Bokeh - behind the lens

posted on 17th of october, 2017

So wikipedia says: "In photography, bokeh is the aesthetic quality of the blur produced in the out-of-focus parts of an image produced by a lens" ... that was a part of the article and I believe everyone can find and read it :)

I won't write here about usual bokeh without the main object in focus. And I won't write about simple blurs that can make everyone at every time. No one wants to have portfolio with thousands of such images with a few sells, right?

I want to write about three related ways of getting beautiful image with bokeh.
The first is bokeh you have o look for in nature. As there are some circumstances like back-lit light, interesting object and creative composition.

The second and my favorite is - accidental and surprising bokeh. Well this way of bokeh...

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Posted by Cjbdreamer on November 14, 2017
Nikon has a good video tutorial on Bokeh
Bokeh tutorial - short and simple
Posted by Mielr on November 10, 2017
Never heard the word "bokeh" until just recently. When I was studying photography in college, it was called "shallow depth of field" (and frankly, I still prefer that term as it is descriptive of the technique used).
Nice pics!
Posted by Aurelielemoigne on October 27, 2017
Beautiful pictures

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posted on 21st of april, 2015

A few years ago I wrote a little about my new toy - manual lens Jupiter-9. Here I have the new one Helios 40-2. I use it with Nikon but it can fit to other systems too. So I'd like to share my new experience with it.

Helios 40-2 is mostly known for it's unique bokeh. The price for this lens has grown quite high as for manual lens in the past few years. For some it's a kind of trendy lens to have. Though I decided to discover it's capability with my full frame camera.

Firstly about the manual working. I found it really exciting and catching up to put more efforts while focusing. Well it's quite complicated for moving objects but there are many shoots I do for mostly stable situations: backgrounds, portrais, landscapes. I usually work with open aperture as it's F1.5...

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Posted by Gmargittai on October 15, 2015

I wrote about Helios 40-2 85mm f/1.5 lens. It give you the unique swirl bokeh, let's try if you have one!

When you say Helios lens you mean the one which came with the Russian Zenith in the seventies? I have one of those if I did not trough it out. I need to check, If I am correct mine is 50mm.

Posted by Helgidinson on September 25, 2015
i like it..very artsy...
Posted by Crackers55555 on September 11, 2015
Truly beautiful work.

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Russian lens BOKEH

posted on 27th of september, 2012


I've just tried russian lens JUPITER-9 and was amazed of it's specific beautiful bokeh.

Now I want to try Hellios, this thing is also pretty much great.

If you like to experiment, let's try this particular lens: Jupiter-9, Hellios and other old russian lens.

These lens are much cheaper than the new automatic lens. It has only manual fokus, so the work you are doing get's much more accurate and responsible. Moreover, it's just fun :)

You need to buy adapter and this old friend will be in your bag as a small secret of beauty :)

Here are the photos with Jupiter-9:

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Posted by Rosedarc on September 28, 2012
Great effects!
Posted by FabioConcetta on September 28, 2012
The cameras and lenses Russians have a unique charm, I really like the Fed, Zorki and I am a happy owner of a Pentacon Six with a Zeiss aus Jena! The objectives are really excellent value for money product, congratulations for the images and their delicate bokeh!
Posted by Fengai on September 27, 2012
In Russia all good! :)))

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Interior photography

posted on 24th of july, 2012

Well this article is for a newbies. If you have some information to fill up, I would be thankful.

So what you need to interior photography? First of all your camera :) Then it is helpful to have lens at about 10-20mm angle diapason. If the room or hall is quite big, then it could be enough to have at about 30mm angle lens. But if you want to make photos of ordinary home interior, 10-20mm angle diapason is really helpful.

I don't used any flash or other light apart from light that comes through the window and the bulbs light, that is a part of interior.

I used aperture from 11 to 16 so in some cases the time of taking photo were 10 or more seconds, that is why you must to have a tripod. If you want a tack sharp picture - use mirror lock up function of your camera. And obviously you must use...

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Posted by Qiwoman01 on June 15, 2016
Thanks for sharing your experience. Were you using Auto White Balance or did it depend on the room?
Posted by Suyerry on July 12, 2013
Very useful, thanks for sharing!
Posted by Yellowind on July 26, 2012
Thanks for tips, I appreciate it.

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23 sales in March

posted on 31st of march, 2012


How was your month?

Mine had 23 sales, though most of them were subscriptions, so had not got plenty of gold :) This month was lucky for uploading more to me, because of a few photo sessions with models. And the acceptance ratio has grown a bit. Well waiting for the spring to come in Europe, Lithuania. Today is the last March day, but we have snow here :) so I'll go to forest to look around for shoots.

Good luck everyone in next moth,
se ya!

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Posted by Fengai on April 29, 2012
you have so little on the site and a good sale!
Posted by Sobek85 on April 28, 2012
wow well done
Posted by Hanbaoluan on April 28, 2012
Congratulations! One of the shoot is very beautiful!

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Talking about the numbers..500 pics

posted on 25th of january, 2012

I feel quite new to stock photography, and the whole photography as well. Last year I've got the camera and started to look around more deeply and passionately. The art of view or the view of art is not completely new to me, though photography has it's own rules of creation. I've got to understand that it's not enough to look around deeply and passionately soon. It's not even art of view but also the technique..

So it's my start and I'm happy about that, and sharing it with you my colleagues..

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Posted by Zenonk on January 27, 2012
Nice shoots, congratulations
Posted by Defess on January 27, 2012
Posted by Jaimecalisto on January 26, 2012

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RAW file format and program I use to work with it

posted on 10th of january, 2012

Taking pictures in RAW file format has huge benefits. First of all you can better correct the exposure parameter. This is important because

a) if you shoot a picture and went home with the exposure not as you was expected (too light or too dark), you can easily correct 2-3 steps.

b) if you want to shoot a picture with low ISO and there is not enough light, the shutter would work to slow to get focused view, for your chosen aperture - try to shoot it -1 or -1,5 steps (manual correction) - you can always correct it at home, because it's RAW file format.

c) white balance is very important issue in photography. If you shoot in RAW file format you can more easily correct it. You can cold or warm the color, add tint - it's hundred of times easier than to correct it in JPG.

It's only one minus...

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Posted by Suyerry on July 12, 2013
Nice images!
Posted by Yadamons on January 19, 2012
Thanks for information.rnI works with RAW file and little adjust correct images.rnI use Nikon ViewNX for nikon raw file (.NEF).
Posted by Jonybigude on January 18, 2012
Thanks for the answer!

Well, I am kind of giving up RAW, since I was shooting RAW full quality and the result was that one. With JPEG I have what I want. It's really strange, it shouldn't happen like that... anyway, in my personal gallery (in another site) I posted the same question, and some people told me that they also gave up RAW and so do many professional photographers, due to the massive extra work, time and in the end, the final costumer doesn't feel any difference... This recent experiment made me realize that RAW isn't maybe that important... Hope I'm not saying something stupid....

Once again, thanks for the answer!


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Happy about the round number 400 :)

posted on 8th of december, 2011


Happy about the round number 400 :)
I know, it's only a start, but I have motivation to plus the one 0 at least :)
Waiting for creative thoughts to my mind,

Good luck to everyone!

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Posted by Yellowind on December 10, 2011
Thank you verry much! Have a great month!
Posted by Egomezta on December 09, 2011
Congratulations, that's great. well done.
Posted by Picstudio on December 09, 2011

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My first Christmas pictures

posted on 24th of november, 2011


I'm exited about doing some Christmas pics. Never knew it could be fun and worth working. I'm in a half of my work I guess and want to share it with you:

© Yellowind (Help)

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Posted by Yellowind on November 26, 2011
Thank you, Ian
Marry Christmas to you too!
Posted by Iwhitwo on November 25, 2011
Great images, Merry Christmas to you in advance!
Posted by Yuritz on November 25, 2011
Good ones,good luck with the sales

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Autumn has fallen and the winter ...

posted on 16th of november, 2011

Sometimes I wonder, that it's great to live in a place where can see and enjoy every four seasons. The autumn is great time for photography. The colors! So many landscapes that have special view in this season. The shadows and the sun position! At the time the day started to be shorter the sun path even the day time started to be not so high by the zenith, but down, closer to the horizon and that is where the shadows come - almost every time in a day, that is great isn't it?

Though I'm not completely satisfied with my passed autumn works. I want more :) My day time job takes most of my time.
I had few photo sessions, here are the pics: © Yellowind (Help) © Yellowind (Help)

And a couple of autumn concepts:


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Posted by Yellowind on November 17, 2011
Thank's Lejoch! Your pics are also nice, wish you to upload more!
Posted by Lejoch on November 17, 2011
Great shots, I saw your portfolio there are many really beautiful pictures!
Posted by Nero67 on November 17, 2011
Beautiful images, great job!!!

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