First Illustration Upload

posted on 2nd of may, 2011

© Hotmidhun (Help) It is indeed a moment of great joy that my first attempt on illustration submission has gone the right way.

I shall now confidently attempt more of this.

But I am yet to get my break though in sales even on the photo front. Once that happens, it would definitely be my next post.

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Posted by Kannichan on August 03, 2011
U are doing good! Keep uploading and wish u more and more sales!
Posted by Egomezta on May 02, 2011
Good luck with your illustration.
Posted by Laurasinelle on May 02, 2011
Congratulations! well done!

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Candid India

posted on 5th of may, 2011

Maybe due to a personal inclination, but there is a deep belief within me that almost all Indians' characterize well when done candid.

Indian females are best subjects of candid photography. When done on an arranged shoot, they always tend to get shy and the right expression almost never accompanies the shot.

What initially started as a SoFoBoMo project for me with title "Faces of South India" has given me a lot of insights on candid photography.

Only drawback being, you always end up without getting a model release, and the images are only good for editorial. Hopefully India will become more liberal in outlook soon..

Tags: images india
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Posted by Hotmidhun on May 05, 2011
Thank you all....
Posted by lzf on May 05, 2011
nice images
Posted by Laurasinelle on May 05, 2011
Great images!

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Exclusive or Not?

posted on 14th of may, 2011

© Hotmidhun (Help) © Hotmidhun (Help) © Hotmidhun (Help)

I'm at 40 images online and I am just wondering Should I go exclusive at Dreamstime once I cross the 50 images mark???

The only thing that is pulling me back is that even after 3 months I am yet to get a sale here, so whether going exclusive is the right decision? If I do, is it something that can be canceled at a later stage of time? You can see the kind of subjects that I can shoot from the images in this post.

I am also new to the field of stock photography. So I haven't tried any major agency sites so far.

Being more experienced in this field, what do you advise? Go exclusive, or try all major sites to find where I can turn...

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Posted by Bradcalkins on May 17, 2011
I'm exclusive here, and have a lot to say about whether it is really advantageous to sell in lots of places - it really depends on what you have to offer! In my opinion, though, it is very foolish to go exclusive somewhere that isn't getting you sales. Exclusivity may get you a boost in search placement, but if your images don't interest buyers on this site for whatever reason, that won't get you too far. My advice is to test the waters. You can make individual images exclusive without committing yourself completely. This gets you the search boost, some boost in revenue (but not 60%!) and lets you get an idea of how you'll do...

A really big advantage of being exclusive, to me, is the fact that you can focus on what sells at that one site. If you are going to adapt to Dreamstime and what sells here, then going exclusive could be very rewarding. Going exclusive was the best thing for me, as prior to that I was really just dabbling and it gave me the focus to get submitting! Good...(More)
Posted by Shopartgallerycom on May 16, 2011
Depends by your needs, being in more sites is an advantage near my oppinion.
Posted by Titania1980 on May 15, 2011

I have been exclusive here for 2 years and a half. All I can say is that exclusives in DT have a lot of advantages: 60% sales revenue, better position on search engine and 0,20 cents for every image accepted.

I decided to quit exclusivity because I wanted to try other sites. Now I find that rejection/acceptance policy is thouguer and higher here than it was used to be (i suppose due to the large number of photographgers and files there are). So not being exclusive has the advantage that you can send files rejected here to other sites, but exclusivity have the advantatges I have listed before.

It's your own decision ;) Sales and revenue in DT is much higuer being exclusive, but you cannot send your rejected images to anywhere

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