12000 sales, a new milestone!

posted on 31st of january, 2017

Time flies, I've been in DT for 9 years. As an exclusive photographer, I think DT is the best platform for me,I believe my choice all the time.
Thanks a lot for buyers!
Thanks a lot for DT!






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Posted by Amitai on February 23, 2017
Awesome and very beautiful and clean images. nice work. Good luck. and your models are great!
Posted by Adeliepenguin on February 05, 2017
What a great milestone!! Congratulations!! I have been following you a long time now on DT, and am very proud of your accomplishments.
Posted by Linqong on February 03, 2017
Don't forget to thank your beautiful models!

Thanks a lot!you are right.

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Happy Chinese New Year

posted on 28th of january, 2017

It is the Chinese lunar new year in january 28, 2017, year of the rooster.
It is called Spring Festival in China,it is the most important festival in China.



Family reunion is the most important thing in this Chinese traditional festivals,when the time comes to the new year, the family eat dumplings together,Chinese people enjoy the longest public holidays of the year during Spring Festival,people bring their children to the traditional Festival Temple Fair or go to visit relatives and friends.



Chinese people are more interested in traveling abroad in recent years,
People seem to find more ways to enjoy this traditional holiday. [svdimg]...

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Posted by Maocheng on February 01, 2017
Happy new year!
Posted by Photostock2015 on January 31, 2017
happy Chinese New Year :)
Posted by Shopartgallerycom on January 30, 2017
Happy Chinese New Year!

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China-north Korea border in September

posted on 19th of september, 2013

September 9, 2013 the North Korean National Day.This day every year the Korean people were allowed to boat trip the Yalu River,here is the border between China and North Korea,They looked prosperous China with the complex mood.

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5000 images online

posted on 28th of june, 2013

Recently , I have to wait and look forward to this moment,I finally reached this goal after the half of five years.5000 images online.

I believe I will persevere here,because DT brings me more joys in life,because there are a lot of my friends here,I had learned more from them,this is my greatest harvest on DT.

Thanks a lot for DT!
Thanks a lot for buyers!
Thanks a lot for my friends here!

Comments (22)

Posted by Lehmanphotos on July 06, 2013
Great photos and a great accomplishment.
Posted by Gheburaseye on July 06, 2013
I'm working to have a number of images online like your! It's an hard work, but I reach that milestone!

Congrats ;)
Posted by Xiaowensun on July 05, 2013
great job!

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Autumn outing in October

posted on 21st of october, 2011

Autumn is the best season in Beijing,I went to the outskirts to enjoy the autumnal scenery a few days ago.

I have done a shooting plan,I am looking forward to have a harvest in October.

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Posted by Jinlide on October 25, 2011
Wonderful shots, Linqong! Very infectious, brings smile to my face when I look at your images.
Posted by Zenonk on October 25, 2011
Good shots :)
Posted by Adeliepenguin on October 24, 2011
It looks like you had fun! Very nice images:)

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North Korea impression

posted on 26th of july, 2011

I had been to North Korea last year, I was lucky to come this mysterious country once more this year.

I discovered that North Korea is also changing, even if is the very small change. For example, North korean girls pay more attention to dress, Pyongyang girls dress style and color is diverse. Because of North Korean rejection any commercial advertizing, there is not any commercial advertizing on Pyongyang's street,but it is really convenient for shooting:)

I had gone to some places in North Korea,I shot a lot of images, I left a deep impression there,I had added some images to my collection,although not all the images I had taken in North Korea,but it has involved North...

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Comments (22)

Posted by Kittycat on July 31, 2011
Great images. Thank you for sharing.
Posted by Noonie on July 28, 2011
You're very welcome..for info please contact me through my email on my website, listed in profile.
Posted by Linqong on July 28, 2011
Thank you for your kind words.Very glad to see you here.

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Valentine's Day is coming soon

posted on 5th of february, 2011

Western Valentine's Day in China, although not a traditional Chinese festival, but have been accepted by more and more Chinese young people.

Although we are still enjoying the Lunar New Year holidays in
China,but young people have been talking about Valentine's
Day.However, I thought that happiest definitely is the product sellers, Chinese lunar new year's sales busy season might continue to the valentine day:)
© Linqong (Help)
February 14, we'll look forward to this romantic day.

Comments (11)

Posted by Linqong on February 10, 2011
Thanks all for your kind comments!
February 14 is coming soon.
Posted by Noonie on February 10, 2011
Beautiful images as usual and happy valentine's day to you!
Posted by Huating on February 10, 2011
February 14, we'll look forward to this romantic day.

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Chinese Lunar New Year 2011

posted on 1st of january, 2011

Although there is no Christmas holidays in China,but the Chinese New Year will soon come.

We will have 7 days holiday,Feb. 2 will be Chinese zodiac of rabbit year. It'll be the most important festival in China,I wish you'll have more more sales in Chinese rabbit year.

Happy Chinese Year of the Rabbit!

Comments (15)

Posted by Leechermods on February 02, 2011
Happy Chinese New Year 2011

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Posted by Shopartgallerycom on January 06, 2011
Wonderful images! Happy New Year!
Posted by Eelong on January 05, 2011
Well done!Happy new year!

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Three years in DT

posted on 6th of december, 2010

Time flies,I just found I had to DT for three years.I learned a lot here, there are a lot of harvest and happiness.

I have 4,553 online, there are 4,748 sales.but I know compared with some friends, this is not a very good achievement, I will continue making great efforts.

Comments (41)

Posted by Lindamstyle on January 06, 2011
Lovely shots! Wish you many more years prosperous harvests on Dreamstime!
Posted by Kk8737 on December 21, 2010
Great achievement,very good
Posted by Angelaravaioli on December 20, 2010
Congratulations for portfolio!!!! Very very good!

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Plan in October

posted on 20th of september, 2010

Time flies, Beijing has entered the fall. Here ushered the most beautiful season of the year.In October, we'll have a week's vacation here,I have prepared a lot of shooting plan.

At this moment, I am looking forward to the early arrival of holiday ...

Comments (12)

Posted by Kittycat on September 24, 2010
Your images are great. Have a great vacation . Happy shooting. :)
Posted by Nd231985 on September 23, 2010
Wish you a lovely holiday
Posted by Zhangyang13576997233 on September 23, 2010
呵呵 一直没有去过北京
希望你能出好片子 预祝成功

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