My best day so far

posted on 2nd of august, 2011

Yesterday I had 3 sales!!! It is not much, but comparing to my previous results, it is really something:)
And the photos are totally different...It made mi think that maybe one day I will cross that magic border of 100 $:)
And these are photos:

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Posted by Noodles73 on August 04, 2011
vry good...I love "colors of India"!
Posted by Ewamewa2 on August 04, 2011
I just wanted to thank you once again for a warm welcome - it is incredible, but since I started blogging (it means 3 days ago) I have had 8 sales! Thank you for encouragement and buyers for increasing interest in my work. I am so happy:)
Posted by Kharyadi on August 02, 2011
Great portfolio!

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What to do now?

posted on 3rd of august, 2011

It looks like I have already uploaded all of my best travel photos...

These were accepted today:© Ewamewa2 (Help) © Ewamewa2 (Help)

It is high time to decide what to shoot next. Decent isolated photos are still to difficult to me, so what are the other options for a beginner to get sales? Photos with model-release? Architecture? Food? I suppose that anything catching my eyes would do, but I have to start with something:)
I would appreciate your suggestions:)

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Posted by Nero67 on August 03, 2011
In my opinion shoot more food, good job!!!
Posted by FabioConcetta on August 03, 2011
My humble opinion is to keep shooting as you're already doing and give reason to Mariaam! Good job and add an Italian saying:In bocca al lupo!!
Posted by Ewamewa2 on August 03, 2011
Thank you - I will try:)

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What about travel pictures/editorials?

posted on 6th of august, 2011

I have many editiorial images in my portfolio as most of my pictures were taken during travels to India and it was impossible to ask for MR (at least to me that time:). Frankly speaking I thought they might be attractive for buyers (magazines, books etc.), but as time is passing by, I feel more and more discouraged since so far I have had only few editorial sales...

Shall I stop uploading editorials? I like most of these pictures very much, they are not going to bring money. Probably it is naive, but I am a little bit disappointed.
And here is my favorite (the one with a boy in orange), though still with no sale:

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Posted by Ewamewa2 on August 08, 2011
thank you all for warm words. I really appreciate you like my pictures:) Will wait and see what the future brings. So far I sold one editorial image today:)
Posted by Torasnapsfr on August 08, 2011
I have the same problem with my Moroccan photos. most weren't even accepted. I love your photos, so inspiring.
Posted by Keki on August 08, 2011
lovely images though! I say wait and see! they might not sell by the dozon, but better up then not no?

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150 photos

posted on 10th of august, 2011

Today I got accepted the 150th photo in my portfolio. I am so happy as it was not as easy as I thought it would be...Anyway, these two photos were accepted today giving me totally 150 photos.

One regarding India,
another Portugal:)
Again, both are travel editorials. Now I am waiting for sales!

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Posted by Torasnapsfr on August 12, 2011
Congratulations, great photos. hopefully some sales will come your way very soon :)
Posted by Pascalinaclaudiu on August 11, 2011
Posted by Huating on August 11, 2011

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posted on 10th of august, 2011

In June I spent few days in Portugal. The weather, surprisingly enough, was not very sunny and bright, but I managed to take some pictures:
Old yellow tram in Alafama district in Lisbon:

Jeronimos Monastery in Belem district in Lisbon:
© Ewamewa2 (Help)
beautiful village of Obidos:
© Ewamewa2 (Help)
religious article's market in Fatima:

Renovation of destroyed tiles in Pinhao:

Architecture in Ribeira district in Porto:

I hope you and buyers will like it:)

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Posted by Torasnapsfr on August 12, 2011
Brings back some good memories. I notice we both have a picture of a M Moniz 28 tram. lol. Thanks for sharing they are great photos :)
Posted by Mani33 on August 11, 2011
Great shots! Thanks for sharing! :)
Posted by Ewamewa2 on August 11, 2011
Thank you all. I am so glad you like them:)

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Black and white photos

posted on 17th of august, 2011

DT has just accepted my first B&W photo. I am very curious how it will manage here. Do you have any experience regarding B&W pictures? Are the buyers interested in that kind of photography?
Again, the photo was taken in India, New Delhi:)
Just n case, I also uploaded the same picture, but in color:

Tags: b buyers jama masjid w
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Posted by Hunor83 on August 18, 2011
Great idea! Congratulations!!!
Posted by FabioConcetta on August 18, 2011
Congratulations, well done!
Posted by Egomezta on August 17, 2011
I have 2 B&W images because they look like the Ansel Adams type of photo, and this one has sell quite well. Is a good idea to have certain images in B&W.

 Yosemite Park 

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small milestones - finally 100$ and new photos

posted on 22nd of august, 2011

I am so happy - finally I managed to collect 100$ though it took almost 13 months..I really hope it will take less time to obtain next 100 $ since now, as the beginning of August was quite good for me, but last week I had no sales :(
I am also trying to upload new photos taken in my hometown Krakow, Poland in order to differentiate a little bit my "Indian" portfolio.
Thank you all for support and, of course, to buyers!
And here are my last images:
Still, a little bit of India:
And summer in Krakow

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Posted by Ewamewa2 on August 24, 2011
Thank you all! Now I am waiting for the next 100$. Let's hope it will come sooner:)
Posted by Torasnapsfr on August 23, 2011
Congrats :)
Posted by Yellowind on August 23, 2011
That's great! I'm almost in my half :)

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