Three Sales for the birthday of my daughter

posted on 3rd of july, 2011

It is very rare to have sales at the week-end days since I started to upload pictures on Dreamstime.
But, this Saturday 2th is a special day for my daughter.
She had her picture which won the third place of the last month contest.
And this Saturday is her birthday and there is three sales on the raw.


However you are, dear buyer, thanks for this present !

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Posted by Grafvision on July 05, 2011
Congratulation!!! Nice pictures...
Posted by Karenfoleyphotography on July 04, 2011
Congrats on the sales, and great job on the assignment pic!
Posted by Picstudio on July 04, 2011

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My First and My Last ...

posted on 6th of july, 2011

After three month of intense uploads, I must admit that this is my first and will be my last picture of composition of flowers. Because, I think that the flowers topics are over represented. And the requirements are so high that I can't compete with. It is not worth for me to spent time to find/make my composition to end up with more that one hand can count as issues to solve. The unsolvable issue for me is "no way to resubmit".

It seems that the isolated items are more populars in terms of sales and representation on DT. I started to build my mobile studio light tent and shoot some pictures. I am impatient to see what will get out from this hard work before going further. I keep my finger crossed!

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Posted by Francy874 on July 08, 2011
Nice portfolio! finger crossed for your next studio shots :-) Bye, Francesca
Posted by Grafvision on July 07, 2011
You have great photos....
Posted by Joezachs on July 07, 2011
simple hand sketches are more in demand.

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Lightbox Tent photography

posted on 15th of july, 2011

I love to photography the landscape and cityscape. Unfortunately, it seems that it is not quite high demand. Most of the time, they are not considered as "stock oriented" picture when I tried some creative or so called artistic point of view.

After more that 250 uploads of 370 submissions picture, I come with the fact that isolated items picture are more demanded and some more for the daily used items.

So I decided to try to do some "stock-oriented" picture ;) I bought a cheap lightbox tent. I mount it with two daylight (daylight color) electric bulb low energy consumption on each side of the tent.

I did captured seven items that I can grab at that moment when I finished to mount the tent. I isolated and submitted them... Oh surprise! 6/7 submissions was accepted. No PR. No MR. No "protected...

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Posted by Laurasinelle on July 16, 2011
Congrats! Great images!
Posted by Digikhmer on July 16, 2011
@Cbomers @Zenpix I might say that I was impossible for me to get the item isolated on white out of the box/camera. I tried some isolation with the "PS/Magic Tools" but the isolation was not smooth enough for, again, the "Stock Oriented" picture so they were rejected with right reason. As my skill in PS wasn't that hight specially with the "plumb tool". I read and read posts on Internet and finish to catch out the key tricks which are the "Ctrl and Alt". The isolation becomes a pleasure now. Of course, I did it for the simple object first.
To answer to how I do that, in fact, I use the lightbox tent to have an omni direction light only.
Posted by Cbomers on July 16, 2011
Same question as Zenpix, I also used the lightbox, but getting it isolated on white out of the camera seems rather hard, also had to use PS, how are you doing this?

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First Isolated picture sold

posted on 25th of july, 2011

As I wrote on the previous article,
I tried to upload some isolated pictures.
I has been very fast to have a first sale.
I got a 6 credits sale with the laser meter nine days after the upload.
It doesn't reimbursed yet my investment for the tent but I have intention to upload more later.

This sale encourages me to browse again the database of DT. I think I found something which can have hundred and hundred sales ... guess what it is?

1) It is quite simple to capture.
2) No need to make have a complicated composition
3) No need to have a sophisticated lightning.
4) Every editor need it for their composition.

For me the answer is "BACKGROUND/TEXTURE"
I started last week-end with three pictures of nylon, compressed chipboard and leather skin texture.

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Posted by FabioConcetta on July 28, 2011
Congratulations for your ongoing sales!
Posted by Nero67 on July 26, 2011
Posted by smartview27 on July 26, 2011

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Backgrounds and textures

posted on 27th of july, 2011

It has been harder that I thought to upload background or texture pictures.

Among the three picture that I submitted, only this one is approved. The others has been rejected with reason. I must admit that they are no good at all on the edge etc..

Only this nylon texture has been approved. I feel like, there is some room for my texture. I have to digest first the given reasons of the rejections.

I will glad to have tips from you to improve my uploads. Because of the rejections, my A/R ratio dropped dramatically ;) this month.

I hope to be able to upload more later.
Have a nice day to all of you.

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Posted by Kharyadi on July 27, 2011
Nice post and I'm sorry with your AR ratio.
I'm learning with backgrounds too. At first i was using my 28-135 lens but the corner to corner sharpness is terrible and then i was using 100mm macro lens and it has a good corner to corner sharpness. Some images were got accepted, some don't :(
Here are two backgrounds that just accepted.
   Bamboo matting background.   
   Batik background.   
Posted by Livingstonatlarge on July 27, 2011
#1 I love this image. It is unusual and you did a great job.

I get a lot of rejections on my backgrounds but I think it is worth the effort. Even if just to master something new. Keep at it. I fine oddly, that the ones I get accepted are the random things I find out in nature rather than the ones I try and capture in the studio.

I shoot in giant RAW files and then I cut away everything corner to corner that isn't perfect. Sometimes I end up with a smaller file than I would like, especially if it was a hand held image,but if it is acceptable it is better than rejection!

Don't give up. You have the right idea!
Posted by Marugod83 on July 27, 2011
very interested of this subject. I'm waiting also, the more experienced members to give us the their feedback

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