Celestial Errors

posted on 2nd of june, 2011

Mythology, religion, fables, gossip and even science has played a huge role over the years in the minds of normal and weird people, about the strange happenings around which we term as UNREAL. These UNREAL happenings can be named as ghosts, healings, vibrations, miracles and so on. Science has been the slowest to accept and grasp these happenings. It took a long while for science to transit from a flat world to round, then now reaching more insights of a shapeless rock which is just appearing round due to the 70% water covering that strange lump. Thankfully with a new dimensions popping up in theories like the M-Theory (an extension to string theory) in Physics, scientists are eventually getting convinced about so many other forces acting upon us other than gravity...

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Posted by Meryll on June 17, 2011
Thanks for sharing. I like your portrats of children in natural light most.
Posted by Thanatonautii on June 05, 2011
Thanks for sharing this! Great pictures!
Posted by Creativei on June 05, 2011
Well written,, love you literature.

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Lessons to have 10000 Sales

posted on 16th of june, 2011

It will be 5 years in September since I joined Dreamstime. This site/agency inspired me to click more pictures, improve my photography and earn a lot of income through their great commission structures through the years. I was also a FEATURED PHOTOGRAPHER at sometime. I recently completed 10,000 downloads of my images which consist of all kind of sales including one SR-EL sale and several other EXTENDED LICENSES. I had my own frustrations with royalty rates and other things like any other photographer but I thank DT and its team to be always modest, quick and clear for every query I had for them.

I would like to give some revised tips for everyone. I am aware that I might have posted them in earlier blogs, but still if there are newbies in here, this might...

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Posted by Mrahmo on July 14, 2011
thx a lot for the tips
Posted by Socalbatgal on July 13, 2011
Thanks for sharing. It really helps for us that are newbies/clueless.
Posted by Keki on July 11, 2011
nice one! thanks for sharing

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A Revolutionary Camera

posted on 22nd of june, 2011

Digital Photography is about to transform itself very very soon. This new camera or rather the technology is going to change all that we think about focusing and composition.


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Posted by Thefinalmiracle on June 23, 2011
My dear friends and well-wishers. I was never a good student in school but a good student of life. I really dont understand the technicalities of photography like you all do. e.g. last time I heard or read of focal plane was almost 20 years ago in school.

But thanks for the revision. I am here to make money outta the best technology available today!!! And yes I do miss the good ol' world of old cameras like I mentioned in my earlier post :)
Posted by Joezachs on June 23, 2011
Aha..... the noise of the shutter and film movement in the old cameras.....so addictive and so true.
Posted by Tan510jomast on June 22, 2011
Nikhil, to me, the only advancement i want to see is a digital camera that can do what my old Rolleiflex could do . viz, the ability to move the focal plane with bellows like the view camera using the Schemplug principle. This allows you to not only correct perspective , it gives you super depth of field, not to mention the incredible quality of the medium format size (21/4)
Till this day, I don't see anything in the digital world like that, at least not something affordable.
We 're really a long way off in digital photography that has not matched what we had with the view camera or medium format.
It was affordable in those days..even during the late 80's early 90s, then as a beginner I still remember after graduating to freelance in photography, I could still afford all those equipment.
I cannot say the same with digital, other than it saves me money instead of using polaroids and i can shoot without worry about getting broke. also, digital allows me to deliver the shots to clients...(More)

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