Multimedia concepts found

posted on 4th of october, 2010

This time not by accident, I started to look once a week to find some of them in space and got this one used at Schools & Agents
BEET Language Centre and ITTC at the Learning Edge

Another one at komputerswiat.pl - about social media - Facebook

And next komputerswiat.pl - about 3D TV

Credit line is there so it wasn't hard to find ;)

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Posted by Rangpl on October 08, 2010
Need to find some more in use to collect so nice posts:)
Posted by Pzdesigns on October 08, 2010
Nice one Plrang!! :D :D :D
Posted by Justmeyo on October 05, 2010

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Accidentally found my photo of Chopin Statue

posted on 22nd of september, 2010

Weird.. when I sit and try to find any of my images in use - it almost never happens. I find them by accident, doing completely different things.

Just got found this image of Frederic Chopin's Statue.

It's on the front CD cover and if You click the Back Cover Image link to PDF file, You'll notice a credit line at the bottom.
And it's pretty popular...

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Posted by Rangpl on October 04, 2010
Today You can watch live
The International Fryderyk Chopin Piano Competition
Posted by Rangpl on October 04, 2010
Wow, so many nice people here, Thank You all and all the best for U 2
Posted by Wildmac on September 24, 2010
Congratulations! :)

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Sales in January 2010 report

posted on 20th of february, 2010

It's almost been a YEAR since i started DreamsTime adventure (in fact my whole microstock activity). I am not very happy especially with my slow portfolio growth.. somehow just can't make things go faster. I've learned a lot during this period and that's the bright side i'm very satisfied. Also i have met very nice people what is really unexpected side effect;>.

Here goes my simple report.

January to December: -10.5% downloads but +52.9% in $.
Still -47.7% in $ to my best month though :-/.
Average all time DL value is about $0.92.

For more info/charts and observations You can check out my regular microstock [link=http://www.phototric.com/2010/02/stock-images-earnings-january-2010-report-is-online-microstock-photography-graphics.html]...

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Posted by Rangpl on February 27, 2010
See .. as i said.. monsters exist.. need to be careful:>
Posted by Rolmat on February 27, 2010
Me, monster? Hey thanks ;-)
Posted by Rangpl on February 27, 2010
Wish You all the same.. and .. looks Yo knew something i didn't:)

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Stats for November & December

posted on 2nd of february, 2010

Here are some stats I share monthly about Dreamstime performance of my portfolio. I know it's useful for beginners as it was for me.

Portfolio size: 173 images since January 24, 2009
12 images at level 2
4 images at level 3
215 sales

-63% DL, -63% in $
-63% in $ to best month
average all time DL value = $0.92

+46% DL, -9% in $
-66% in $ to best month
average all time DL value = $0.90

Nothing special :-/ , fortunately January 2010 statistics are better and I'll show it in few days.
For more info/charts and observations You can check out my regular [link=http://phototric.com/]microstock...

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Posted by Rangpl on February 20, 2010
Thanks! Wish You all the best too
Posted by Hlehnerer on February 02, 2010
Thank you for sharing the statistic.
Posted by Justmeyo on February 02, 2010
Wish you many sales:)

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My October stats

posted on 26th of november, 2009

I'm late with this post and November report coming soon, but couldn't find the time due to lot of work.
Anyways i'm happy to announce that there was again positive switch from my September earnings at Dreamstime.

Short stats for October 2009:
* +45.83% DL, +75.86% in $
* +48.43% in $ to best month (BME)
* average all time DL value = $0.90

Unfortunately it is 26th and i know already that probably November will be not so good. (I'm in about 1/4 of October booo...)

Now i have 12 2nd level images (+3), i'm also in a half way to my 200 submitted images milestone, as i said before next will be 500.

In October i've created new collection...

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Posted by Rangpl on November 27, 2009
Thank You dear artists. In few days and my next report the numbers will be completely different, though ;-[]
And Maen..thanks for adding 'my' Stairs and for the money ;)
Posted by Frantab01 on November 27, 2009
congratulations :)
Posted by Justmeyo on November 26, 2009

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My September

posted on 2nd of october, 2009

I wanted to submit more in September... didn't happened. But now i have more time and started already the ride. September was second month with no uploads - few photos entered my portfolio in last three days of the month but these don't count.
As You can see in my port - what sales most is graphics. And that is interesting cause when i just started my sales was very low and illustrations didn't sale completely.
Now need to go back and create more concept illustrations but i will still submit some photos.

So here are the numbers for September at Dreamstime:

* -25% downloads and -15.6% in ca$h
* -15.6%$ to best month (August)
* average all time DL value = $0.83

My next milestone is 200 images then twice more. Got 2 more 2nd level images now (...

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Posted by Rangpl on October 03, 2009
I use OpenOffice Calc for making report and charts , it's pretty easy and always have the data accessible.
You can use Excel or free Google Docs, then even put own printed charts to stock photo as above.
Posted by Creativei on October 03, 2009
Interesting, I think I should start making such graphs to see my growth.

Did you manually do the graph using Excel or is there any other software??????
Posted by Noonie on October 02, 2009
Interesting! It helps to see how others fare.

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Fresh blood .1

posted on 17th of september, 2009

It's time to introduce new stars

I've selected those i like most:

Candy - Logo design for kids club or nursery.
SPICES OF MOROCCO - Spices of morocco in medina Marrakesh
TORRENT OF WORDS - Happy smiling man surrounded by words, collage art
CLIFF AND BEACH AT SUNSET - A rocky beach with a cliff in the background at sunset on Corfu, Greece

All the best from me and i'm sure from all Dreamstime community:)

Comments (2)

Posted by Hlehnerer on September 18, 2009
Nice images!
Posted by Mani33 on September 18, 2009
Nice photos! I love the Candy logo. Cheers ;)

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My August report - sales without uploads

posted on 12th of september, 2009

Hello again.

August numbers: +30% in downloads and +13.8% in $
It means this was my BME (2 best month ever in a row). Average all time download value is now about $0.81.

This month was interesting for me cause i've submitted just one image.
Too much work and weddings;)

Anyways downloads didn't fall down. I have now about seven 2nd level images.

My bestseller is now that blue holly cross illustration which is my most popular almost everywhere except that some site rejected it as not stock oriented ;) Don't care as we all.

I hope to have more submitted in September, have many photos taken just waiting for keywording/processing (ugh) and upload.

Greetings. For [link=http://www.phototric.com/tag/earnings]...

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Comments (7)

Posted by Rangpl on September 14, 2009
Thank You ALL, it's always nice to hear!
Posted by Keki on September 13, 2009
the blue cross is excellenT!! WELL DONE!
Posted by Goodcontent on September 12, 2009
Great work and blog!

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Forgotten report for July

posted on 27th of august, 2009

© Pryzmat (Help) How could i!

My July at Dreamstime:

+200% DLs and +134% in $ – BME (best month ever). About +50% against previous BME.
- average all time DL value = $1.14
- overall RPI = $0.5

My curent milestones:
- over 100 files in portfolio - slow, i know... and in August uploaded almost nothing, but will try to catch up hard in September
- over 100 downloads, each beginner wants it, cool to have it

August report in few days, but i can say i need about $.60 to jump over the July thus haven't seen a vacation horror mentioned by many.

Greetings, more information at my regular photography and art related blog

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Masuria - did You vote for Worlds Seven Wonders of Nature?

posted on 2nd of july, 2009

About 5 days left so if You have own candidates You better hurry.

I did already my selection, also added article about that short process.
You can see there what was my favourite 7. But my first 3 was Masuria Lakeland - Poland, Cappadocia - Turkey and Bialowieza Forest - Belarus / Poland where i plan to travel this year to see some European bisons:).

If You have own blog You can also add the Voting badge to Your site and upload own photos of Your favourite land.

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