Chromatic aberration

posted on 4th of april, 2011

Chromatic aberration appears in photos as "fringes" of color along boundaries that separate dark and bright parts of the image and can be most annoying.

Even with Canon L glass and a reasonably high end camera, I'm still faced with it in certain situations - with trees against pale skies, for example, or the edges of a building against a white sky, or blue sky with clouds.

There are times when even my software (Photoshop CS5) can't completely eradicate it, so I've figured out a fix which works nicely to address this.

With your image open in PS, select the Lasso tool and draw a selection around the offending area. Then, go to the Hue/Saturation adjustments panel, and instead of Master, click on the drop down arrow and choose Cyans...then pull the saturation slider to the left...

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Posted by Mjskehan on April 07, 2011
Thanks for that Tamara. :)
Posted by smartview27 on April 06, 2011
Thanks for your tip!
Posted by Tamarabauer on April 06, 2011
@ Aneese - sorry, yes, I should have mentioned I work with adjustment layers.
@ Melissa - yes, I think you'll find you need to remove any elements on tombstones to avoid rejections. I've got some tombstone images and I just cloned out the information on them. It was a bit time consuming though ;o)

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Shooting animals

posted on 4th of april, 2011

And by shooting, of course I mean, photographing :)

Animals have been a passion of mine ever since I can remember...I grew up with all manner of pets, including cats, dogs, rabbits, mice, frogs, fish, horses, lizards, pigeons, budgies...we even had pet eels and as a child I loved sitting by the pond, feeling them glide lazily through my fingers.

These days I continue to share my life with animals…my current whippet and I go to the local nursing home on a weekly basis to visit the elderly residents – and I know by the smiles and the cuddles he receives that he is a tremendous gift who puts a little ray of sunshine into the lives of these people – some of whom, sadly, never receive any visits from friends or family. When we deal with the failings and disappointments of humans, we can rejoice...

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Posted by Fenghui on April 07, 2011
nice blog,i like it.
Posted by Lehmanphotos on April 06, 2011
Great blog and great photos. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.
Posted by smartview27 on April 06, 2011
Thanks for sharing!

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First Level 2 image

posted on 11th of april, 2011

Well, this is rather exciting for me, being relatively new here, I've finally got my first Level 2 image - hopefully there will be lots more to come soon! :)

This is actually one of my favorite images in my portfolio, it's very special to me, so it's lovely that this was the first to hit Level 2.

Thanks to all the designers who purchased this file :)

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Posted by Photoexpress on April 14, 2011
Congratulations! nice photos! keep doing! :)
Posted by Conchasdiver on April 11, 2011
Hi Tamara....... love your portfolio & best wishes for the future!
Posted by Nero67 on April 11, 2011
Congratulations Tamara nice shot!!!

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Dreamstime growth

posted on 19th of april, 2011

I became a contributor here at DT in Dec 2010...actually, I started uploading in Nov 2010 "behind the scenes" while I waited for my exclusivity with another agency to come to an end...so my PF wasn't visible until the beginning of December.

In February 2011 I decided to become exclusive, and it has been a wonderful decision. It took 10 days for my first sale...and the sales from there have been slowly accumulating, with each month getting better than the previous one!

Some milestones to share - in 4.5 months:
961 images online
203 sales / 3 payouts
First assignment submission accepted
First Level 2 image - which has since sold at Maximum size / 13 credits
First two TIFF sales - on the same day!
First editorial sale
First P-EL sale
8 managed collections


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Posted by Dapyx on April 23, 2011
well done, congrats!
Posted by Tamarabauer on April 20, 2011
Thanks to all for your congratulations, and a very happy Easter to everyone :)
Posted by FabioConcetta on April 20, 2011
Congratulations!Happy Easter

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Make your images pop with blending modes

posted on 19th of april, 2011

If you're like me, sometimes what comes out of your camera and onto your monitor isn't quite what you had in mind when you took the photo. Sometimes the image might look a bit flat or dull, despite playing with curves or levels in Photoshop.

Have you ever tried the blending modes? They can really add something dynamic to an image. So where do you find blending modes? When you open an image in Photoshop, you'll automatically have a background layer in the Layers palette. You won't see the blending modes until you add another layer - this might be duplicating your background by pressing Ctrl J on your keyboard, or you can add another layer with color or a gradient in it, for example.

Once you have at least two layers, the blending modes will be accessible...

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Posted by Vwimage on May 16, 2011
Thankyou, I will definitely try a few of these tips. Great images by the way.
Posted by Fredvl on May 16, 2011
Great stuff! thanks for sharing! Layer Masks combined with blending layers is probably the most useful tool available in Photoshop!
Posted by Ajphotos on May 13, 2011
thanks for the reminder! i had forgetten about those! beautiful pictures!

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First Editors Choice!

posted on 27th of april, 2011

After viewing some of the excellent images that have received an Editor's Choice over the past months, I'm very happy to say that I finally received an Editor's Choice for one of my images! :)

Having always been an avid reader myself, I wanted to create an image that would encourage children to enjoy books and reading and getting something special out of a story. Hopefully this image will convey that reading really can be something special!

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Posted by Kaththea on June 04, 2011
Your pic is beautiful! you've got my vote:)
Posted by BCritchley on April 28, 2011
Congratulations and beautiful image, none of my shots have been have been worthy.
Posted by BCritchley on April 28, 2011
Congratulations and beautiful image, none of my shots have been have been worthy.

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