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posted on 13th of august, 2012

The United States presidential election has been well under way since last year and has been well covered by all the online stock sites. However, a new face has emerged with Mitt Romney picking his running mate, Paul Ryan, to go onto the ticket as his vice president.

Paul Ryan is a congressman from Wisconsin so Mitt came to Wisconsin to hold a rally and allow Paul to essentially introduce himself to the national media while in front of a hometown crowd.

The rally was held not far from where I live so the photographer in me had to see what I could do for pictures.

I of course have no media credentials so I was doomed to being stuck in the crowd and at the mercy of unknown logistics. As luck would have it, I was positioned in a corner where the motorcade pulled up and was able to get some decent shots. It was outdoors and dusk so I had to shoot on the fly and hope for the best.

The quality of the images weren't very good but I reduced their size in order to reduce problems with noise and focus. I uploaded several images, sent a note off to Support for a priority review, and they are now online. I just hope they get into the search engine quickly.

I did some searches and you can find Paul Ryan here and there as he is a congressman but my images are the first ones available as online stock with Paul Ryan as the VP candidate.

And that makes DT the first agency to have such images. More and better pictures will be available in the weeks to come but DreamsTime is the only place to get ANY images in the short term.

So, yes, this is a bit of a plug for DT and for my portfolio, but I would still like to offer some hints for editorial images...

When you are in a crowd you are at the mercy of the dynamics at hand. Be aware of the people around you. Be aware of the safety of your equipment. External issues such as weather and traffic can make people mean and angry so watch out for trouble.

If there is time, wander throughout the venue and explore. You can run into interesting situations worthy of photographing; if anything you may see and hear additional things that add to the experience.

In my adventure yesterday, I happened upon the spot where the candidates would be entering so I staked my spot and held onto it. Behind me was a security fence and I was able to stand on a bar of the fence which gave me about 1.5 more feet in height. It was pure luck; I could have been on the other side of the property and would have only seen ants in the distance on stage.

I'm beginning to think from this and past experience that a good photographer somehow has a knack for getting lucky. Being mindful of event logistics, lighting, crowd dynamics, they all factor into how you can be a freelance journalist despite not having the badge for getting you on the other side of the security fence. I can't explain it, it seems to be a sixth sense for photographers.

But... You can't be everywhere at the same time. Let your sixth sense guide you and work the event as best you can.

Don't forget to ask for priority reviews if your editorials are timely.

I would encourage everyone to try freelance journalism and street photography when there are opportunities to do so. Photography done without any control and at the mercy of the dynamics at hand force you to think on your feet and help to sharpen your eye.

I may not get any sales from my latest set of images but both DT and I were the first to offer these images on the cutting edge of current events.

Keep those batteries charged and memory cards clear, something may be happening in your hometown soon!

Comments (12)

Posted by Noonie on August 24, 2012
NICE! Looks like you knew what you were doing! :))
Posted by Thevegetable on August 23, 2012
thanks for sharing :)
Posted by smartview27 on August 22, 2012
Thanks fos sharing .
Posted by Onime on August 18, 2012
great blog. thanks for sharing :)
Posted by Kittycat on August 17, 2012
Congrats to you. Nice shot.
Posted by Celiaak on August 16, 2012
Good one, I wish you many sales. It is also good for us all DT being the first offering editorial images.
Posted by Fantasyart on August 16, 2012
Wisconsinart, thanks for this information
I did not know you could order a priority reviews.
Do I need permission to post them for the faces of the people, in editorial photos?
Posted by Peanutroaster on August 14, 2012
Nice shot!
Posted by Cammeraydave on August 14, 2012
A friend of mine was in the crowd but I can't find him in your photo !
Posted by Egomezta on August 14, 2012
Good luck with your images...
Posted by Jdanne on August 14, 2012
I hope your photos don't influence the result of the presidential election (:-
Posted by Enigmacypher on August 13, 2012
Congrats, and good tips on getting a higher vantage point. From your pics, we can see that you are positioned behind much of the crowd, but by being higher the crowd simply adds to the editorial value rather than obscuring the whole image.

Comments (12)

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Photo credits: Wisconsinart.

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