My friend's captured dreams

posted on 11th of november, 2013

I have a friend who creates wonderful worlds in her imagination and makes surrealistic oil and watercolor paintings of them. There are fantasy creatures, magic, illusions and magnificent ancient buildings, and lots of small details to interpret. My friend's paintings are like dreams one sees at night. To capture a dream... it was always what I wanted to do myself and wasn't able to.

I've been a reader of Lubov's blog for a long time. I love her paintings, her bizarre worlds, her captured dreams. And it was very sad to see such a talented person depressed and lacking faith in herself. She thought nobody needed her art, nobody cared for it, nobody wanted it. Then I came with an idea to upload scans of her paintings to Dreamstime, so they can be bought and travel...

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Posted by Laurasinelle on November 15, 2013
Really nice, thanks for sharing!
Posted by Inyrdreams on November 13, 2013
i love the art, your friend is very talented and great idea to photograph them!
Posted by Angelaostafichuk on November 12, 2013
Beautiful pictures! I like the idea of having her child participate as well.

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My DT story

posted on 1st of september, 2010

I learned that photos and drawings can be sold through the Internet somehow about 8 years ago (I was 17 years old), don't recall any agencies of that time though. I tried my luck in microstock as soon as I managed to buy my first camera (I was 20 at the moment). I don't really remember what's my first agency was but it was not DT, I'm sure. My camera was a very simple and cheap one and photos appeared to be far from good quality, none were accepted. So I gave up and forgot about the idea I liked so much.

I became interested in microstock again when I began to draw (I'm a very late beginner, was about 20 or 21 when started), but a dream remained a dream until all pieces of the puzzle joined together. It took time...

First, I thought I drew so bad that I was shy to merely show...

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Posted by Mildegard on February 07, 2012
To Gsteve.
Sorry, I've been looking everywhere, but couldn't find the source photo. I remember it to be of a very bad quality, so probably I've deleted if from my computer long time ago.
But I still have the white cat :) and can make a new photo if needed and make a collage with your text then.
Posted by Gsteve on February 06, 2012
Do you have the original image of the cat that you used for this image 9499366.
That's the cover of a book in Switzerland. But I wanted to put text in French, that's why I need the image. I love your images of pictorial typography, I am passionate about this art, and I've already done a study on this subject.
Thank you.
Posted by Alionaz on September 02, 2010
your pictures is very creative( I don't now another word wich could describe your images}!
my story is like yours. when I started on DT I now nothing about photography or illustrations, but now I learn much but I have to learn more!

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Half of thousand

posted on 5th of july, 2010

My portfolio has grown up again. Now it contains 500 images. A great number and a big milestone for me.
Most of these 500 are drawings or collages, and only 56 are photos. Sales are about 70% of portfolio (according to statistics). Not bad, I think)

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Posted by Sassolinoviola on July 07, 2010
Wow! Congrats!!!
Posted by Wildmac on July 06, 2010
Congratulations Olga! I love your work :)
Posted by Mildegard on July 06, 2010
Thank you very much :) Next milestone is 1000.

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Drawn people

posted on 17th of june, 2010

For me, people are really hard to draw. I'm no professional artist, just a mere amateur. Drawing people is a great challenge for me. I often fail, seldom succeed in it. I usually notice myself trying to avoid people in new picture's composition. Possibility of failure frightens me off.
And now here comes time I'll have to face the problem... I'm on the way to publish my book, the Omnis Trilogy. Having ho money to pay the professional artist I must draw all three covers myself. I managed to avoid drawing people for the first part's cover and drew a curious little dragon instead (that's how the cover looks) , but that will not work with the others.
Cartoonish people...

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Posted by Mildegard on June 29, 2010
I'll try to do my best. And will show the result, of course)
Posted by Anatomyofrockthe on June 18, 2010
I agree that practice is the key. Observation helps quite a bit too. Studying human anatomy has helped me, as well as, refining my shading and lighting skills. If you view everything as primitive shapes, it's much easier to create complex graphics.

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Posted by Davidwatmough on June 17, 2010
Curly headed girl portrait is just wonderful...don't worry David.

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posted on 5th of may, 2010

Did you know most pets are cannibals? They are. I learned that while working at the pet shop. For some reason animals do not think eating others of their own species to be a crime.
When I hear someone say about how bad humans are I always remind of a cute pets at the shop. We, humans, are not so bad as we think, really :) At least we try to become better.

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Posted by Mildegard on May 08, 2010
Yes, we use bombs, guns and all that. But we know it is bad anyway. And have a choice :) Animals won't even think of it ever: they will leave or kill their children when they get ill, and eat their own parents when they grow old and weak. They're simple and cruel creatures (from human point of view). So I think humans have a good future.
Posted by Davulcu on May 06, 2010
mine is a gangster and kills with a gun in a very modern way before he eats the victims :)
Mico , my pet
Posted by Rosedarc on May 06, 2010
You've started a philosophical thread here! :-)
I've also read that humanity has become less savage over the years... things were worse in the Middle Age but maybe it's just the scale of of destructions it that is so scary today.
In any case I like your chicken!

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My first Photoshop tutorial

posted on 13th of april, 2010

Recently I made my first Photoshop tutorial. It is about a simple way of turning sketches into paintings.
Take a look how simple pencil drawing became a magical spider tree :) Have fun)

From sketch to painting

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Posted by Mildegard on May 13, 2010
Oh, I'm puzzled with your question... I don't understand what you really mean, but I'll try to guess... I suppose you should take a proper program (like Gimp, it's free) and try to create some pics there. Or just draw on paper and scan drawings then. Pencil drawings do sell too.
Posted by Rheane on May 13, 2010
hi i am new here..and i saw what you have edited.. it was so beautiful and i love it.. can i ask you somehting?.. how can i create or edit pics..
Posted by Dmccale on May 12, 2010
Thanks fir sharing.Great tutorial

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Feeling old

posted on 17th of march, 2010

You know, sometimes I read of the new generation people or meet them myself - people that had never seen a floppy disc. They ask: "What's that square on the Save button?"
I feel old. Ancient even)))

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Posted by Eclecticelegance on March 26, 2010
Audio tapes and VHS tapes are kind of gone, aren't they! :) We still tape things on a VHS tape, but I know a lot of people switched to Tivo and such.

I remember floppy disks--I even remember the larger floppies that went into A drives. :) Do you guys remember zip drives? I sold some old ones of those a few weeks ago on Amazon since we don't use those anymore. I have a lot of my old files still on floppy and had to buy a drive to plug into my laptop to use them. All my files since 2007 have been on CD though.

A repair guy at my workplace this week had a digital camera that used floppies instead of a memory card. I had never seen anything like that before. He wanted to put the floppy into one of our office computers to look at the photos, but sadly we didn't have one of those drives and my USB plug-in floppy drive was at home. :(

It was really interesting, though!
Posted by Dan1 on March 23, 2010
Doctors made house calls. Or were on call and would come back to their office at night.
Milkmen delivered milk and eggs and etc every day.
Posted by Johnscloud on March 23, 2010
Gee! I remember when you could go to almost any market, test and buy replacement tubes for your black and white TV! WOW1

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Pictures that do sell and do not (personal experience)

posted on 4th of february, 2010

By this moment I have 242 sales, which include different types of images. There are some facts I've found...

Artistic pictures like these above that took a great deal of time usually sell very bad (and mostly - by subscription) or don't sell at all. This is a biggest disappointment, to be sure. But there are two exceptions that brought me 21$ and 18$ when others - zero or usually 0.42$

Sketches sell surprisingly well, even when their colored variants have no sales at all.

Borders and frames sell well if hand drawn and don't sell at all if they are collage or vector

Crayon drawings (I have few of them) sell...

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Comments (23)

Posted by Mildegard on May 05, 2010
Yes, drawings do sell well :) Good luck to you)
Posted by Thanatonautii on May 05, 2010
You have cool photos and drawings! I never thought that drawings can be sold like that! I have some drawings myself, so thank you for the idea!
I love your blue cat watching that bird! It`s so cute!
Good luck and many many sales!
Posted by Mildegard on May 05, 2010
Thank you :) No, I don't photograph drawings, I just scan them.

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Forum for photographers and illustrators (in Russian)

posted on 29th of january, 2010

There are lots of Russian-speaking people there. It would be wonderful if they had a place to gather and to discuss photo- and art-related questions in their native language. So we started a forum yesterday:
There are 6 people there for that very moment, so everyone is welcome.

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Posted by Dvargfoto on January 29, 2010
Join... :)

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An important keyword

posted on 25th of january, 2010

I'm mostly an illustrator and have many pencil drawings in my portfolio. They have very different subjects: from fantasy dragons to common landscapes, but it's curious that often they (despite they variety) used to be found by the same keyword - sketch - and bought then. Just a peice of advice for fellow illustrators: if you have pencil drawings in your portfolio, don't forget to add the keyword "sketch" to all of them, this simple action will bring you many sales.

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Posted by Eclecticelegance on January 30, 2010
Oooh!! I shall go do this on my hand-drawn illustrations!!!!
Posted by Robertosch on January 26, 2010
I love your work, it's fantastic. Don't ever stop, you are one of my favorites.
Posted by Rosedarc on January 26, 2010
Nice of you to share such a nice tip!

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