My Epic Failure in Stock

posted on 5th of january, 2012

I spent the other day shooting stock images. I didn't accomplish much. There's this one image in my head I've been wanting to do for a long time, a kind of modern techno-background.

The plan was to shoot an electronic circuit board and then manipulate it with software. An old non-working laptop was the source of the circuit board and it probably took close to an hour just to take the thing apart.

One thing I found is circuit boards aren't exactly straight and clean. Circuit boards are usually covered with some sort of lacquer which is not consistent so it tended to be noisy with how the camera interpreted the surface. I had to spend time photo-editing the trademarks off the components and then I started working on the manipulations to turn it into a cool looking background.

Well, the project...

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Posted by Davidwatmough on January 08, 2012
Suggestion......... use a wide aperture so only two or three components on your circuit board are in focus.............. that will result in there being very few pieces of text to remove from components minimizing preparation / photoshop time ......... is that a goer ? David.
Posted by Celiaak on January 07, 2012
Good thing you decided to share the failure. I get a lot of those. Great concept but then lack of skill to do what is in my mind. It takes time to learn. And we do learn with mistakes.
Posted by Agaliza on January 06, 2012
Thanks for sharing your experience. I've definitely gone through similar experiences, and like you, definitely always prefer to bite off more than I can chew...often to my dismay. But, as Thomas Edison said, "I haven't failed. I've found 1000 ways that don't work." :-)

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Three Years With DreamsTime and Three Milestones

posted on 8th of january, 2012

I joined DT in February 2009 and after three years and I have recently achieved three milestones in my stock career.

Milestone One: 3,000 sales! I think the key from this accomplishment has come from trying different ideas and concepts. From business concepts to cooking in the kitchen, I have tried to build a diverse portfolio. Truth be told, I would rather be out in the field and sitting in the dark, waiting for the sun to rise. I enjoy photographing the landscape but if you study the database, that's a tough way to make progress in the world of stock.

There are many exceptional landscapes images and many of them look the same for the most part. If there were a limited number of these types of images I'm sure they would sell well but that is not the case; there is just too much competition. That...

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Posted by Martingraf on February 01, 2012
I know what you mean with family and friends telling you how great your pictures are, just to realize that isn't really enough to keep up with the competition :) Still, I have my vision to do some really great shots which will be used not only in this generation but in the coming ones as well. Honestly like what you're doing.
Posted by Davidwatmough on January 23, 2012
I found both your articles very helpful............ it underlines my gut instincts. David.rnrn
Posted by Asakalaskas on January 20, 2012

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The Concept of Concepts for Amateur Stockers

posted on 18th of january, 2012

I think everyone understands the "Concept of Concepts" when it comes to stock yet it seems amateur stockers have a difficult time putting that "concept" into practice.

Just browse through the database and look at what the high-end professionals are doing and you'll understand concepts. All you have to do is grab your camera, $20,000 worth of lighting equipment, hire three or four models, and rent a venue such as a resort pool or bank lobby. A few shots of people interacting in a bank setting would be gold in your portfolio!

You all "get" that and you all know what a fantasy it is at the same time to generate such a shot. It's not an easy image to create even if you have resources and location.

However, let's just back up a minute here. When you look at the portfolios of amateur stockers, you...

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Posted by Awesomeshotz on March 18, 2012
Thanks Great Blog on Concepts
Posted by Laurasinelle on February 18, 2012
Thanks for sharing!
Posted by Anhong on February 13, 2012
Good article, thanks to share!

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