Today I have sold five macro images of my jumping spiders!!!

posted on 2nd of october, 2012

I am very happy to see that today I have sold five macro images of jumping spiders in a row. Unfortunately all five was subscription sales, but still, I am glad that someone discovered my photos of those cute little jumpers and buyed them.

I really need to say that I love macro photography, and jumping spiders are my favorite macro subjects that I just love to shoot. I think that they are amazingly photogenic little salticid creatures.

Macro photography sales does not rate so high in microstock world, and because of that fact, those sales mean even more to me. So thanks a lot to buyer of my images.

Here are my five sold images.

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Posted by M4rio1979 on October 31, 2012
Yes I have finally started to sell my macro photos...i was afraid that macro photos will not sell well, but I am pretty happy for now.
Posted by Dprogers on October 31, 2012
Nice photos. I bought a macro recently but need a teleconvertor to extend it and a few good insects to photograph.
Posted by M4rio1979 on October 22, 2012
Thanks a lot Ewapix, yes you are right, I really love jumping spiders. They are not like any other spider specie. Jumpers almost have their own personality. Simply amazing what you can learn by looking at them through my lens. Btw. just today I have sold another spider image :)...again it is sub sale, but I don't care...It seems like I have found a buyer who likes my images of spiders :)))...or she/he found me :)
Posted by Ewapix on October 22, 2012
Congratulations, Mario, I must agree - they almost look cute in your photos although normally spiders give me shivers! Amazingly, I think your images somehow show that you have a lot of sympathy for them. Good luck for more sales!
Posted by M4rio1979 on October 22, 2012
Thanks BCritchley :)
Posted by BCritchley on October 22, 2012
Congratulations, great images, sub's can suck a little but 5 is much better for your sales and image levels :) well done :)
Posted by M4rio1979 on October 05, 2012
Thanks Picstudio
Posted by Picstudio on October 05, 2012
Posted by M4rio1979 on October 05, 2012
Thanks Keki
Posted by Keki on October 04, 2012
very cool!!
Posted by M4rio1979 on October 04, 2012
Thanks people...and today I have sold another 4 images of my spiders!!! I am happy :)))))
Posted by Egomezta on October 03, 2012
Congratulations, your images are amazing.
Posted by Rigsby8131 on October 03, 2012
Great photos!!! Congratulations!!!
Posted by Jdanne on October 03, 2012
Posted by Lfmpereira on October 03, 2012
Congrats, Mario. They are fabulous. Keep it up. :)
Posted by M4rio1979 on October 03, 2012
Thanks Nadalinna ;)
Posted by Nadalinna on October 03, 2012
Usually I hate spiders, but on your photos they look almost cute. I like your portfolio very much. Greetings from Zagreb. :)
Posted by M4rio1979 on October 03, 2012
Thanks people...
@Solidsdman - I am shure you have some very cool jumpers in California, I would love to photograph some of your species. There are so many beautiful and colorful jumper that I would love to shoot, but none of them can't be found in my country unfortunatelly :(
Posted by FabioConcetta on October 03, 2012
Amazing macrophotos, keep it up!!!
Posted by Halilin on October 03, 2012
Posted by Thanatonautii on October 03, 2012
Very nice and sharp images! Congrats for your sales and good luck for the future!
Posted by Solidsdman on October 02, 2012
These images are so cool! I watch jumping spiders around my house here in Palm Springs, California, Lots of them in the our desert region.
Posted by M4rio1979 on October 02, 2012
Thanks Frisotop
Posted by Frisotop on October 02, 2012
Congrats,Mario! They look pretty awesome...
Posted by M4rio1979 on October 02, 2012
Thanks guys...Elifranssens I try to shoot them in wilderness when ever I can. I have some of them at home only when I found them and I don't have my camera and equipment to shoot them at spot. Then I usually take them home, and then shoot them. After shooting, I always set them free.

Some of the spiders I have for 2-3 weeks in my home for study them. But then you need to provide them a living space, food and water. They are not very demanding so it is very easy to keep them as long as you want, and learn about them in the way.

I always keep them safe from any harm, and release them where I have found them later. I have learn a lot about jumping spiders in past few months. And believe me, they are not scary, and will never hurt a human if you treat them properly.

They are very small and most intelligent and peaceful species of all spiders in the world.
Posted by Miraclemoments on October 02, 2012
Congrats...love these little guys.
Posted by Peanutroaster on October 02, 2012
They might not be in high demand but when they are you certainly have the category covered. Good job!
Posted by Mike2focus on October 02, 2012
Way to go, Mario! Best of luck in your future macro sales.
Posted by Freedomsfolio on October 02, 2012
Posted by Elifranssens on October 02, 2012
...cute little jumpers.... ???

They look rather terrifying to me... do you keep them in your house as pets or did you shoot these in the wild?

Comments (30)

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