 30 years in the traditional stock photo business to the Dreamstime team and photographers. In reality I learned a great deal more than I taught, I have no doubt.

I’m privileged to being one of the very few individuals whose experience spans all business models in the industry and I have Serban, Dragos, Jeff and the rest of the team to thank...

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Posted by Countrymama on March 04, 2009
Thanks for all your great advice. You will be missed!
Posted by Black-white on March 04, 2009
What a kindful and professional advisor Ellen was.
Thank you.
Posted by Danielleongjinonn on March 01, 2009
hi ellen,

wwish u a lot success.....thanks for sharing info..:)

have a nice day!

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Photographer Stimulus Package

posted on 17th of february, 2009

If the U.S. economic stimulus legislation works according to plan, there will be demands for images that illustrate enormous expenditures on the country’s infrastructure over the next 18 months and for years to come. In addition to building roads and bridges, the bill also provides for funds for alternative energy.
© Cczbb (Help) © Dragan2003 (Help)

Many outside the U.S. blame America for the worldwide depression and perhaps rightly so as it started here. If the U.S. plan does work to get the economy working again, many countries will perhaps emulate the U.S. plan. Some countries already have stimulus plans with infrastructure funding.

It follows that images that illustrate these top-spending items will be in demand for articles, websites and blogs. After the major bridge collapse...

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Posted by Wstoveland on February 23, 2009
As you are planning to photograph infrastructure, please don't forget about the water and wastewater industry. As an in-house designer, I have a hard time locating such images for my projects. - Rachel S.
Posted by Oozeart on February 22, 2009
thank you for your article, as a newbie, i am constantly looking for imagery to promote, even if i don't get out much. i will be very aware as progress comes along - even here in australia!
Posted by Joshuaraineyphotography on February 21, 2009
Great article. You have really sparked ideas for microstock based on economic trends and relevance to current issues. Thank you.

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User Generated Content Expo

posted on 12th of february, 2009

Microstock falls into the UGC classification but when one tries to define UGC to someone who has never heard of it, you realize that the designation doesn’t totally apply to Dreamstime. A friend in the industry who works with professional advertising photographers on assignments asked me to explain UGC when she found out I had attended the UCGX in San Jose, CA earlier this week.

I said the users of the content also generated it. She replied, “You mean like art directors buy in-house photographer’s work?” No that’s not it and so the conversation went on. And in fact in many ways as micropayment stock photography matures, it seems that quite a lot of the users don’t generated content and a lot of the content makers have no need to buy it.

I was...

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Posted by Ellenboughn on February 18, 2009
Litifeta: didn't notice the sideburns but Leaf has a wonderful hair look
Posted by Litifeta on February 17, 2009
Did Leaf do something with his sideburns for the gig? ha ha
Posted by Ellenboughn on February 16, 2009
I ate a lot of candy at one kiosk. But that was it...oh and a free bag that I lost the first day.

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Humor Sexy Cute Football Economy

posted on 3rd of february, 2009

Who won football’s Super Bowl? In my world there is more interest in what ads were more successful than news of the game itself. Which commercials resonated the most with the target audiences? Which ones garnered kudos from creatives at the top agencies? And which ones might give you some shooting ideas?

Spend some time reviewing the ads and you’ll see that you can piggyback on the research that went into the themes and trends in the ads to come up with some ideas for yourself.

I spent most of today doing the “Monday morning quarterback thing” viewing dozens of the ads that I missed by being in one of the only places in the U.S. where the game wasn’t broadcast: an airplane in flight.

Not only are zillions of dollars spent in production...

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Posted by Denisebeverly on February 05, 2009
i can see them i just never could shoot or illustrate them.. weird
Posted by Ellenboughn on February 05, 2009
Denise: All good...you found more than I did!
Posted by Denisebeverly on February 05, 2009
lets see ellen , i think it was
1. the woman screaming behind the wheel of her car-- shows frustration while driving or waiting to park
2. the man crying with his briefcase- hating to commute or hating going to work
3. and as much as i hate to say it, mister sit around in your underwear and work- represents the work from home opportunity or the really bad co-worker problem
4.man with his boss calling him dummy- fear of disapproval from your boss, humiliation at work
5. riding the dolphin- dream vacation, fulfilling your fantasies
6. man with all the gold - success in business, dripping with wealth

how did i do??

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Give It Away

posted on 28th of january, 2009

The idea of free images makes the budget minded sing and some artists cringe. How can it be a good idea to give away what you are trying to sell? On the one hand is the sanctity of the copyright. On the other is the spirit of the Internet and an age-old marketing ploy: the free sample

© Dip2000 (Help) © Dip2000 (Help)

Way back when in the dark ages of flight when planes were choked with cigarette smoke, everything was free…food, drinks and on every meal tray, a slim package of cigarettes provided for after meal enjoyment in case the passengers had sped through the terminal (good luck with that these days) without stopping to pick up a pack. Since research has shown that it only takes less than smoking a single pack of cigarettes to get hooked, the free pack accomplished several things....

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Posted by Svecchiotti on March 31, 2009
Thanks for the article but...I would NEVER give any of my work away. I disagree with the theory that it will help with sales in the long run. If you went to a show would you give your work away for free? No, nada, forget about it !!!
Posted by Creativei on March 30, 2009
I must admit, my sales are good, TOUCHWOOD, but I have noticed that after submitting 6 images for free the download pattern of my commercial images has increased. If only DT gives us the referral links we can be sure if free users are coming to our portfolio. But all in all Im happy that I donated few of my images and planing to donate more in future, If one of my image is not downloaded in years there is no point to keep it in commercial section, when it is downloaded through free section it makes me happy. And 75 percent of my images in my portfolio was in other free stock image site (that site has only free images)
Posted by Achilles on March 30, 2009
This feature is not intended to be primarily used by major buyers. It's focused on attracting new buyers, no matter their size. Usually they are either reluctant buyers, not thinking that the prices are real, considering it may be some kind of trick, OR users who can't purchase (either prices are too low for them or they don't have a credit card,etc.).

The free section aims to create future stock buyers. Its presence in the last years (and I stress years) showed NO impact at all on the commercial sales. There may be cases when a buyer will get his file from there and not from the commercial section. But these cases are very rare, as buyers are specific in what they want and the quality of the free images is not so good, compared to our main database. Its size is kept minimal.

While some buyers may notice commercial portfolios, this is a community feature. Your donations may favor other users and their donations may favor yours. It'...(More)

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2008 Best Selling Photos

posted on 20th of january, 2009

The new year is the best time to look back at last year’s successes and failures to see how to increase the former and decrease the latter in the coming year. What photos were the most successful on Dreamstime in 2008 and why?

Three photos that made the top sellers in ‘07 remained on our list for 2008. See last year’s winners in this previous blog to read about why they were successful then and now. One image that I didn’t give a lot of time to from last year’s list that repeats is this year’s successful wedding image. The significant aspects of the image that I believe make it successful are:
•MODELS: The bride and groom are not identifiable. A bride...

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Comments (6)

Posted by Photomyeye on January 28, 2009
Good ideas, I for one have for the new year will be submitting more of what you are referring to...........Thanks 7821025[/imgr]
Posted by Knightshade on January 27, 2009
Ellen, thank you for your insight. Again, as a beginner at this game I am looking for some direction which your articles always give. And by the way, I pray this is a new era of hope , economically we need it, as long as we don't compromise the integrity of our morals. The further we drift from God and our saviour Jesus Christ, the more we decay as a society. Again, thanks and God bless.
Posted by Vaskoni on January 25, 2009
very good !

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In with the Old

posted on 14th of january, 2009

As retirement funds belonging to a large population of aging Boomers shrink, the word “retirement” may drop out of usage. Simultaneously as this group kisses retirement goodbye, the group just below them in the population are faced with a world of constantly changing technology to master if only to be able to communicate with their grandchildren. Meanwhile the big house they had planned on selling to fund the ‘golden years’ has dropped in value and they may not even be able to sell it at all for some time.

All this means that mature workers are staying in the workforce as long as they can and causing a need for images of older workers, especially interacting with technology at work and at home. Some will attempt to return to the workforce just as...

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Comments (9)

Posted by Heathse on February 11, 2009
Inspiring blog! I was told last week that because I'm over 60 I was too old to complete a survery on advertising!
Posted by Toneimage on February 10, 2009
yeah, my Mom in her 60's, eagerly to learn how to surf on the internet & even how to type into computers last year. Now she make a big progress.
Posted by Eclecticelegance on January 19, 2009
Thank you for writing your blog articles - I always find them very useful, innovative, and inspiring - and I always get an itch to use my camera directly afterwards! :)

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