Ever changing weather in London - my recent successful trips.

posted on 2nd of april, 2012

Hi Dreamers!

Over the years I have been to London several times, and every time I carefully packed my camera etc, hoping for a great opportunity to take great pictures. To my great regret, until very recently I was mostly unlucky in terms of the weather in London.

Usually I had some businesses to take care of first which (again usually) would happen before afternoon, just while the sun was shining and the sky was blue. I used to think: What a wonderful day for a photo-session in the City of London! I should not miss this chance! ... Well, you've already guessed correctly - nearly right after my businesses were done, something always happened in the skies over London and, in particular, directly over my head. Winds would start blowing faster and clouds would gather in no time. You can perhaps imagine how disappointed I normally returned from London those times.

Fortunately, my last two visits to the capital of Great Britain weren't that bad. Finally, after some years of "patient waiting", I caught some nice weather in London not only in the morning but also in the afternoon and even at night(s)! Unfortunately, I still had my businesses during the daytime, but again you already anticipate that I could not allow myself to miss a single minute of my spare time...

The resulting photos are below and some RAW files are still waiting the final touch. After all, now I am really happy to obey London's ever changing weather. :)

Thank you for reading and watching. Who wants to see more of London, welcome to check this London Views collection.

I wish you a nice day ...and good weather conditions next time you visit London! ;)

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Posted by Androniques on April 06, 2012
As a matter of fact, I do see now increments in lightbox counters, which is fantastic! :)
Posted by Androniques on April 03, 2012
Thank you, Enrique! :) I hope some buyers will be amazed with them too one day...
You also have some amazing pictures in your port, I especially liked you tropical vacation sunset series with people jumping over water/waves.
Posted by Egomezta on April 03, 2012
Wow, your images are amazing... Thanks for sharing.
Posted by Androniques on April 03, 2012
hmmm, something makes me nervous now. Seems like people start planning to come to London and take pictures better than mine and sell more... Then I have to plan my own next trip to London soon. :-)))

Edward, don't forget to inform me when you're in the UK again, we might have a joint photo-session if you wouldn't mind. Minding gaps and trebling bridges is more fun in a company! :)
Posted by Peanutroaster on April 03, 2012
First and only time I was in London I only had a cheap point and shoot. Great shots, they make me want to return soon.
Posted by Nero67 on April 03, 2012
Nice pictures congratulations!!!
Posted by Androniques on April 03, 2012
Thanks again, I know where you were pointing, so I will improve next time :-)
Posted by Alvera on April 03, 2012
Of course, the sun can appear by New Layer - Copy/Paste :)))
Ok, this was the final joke, I like your photos and wish you all my best and good sales!
Posted by Androniques on April 03, 2012
Thanks Alvera, I will try when I am next time in London, might be useful for making the sun appear :)))
Posted by Alvera on April 03, 2012
Oh man! You must learn how to change London's weather by right tuning the white balance :))
Posted by Androniques on April 03, 2012
Many thanks, Friends!

Hi Afagundes, thank you very much for your extended comment. My first thought was that you killed my blog :-) well, you were in London just once and managed to take many beautiful pictures, whereas I was there many times (over the years!) and only now have some approved... Frankly, for the sake of brevity, I actually skipped some extra details of my previous trips, like older and smaller cameras I possessed in the past and such. Surely, I had many pictures taken those days too, but none would qualify for stock (also for sure).

ironically, you give me an advice I have given in my first blog - on noisy skies (see PS there ;-) but yes, you were right to do so: in this case I did not use any gradient filter on lens, but in some photos I did use the software gradient filters applied to RAW data.
Posted by Teabum on April 03, 2012
London is a great place to photograph :) Nice images
Posted by Alerizzo78 on April 03, 2012
Very very nice pictures! Congratulations!
Posted by FabioConcetta on April 03, 2012
Beautiful images, congratulations!
Posted by Afagundes on April 02, 2012
Hi Andromatic, its allways interesting to see that every photographer have a diferent view, even when they are at the same place and taking pictures of more or less the same landmarks.
I was lucky enough to be in London last summer and, as they say, everybody was happy that summer falled in a weekend, hehe, so I did manage to get some nice images as well.
On the one or two grey days I also got, I manage to learn how to use a ND graduated Lee filter and it saved the day! Its worth trying it.
Best luck to you and lets see what other images of London you are still uploading.
Posted by Vichie81 on April 02, 2012
Very Nice photos
Posted by Androniques on April 02, 2012
...and shaky bridges! ;-)
It was particularly difficult to take pictures on the Tower Bridge, due to traffic trembling.
Posted by Peanutroaster on April 02, 2012
Mind the gap! ;-)

Comments (18)

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