Summer Time Milestone

posted on 1st of august, 2011

There is more that three months that I started to upload pictures on DT, here are the milestones :

- Duration : 4 months
- Number of pictures : 265 pictures online
- Sales : 69 sales
- Revenue : a little bit more that 220 dollars including the assignment price
- Feelings : still a lot of frustrations and questions regarding the reason of the rejection, full of satisfaction for each approval
- Skill : Photoshop is more and more friendly with me :) and started to consider to get a graphic tablet

Summer is around the corner but I did not seen it yet as the weather has been awful this year ... rain none stop over The Hague.

Most of my uploads was dogged from the galleries of my holidays pictures. And now the serious thing begins ... to find matter to photography in this...

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Posted by Calyx22 on August 02, 2011
I know your feelings and frustrations, but on my end, it is the relentless heat and glare found here in Saudi Arabia. I'm going to concentrate the rest of the summer on things that can easily be photographed indoors-- there are loads of things you can do. Set up some holiday shots-- Christmas, Thanksgiving, etc. Ask your friends to model for you. You just need a little creative spark! Enjpy your rest and I hope you are ready to shoot again. Best wishes!
Posted by Davidwatmough on August 02, 2011
I know those feelings all too well. David.
Posted by Livingstonatlarge on August 01, 2011
Remember that rain has it's own market as well :)

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Never say never ...

posted on 4th of august, 2011

Until now I tried to upload some flower pictures.
They ended up rejected for various reason et the one is - not better that those which are already in the database of DT.
I told to my self that it is not worth at all to try to capture flower occasionally with preparation and good studio lightning.
This is true until yesterday. I upload four picture of 3 types of flowers and all of them are accepted houraaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

I hope that they interest some buyers ... wait and see.
Thanks for reading.

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Posted by Livingstonatlarge on October 09, 2011
I felt the same way. UNtil my first sale was a flower photo and then my second...It's a tough field to compete in but still worth the effort.
Posted by Mariaam on August 05, 2011
Great pics! Congratulations!
Posted by Atenuant on August 05, 2011
Congrats! I like the first one!

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The September 11 Syndrome

posted on 20th of august, 2011

Today, it is increasingly more and more difficult to take photographs peacefully without being challenged by the so-called guardians of the place. It is generally accepted that any place frequented by the general public is in fact a private place. You have the CCTV everywhere to look at you and any single of your movement.

© Digikhmer (Help) Recently, I was challenged while I was in public place, I mean on the sidewalk of a large street. I stopped in front one of the front door to take the photo of the door. I was surprised because it was the first time this has happened to me that some guards came out from the building to meet me. I was a little bit panicked, I justified myself instead of listening to the gentlemen what they wanted. So they did not say great things. I also do not know the reasons...

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Posted by Joezachs on September 20, 2011
This reminds me of how a policeman in plaincloth stopped me from taking pictures at Paris Centraal station. He showed me his badge and politely told me "you can go outside and take pictures"
I politely agreed and walked off with my stroley.
Posted by Digikhmer on August 29, 2011
@Ndore53 From time to time, I come to think that those who throws stones on the cars, trucks on the hight way have more right than photographers ... the world become insane with the camera.
Posted by Ndore53 on August 29, 2011
I have been stopped twice recently for trying to photograph objects from the side of a public highway. I long as I' m on public land I'll continue to photograph whatever I want

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Unforseen Proposition!

posted on 25th of august, 2011

It is a curious thing happened to me right now. I have a degree in photography. It is a fact or I would not be here writing this article. I hold a job that is unrelated to photography. Occasionally, I endorse unofficial photographer of my cap to accommodate for lack of time, the unavailability of the photographer or the tender is not ... etc, to take some photographs and my service to organization.

As everyone knows that right now, everyone tighten their belts and budgets not related to the basic functions have narrowed to a trickle. It happened to me so surprising that request not to call on professionals to take official photographs but with people within the organization, among other things myself because no one else has more to skill to get this task.

This feature official...

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Posted by Virgilxxn on August 29, 2011
Every problem is oportunity in discuise, good luck my friend !
Posted by Digikhmer on August 27, 2011
Thanks Egomezta, Julia161, Gmargittai and Adeliepenguin for taking to comment my post. In this kind of demand from your employer sounds like an order with only one acceptable answer which is "yes". I will try to sort out the issues of equipments, working time, copyright of my production etc... although I am not in the condition do dictate anything but only border my new task.
Posted by Adeliepenguin on August 25, 2011
I have been asked to "volunteer" my services to nonprofit organizations, and to companies I have been employed by, to photograph events. Like you, I am not as experienced in event photography. And although I might get nervous that I might miss a shot, I don't let my fears get to me, and have always looked at it as a means to improve and broaden my skills and meet new people. I usually have fun. And I find that people today are use to having cameras "in their face", so I don't worry about being "discreet" and always in the background. At first, try it with smaller groups and not so important events, and see how you do. You might find that like me, it is actually fun and not as scary as you thought.

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300's milestone

posted on 29th of august, 2011

As I mentioned on my profile page and since April 2011, the dream continue. I succeeded to upload more the 300 pictures. My sales roughly reaches $300 soon with a 3rd place of the "Magical Moment Assignement". I wrote 300 message on the "message board" and 94 sales (no no not yet 300 sale :).

I have my first two credits TIFF sale and lately today

Most of my sales concerns the "Shopping Mall" and "The Hague/Den Haag"

My portfolio is lake of illustration or Isolated item which are quite high demanded that's why I started to buy a graphic tablet (Intuos3, A4) to start to learn and create something. By today, the result is not that nice yet.

I wish to grab this opportunity to thank again all the buyers for downloading my picture...

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Posted by Yuritz on August 31, 2011
Congrats and good luck with the next milestone
Posted by Keki on August 30, 2011
congratulations :-)
Posted by smartview27 on August 30, 2011
Congrats !

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