Collections Contribution Request Part XI

posted on 10th of june, 2012

As usual, I worked on putting together 6 new collections which need your input. However, unlike my previous 10 blogs, the formatting will be a bit different as it will be for each series of the future 10 blogs :)

Please, before sending anything to be added, read the description of the collection and look through the files already there.

I'm still accepting new content for my old collections that I published in these previous blogs:

The new collections are:

Furry Fox

© Alain (Help)

White Flower

Pink Piglets & Pigs

Antique Weights

© Iperl (Help)

Old, Torn Soles (& Shoes)!

GeogresKyrillos: All the best for the Pink Water Pig in the assignment :)

I hope you'd also enjoy the new collections to come!

Comments (50)

Posted by Digikhmer on August 26, 2014
Hi Eliane,
Would you mind to add this one 39056725 in the Pathway collection ?

 Autumnal pathway 
Posted by Msuzieb934 on August 12, 2014
Hello Eliane, As newbie I find your collections very inspirational.
You may want to consider this one for your "White Flower" collection. [imgr]42928519[/imgr]
Posted by Andmorg on February 04, 2014
please consider for "White Flower":

Posted by pic.r on July 06, 2013
Please consider:

White flower:    Daisy flower   

   Lapidary park pathway       Lapidary park pathway   

   Hike to the viewpoint       Summer agriculture landscape   

Thank you
Posted by Angkawijaya92 on May 09, 2013
Please consider 27046077 for your pathway collections..thankyou..
Posted by Marleenwolters on March 11, 2013
Hello. Two images that might fit your white flower collection.
Posted by Wordplanet on February 01, 2013
Thanks for adding my cherry tree to your collection - this is just the right time of year for it to get some more exposure - it's been a good seller for me so far.
Posted by Wordplanet on January 29, 2013
Here's one I'd love you to consider for the white flowers - Thanks!

 White cherry blossoms with copy space 
Posted by Juliusc on September 17, 2012
Hi Eliane,
perhaps will you consider these for your pathways collection?

   Snow forest alley   
   Autumn forest   
   Autumn forest   
   Women in bike   
Posted by Annabelle496 on September 13, 2012
For your fox collection : 10988262
Posted by Annabelle496 on September 13, 2012
For your collection Pathways : 21609778 - 21367103 - 20506046 - 19177732 - 11957188
Posted by Digikhmer on September 13, 2012
May I suggest you this one in your pig collection ?

 Fat Black Pig Portrait 

And this one in your "White Flower" collection ?

 Gerbera Yellow White Flower 
Posted by Elianehaykal on September 12, 2012
Oh... There was a 4th thumbnail I put in the White Flowers collection above but it disappeared :S
Posted by Flyingdolphin on August 29, 2012
Just found one that may fit either In the mist or Watery reflections?
Posted by Flyingdolphin on August 29, 2012
I have couple of suggestions for the pathway collection, hope these are ok
24395370 & 22957135
Posted by Jjumawan on July 02, 2012
Hi Elaine, here is my image for white flower

I hope it suits in your collection.
Thank you!
Posted by Damithri on June 24, 2012
Hi Eliane, I hope the following images are suitable.
White Flower: 23522599 and 23522564
Pathway: 23699299, 23636941, 23357600, 22030385, 22030429, and 11811413
The above images ID 22030385 and 22030429 may also fit in your Arcs collection hopefully.
Thank you, Damithri
Posted by Andmorg on June 24, 2012
Hi, here my suggestion for white flower:

thank you!
Posted by Elyrae on June 16, 2012
here are some of mine...
white flowers:


Ciao :)
Posted by Inyrdreams on June 15, 2012
hi eliane! I have some images for your collections.. and thank you so much for adding the ones you already have! ps how are wedding plans going? for breathtaking lakes..24016732
this one can be animal romance or majestic peacock 24616437
away: 24707034 24181003 fruity dessert 24706945 white flower 24287432 pigs 24616303 pathways 24016690 swans 24616411 easter cookies and candy 24904663 dogs 25043361 25043384 cats 24556436 23908577 snowy summits 23352164 birds 24180987 23352174 25043331 25020253
Posted by Dleonis on June 14, 2012
Thanks for adding to Your collections our images! And some more, please:
white flower: 6144005, 9987443, 9987443, 19562770, 9841945, 11440416, 10984972, 11048809, 19956738, 10058435, 19952668;

Old, Torn Soles (& Shoes): 17254666, 17468282, 17341717;

Pathway: 9108880, 5738970, 5429723, 5275135, 18968666,

Thank You, again...
Posted by Lejoch on June 13, 2012
Thanks for adding to the "away" collection
Posted by Rcerruti on June 13, 2012
I love it Rcerruti, how did I miss this cute one?!

Thank you Eliane
Posted by Karenfoleyphotography on June 13, 2012
A few for your pig collection:

24759423   Three Little Pigs   

24688889   Pig Sty   

24687023   Image not available or id is incorrect.   

24435249   Saving for college   

13697718   Weighing Savings   
Posted by Peanutroaster on June 13, 2012
Posted by Elianehaykal on June 13, 2012
I love it Rcerruti, how did I miss this cute one?!
Posted by Peanutroaster on June 13, 2012
white flower
Posted by Peanutroaster on June 13, 2012
Pigging Out
Posted by Rcerruti on June 13, 2012
New article posted: Collections Contribution Request Part XI

Hi, I have this    Kiss me    pig in my collection. This is one of my best sellers on other sites, with over 100 sales on one, but never sold here. Let's see if showing it makes it lift off, thank you Eliane!
Posted by Ewapix on June 13, 2012

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Comments (50)

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