Photographing Natural Disasters like Irene

posted on 2nd of september, 2011

Here are a few thoughts I have on photographing disaster areas, as I did recently in Vermont photographing the aftermath of tropical storm Irene.

1. Be mindful of the people who were affected by the storm. I witnessed a lot of people working hard to clean out their basements, remove inches of silt from their driveways and roads and simply dealing with the lack of electricity and thoughts of lost business with leaf peeping and skiing season right around the corner. Don't act like a rude tourist, be respectful of the situation.

2. Don't get in the way of emergency vehicles and work crews. The last thing they need is some fool getting hurt trying to take a picture or parking in front of a bulldozer. Keep in mind that workers are trying to salvage roads,...

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Posted by Peanutroaster on September 17, 2011
Now the issue for the flood ravaged areas in New Hampshire and Vermont is getting people (especially leaf peepers) to understand that a lot of the clean up has happened and most of the roads have been repaired.
Posted by Michaelee on September 05, 2011
I feel for any and everyone who has to go through massive storms. Not everyone realizes how hard it is to clean the areas up that are affected by these Monster Storms.
Recently we had a Severe Thunderstorm in our area that produced straight-line winds which knocked down about a Dozen large Oak Trees just on our Land alone. I have been working to cut it up as firewood for several weeks now and still have a big mess! People just can't imagine what a few seconds or hours to days can do to the land or infrastructure in these great Storms. Its true you can take some great pictures out of this but when you are out in the Field show compassion and love for the People affected by Mother Nature because you never know when it may happen to you!
Posted by Tacrafts on September 05, 2011
Having been on site of two major disasters, the key issues I saw were to stay out of the way, and always show respect for the living and the dead.

There are many more important things going on than taking photographs, save a life or get a good picture? Not really a question is it.


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Before and After Irene - Quechee Covered Bridge

posted on 2nd of september, 2011

One of my first accepted photos on Dreamstime was from the Quechee Hot Air Balloon Festival. It showed one of the hot air balloons floating over the Quechee Covered Bridge.

Just recently I uploaded a picture of the same bridge destroyed by the power of water from tropical storm Irene. The road leading to the bridge on both sides is washed away.

To think on Monday NBC actually had a panel discussing whether or not the storm was "over hyped" because some New York City dwellers were inconvenienced.

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Posted by Peanutroaster on September 13, 2011
I saw an article in the local paper that was talking about the tons of gawkers or lookies who have been coming to the area checking out the flood damage.

Some residents are getting rather irritated especially ones with houses right near major roads. One flood victim has been asked to give tours of their flooded basement! In another case people set up lawn chairs to watch a house get cleaned out.

I can't blame them for being ticked off at people coming to the area not to help out but to just watch. Although, it is through these people that the rest of the world gets to see just how bad the damage is and hopefully will donate to the relief effort.

Enterprising people will take advantage of these "disaster tourists" and set up tours, sell t-shirts, sell special bottle water etc. The area is used to leaf peepers driving around this time of year, time to think outside the box and apply a little money extraction techniques to this different sort of tourist?
Posted by Rosedarc on September 04, 2011
Hopefully they'll be able to save what remains of this beautiful heritage bridge.
Posted by Karenfoleyphotography on September 03, 2011
So sad to see the destruction. My prayers are for the safety and quick recovery for all affected.

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First (and second) editorial image sold!

posted on 13th of september, 2011

Ok, I'm been waiting patiently to put up my blog crowing about a success. My turn. ;-)

I've been doing this for a few months to maybe other newbies will like the following info.

First upload: 07/11/2011
First accepted: 07/14/2011
First sale of the trailer image after about 100 views on 09/08/2011

My first sale ever came at 08/05/2011

Currently I have 180 online photos and 14 sales.

Three came last night - one from an image of a condo building with only seven views - (nice!) and the other two were editorial images from the flooding damage of tropical storm Irene.

Sales are encouraging because I feel that I'm been on a learning curve, starting to figure out what type of images are in demand and what it takes...

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Posted by Thanatonautii on September 14, 2011
That`s great! Congratulations!
Posted by Cbomers on September 14, 2011
Posted by Digitalvox on September 14, 2011
Congratulations! You hit the spot :-) Great images!

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Family Involvment

posted on 16th of september, 2011

I find that a big part of photography and microstock as a sideline, second job or hobby is having family support. Your family often has to put up with your desires to purchase more equipment, pose as a model in various situations, agree to be a model in the first place and deal with you wandering off on trips to take pictures of weathered wood siding.

Its extra challenging when you kids are at age where they start becoming embarrassed of their parents! Unfortunately there isn't a big market for "eye rolling seventh graders" because I'd have a ton of images for that market!

Here's a shot of a salad my son made. I hope it sells so he'll be more motivated to model for me in the future.

My wife and son got involved in this one:

And my son...

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Posted by Laurasinelle on September 17, 2011
Its great that you can involve your family! Great photos
Posted by Karenfoleyphotography on September 17, 2011
Couldn't agree with you more ... but then what is family for if not to support each other?
Posted by Picstudio on September 17, 2011
Lovely pics...

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What's going on in this picture?

posted on 16th of september, 2011

Maybe its just me and my perverse view of the world but what is really going on in this picture?

The official title is "THE JOYFUL FREEDOM OF RETIREMENT" but what caught my eye was that bird over the man's head. Maybe I'm thinking about Alfred Hitchcock movie "Birds" but I just feel like something bad is going to happen to spoil the couple's moment of joy.

Is the bird just going to innocently drop a "present" on the man's exposed dome or something more sinister like attack him or grab him by the talons and be off with him?

If you isolate just the man, it almost seems like he is raising his hand up to the big bird god in the sky and offering himself as a sacrifice.

"Take me oh mighty one! I'm ready"

Here they are later in the movie when they discover the birds aren'...

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Posted by Laurasinelle on September 17, 2011
Great photos!
Posted by Joezachs on September 17, 2011
Ha ha... that is a good one (imagination running wild)
And I liked Hitchcock's Birds.
Posted by Mary981 on September 16, 2011
I want what you're having

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Let's Go To The Fair - Collection

posted on 23rd of september, 2011


Got any great country fair images? I've started a collection called "Let's go to the fair".

Send me your images of state and local fairs. Thanks

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Posted by Marugod83 on September 28, 2011
I just had accepted this photos also:
Posted by Livingstonatlarge on September 26, 2011
Here are a few [imgl]20731985[/imgl] [imgl]20632531[/imgl]

Posted by Marugod83 on September 26, 2011
Hy, perhaps you may found useful this pics:
[imgl]21268580[/imgl] [imgl]21268721[/imgl] [imgl]21268900[/imgl] [imgl]20850432[/imgl][imgl]21167779[/imgl] [imgl]20850418[/imgl] [imgl]20850394[/imgl] [imgl]20850367[/imgl] [imgl]19469930[/imgl] [imgl]18600741[/imgl]

Thank you in advance

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Trying to be good, buying local

posted on 26th of september, 2011

Our family has recently renewed our attempts to improve the quality of food we eat and this includes trying to buy more local food.

After watching the documentary "Food, Inc" and learning about modern farming methods (for example the fact that there are only 13 meat processing plants in the entire country now, chickens are breed to be so fat they can't stand up, cows and most livestock and most products on the store shelves are based on government subsidized corn) and my son's First Lego League season based on the topic of Food Safety, we feel we can do more to vote with our dollars and buy local.

We are lucky enough to live in a rural area with lots of family farms around so its not too difficult to buy more local produce and meat. It really is just...

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Posted by smartview27 on September 27, 2011
Buying local is a very good concept for you and your family, for your health. Great photos!
Posted by Joezachs on September 26, 2011
I think its about time we all shifted to this practice to have healthy food.
Posted by Livingstonatlarge on September 26, 2011
Good for you. It is not as easy as it seems is it? We have habits that are hard to break. I am trying to be better at shopping local and have actually left the parking lot of the chain store and gone to the new local store because I went to the chain without thinking.....

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Milestone - 250th Accepted Image

posted on 30th of september, 2011

Just added my 250th image to my portfolio. Never forget your camera! I captured this yesterday while taking my dog for a walk.

Its name is Dogford Road. Folklore around these parts say that when it came time to give the old country lane a name the four farming families that lived on the road at the time came up with "Dogford" because they all drove Fords and had dogs.

The old road is seeing some wear and tear, its a favorite for bikers, joggers and the Dartmouth College X-country ski team. Hopefully the snow plows won't tear it to pieces this coming winter.

Been waiting for the foliage to crank up. I was watching and waiting for this one spectacular tree down the road to finish turning and then poof over night it dropped all of its leaves.


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Posted by FabioConcetta on October 01, 2011
Posted by Py2000 on October 01, 2011
Posted by Cmlndm on September 30, 2011
Love the shot. Great job.

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