How Can a Model Be Both Sexy and Ugly?

posted on 12th of june, 2011

I had some recent sales lately with two images, each using the same model. They keyword search for one was UGLY and the other was SEXY. In looking at the images, it's obvious as to which one and why.

While this may be amusing, there is a lesson to be learned here. Many times in stock photography, you have to be many things, and many times being a PHOTOGRAPHER is the least important thing in what you are trying to do.
A good commercial photograph will be planned and thought out before the shutter is ever released. You have to think ahead, prepare studio and props, know how you're going to process the image, and know what the model needs to do in order to create a successful image.

Essentially, you are more of a boss and project manager and not a photographer....

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Posted by Williamardrey on July 17, 2011
very good advice.
Posted by Plaincrazy on June 16, 2011
you always hve vary good blogs! thanks
Posted by Francy874 on June 14, 2011
Great blog, useful!!! Bye, Francesca :-)

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What is "FUNNY" and my Adventure of being a DreamsTime Reviewer

posted on 24th of june, 2011

I want to tell everyone my adventure as a DreamsTime Reviewer, but first I want to talk about funny images. Periodically I will have a few extra credits and I will challenge Contributors in the REQUEST forum with different criteria; if the criteria is met then I will buy the image. It's all in fun and hopefully entertaining for some.

The last time I did this, the criteria was to upload a FUNNY image and it had to be a recent addition to the site. I was requested to post them in a blog, so here are the images:

The thing about humor though, is it's a personal thing to each of us as an individual to what we think is funny and what is not. But... "funny" is a unique human experience....

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Posted by Davesfreelancephotos on September 09, 2011
Hi you should be a writer and not reviewer. You certainly cracked me up , whilst I was reading your article. You, certainly seem, to have come along way since your escapades with the letter E. The way you write and express yourself whilst using first class humour certainly indicates a higher grade than second....third perhaps!. Joking aside It's a great read and very inspiring. By the way , sometimes it really is hard to discern between members of our opposite sex and particular house pets, not allways in their appearance but certainly in their habit's......don't know why, but that last sentence makes me think nof my ex wife. PS I'm glad you told us that Wisconsin is in the USA....I never was good at geography....now USA, that does ring a bell, isn't that an island off the west coast of Scotland?
Posted by Williamardrey on July 17, 2011
I don't believe a word of this, but it is funny![imgr]http://www.16059185[/imgr]
Posted by Hunor83 on July 08, 2011
Very funny. Thanks!

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