New member of the newbies on DT - Presentation

posted on 16th of april, 2011

As the above title mentioned, I a new member of Dreamstime photos stock but my passion for the photography is not. I started since very young with an analogue camera; an Olympus M5 (as long as I remember) with my pocket, had earned moneys.

I have a regular job in an international organization and as expatriate. The photography is just an hobby nothing else and not for the money purpose.

I am learning everyday as my organization asks me to capture, from time to time, the official of VIP visits or Special Events. And I do my best to deliver the best picture as possible for archive. The bad thing that I do not have any comparison skill. And I know that it is not so good when I see the DT gallery.

So, this is the main reason that I come back again and start seriously to do some...

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Posted by lzf on April 18, 2011
beautiful beach
Posted by SakisPagonas on April 18, 2011
Welcome to DT!!!
Posted by Syaifulafzal on April 18, 2011
Very beautiful!

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Pictures' review/inspection ...

posted on 18th of april, 2011

It is really hard to have pictures approved. So far there is only four among about 20 pictures submitted. My approved pictures are the pictures that I captured during my holidays and it haven't been captured to be published anywhere.

Browsing the database pictures of DT, I realized that the gap that I have to go trough is giantic ;) It is time to think about quality, no covered topic, ideas instead of instant pictures.

Thanks again for your warm welcomes.
Kinds regards

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Posted by Tamarabauer on April 19, 2011
Don't be discouraged...I know that is easier said than done. No one likes rejections, but believe me, over time, you do learn from those rejections and they will definitely help you with your photography and processing.
Posted by Mariaam on April 19, 2011
Great plan! I wish you good luck!
Posted by Dmccale on April 18, 2011
yes very nice post and your four photos are great.Being creative is sometimes hard.And I have a problem getting out of my comfort zone.But when I do it pays off.Keep shooting and uploading,you have a good start.And welcome here at DT..The best stock site!!!!

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Photoshop or Not photoshop ?

posted on 20th of april, 2011

© Digikhmer (Help) Nowaday, it is very easy to capture picture of any thing, in any situation and with any point of view (tilted LCD) but the result is not the same according to the brand of the camera. I heard that Canon delivers softer picture and Nikon process more the final picture to deliver a sharp and bright picture; No matter the format of the files out of the box.

My experience is nobody can be called "Cartier-Bresson" hanging his Leica on the neck and capture the right picture at the right moment with the perfect framing etc... I ended up by capturing exclusively in RAW format to be able to "photoshop" them. Unfortunately, I am still notice in PS.

And about yours? Your best seller pictures are out of the box or are processed with PS with some enhancement ?

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Posted by Sarkao on April 21, 2011
I understand..'cos I have similar dilema too sometimes. I have one order in december. Young woman wanted to make photo calendar for partner, there was some fashion photos and some nudes. She wanted slimer waist, erase wringles around mouth and eyes, have a longer legs.. and also reduce tit in one her silhouette picture.. I was really aghast at this demand..but I did it (with liquify function:)) 'cos she was a client.
The most of people don't response little retouches in their own pictures in the fact. They think, that their smile was really so white, or make up so perfect during shooting. they are happy, that they look great.. Why not?
Commercial photography is almost about lie. Everybody loves beautiful pictures of beautiful people. And PS is great assistent. I don't have problem with it, there is money and I need to eat :).
Different problem is using of PS in photojournalism. 'cos it is about ethics.
And I can't understand why some photographers thinks that wedding photography...(More)
Posted by Digikhmer on April 21, 2011
@Sarkao, I am agree the process is almost the same but with PS, you can recreate the picture not only to remove dust ;) I saw so video about the "liquify" function ... amayzing ... an fat person can be a top model in the PS world. It is not photography but more painting.
Posted by lzf on April 21, 2011

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So far so good ... 15 pictures in 1 week ...

posted on 22nd of april, 2011

After a week of uploading and waiting for approval ... I ended it up with fifteen pictures approved. I nerver thought that my pictures are qualified to be on-line here beside the professionals photographer with a modest camera and lens kits.

It has been very excited and challenging to translation the "pro" description of the rejection into my picture which is rejected like "over filtered". Over filtered for what ? too much sharpness? remove to much noise ? Burn the picture too much ? etc...

Then, after reviewing the DT pictures, reading PS book, I started to have a idea of what DT is looking for as setting (quality) and type of picture.

What did I leaned so far as an amateur is
- to set the exposition as close as much to the white burned color, very bright.
- to remove the noise as much as...

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Posted by Litifeta on April 26, 2011
Excellent. Looks like you have found your niche.
Posted by Almaterra on April 26, 2011
Posted by FabioConcetta on April 24, 2011
Congratulations,good work!

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