10.000 Sales and My Story

posted on 22nd of october, 2012

It all started in July 18th 2005, my interest in photography was renewed after I bought a Canon point-and-shoot (my old SLR was stolen from inside my bags in trip to New York City 3 years before).

I moved to Sao Paulo and did a photography course, but didn't know what to do with what I´ve learned. I had done a fantastic trip to Spain and Portugal with my wife and thought some of the images turned out quite good and I´ve heard about this new microstock world and that you could actually do some money online.

I didnt know if anybody would care about my images, but decided to give it a try, so I uploaded some images. This was my first approved image.

It took some months for the first sell to happen, I got so excited! Somebody actually payed royalties to use an image of mine!

I decided to keep uploading, I had 156 images by the end of 2005, next year I uploaded 656 images. To be honest with you, many of those images are not in the database anymore, died in the 4 year no downloads rule, but some good images are still there, and some of my bestsellers,

I upgraded to a DSLR in 2006, did a trip to Italy, than Mexico where my best seller is from

By the end of 2008 I upgraded to a 40D with an L grade lens!

Then it hit me bad, my rejection ratio was awful and DT decided to do some constraints, it got so bad eventually I could only upload 4 images per week. I was moving so slow I thought I would give up.

Specially 2009 was a complicated year for me, I had to choose wisely so that my rejection ratio started slowly growing again. But even though it was slow, I never stopped uploading, some of my best sellers are from this period.

In 2010 I was in shape again, uploading and growing my income together with my portfolio.

2011 is my best year so far, I upgraded to a full frame camera! The image that was the 10.000th sale was uploaded last year and already has 32 downloads,

Now I know 2012 has been a complicated year, big world crisis, its probably going to be the first year where my revenue wont be larger than last year´s, but I am ok with that, last months have been of a nice recovery, September was actually my 2nd best month ever, so life is back to the microstock world. Besides that, many of my images escalate and are earning much more now, some images have accumulated more than $100 of earnings

And the future, what it brings to me? I don't really know, just know that I´ve never been so busy, I am quite close to 3000 followers in Google+, have been posting there frequently, linking back to collections here (also in Facebook and Pinterest), I really cant tell if sales are coming from there, but its seems like there is a good flow coming towards my portfolio, I can see that because some old images started to sell again, images that are in those collections...

Well, I hope you are all doing well, and hope you all are having fun at the same time. What I can tell you is that I never lost the passion (hope I will never will), never stopped trying to learn something new, and never stopped interacting with others in the forums.

Newbies and experienced photographers , I always learned something from you, and I think this share helped me be the photographer I am today. Still learning, way far from being a pro, but certainly better than the guy who uploaded his first images 7 years ago!


Comments (72)

Posted by Melonstone on October 26, 2012
Hey, great blog - well done on your achievements. You obviously really enjoy photography & that's reflected in your fab sales! Congrats.
Posted by Sukukia on October 26, 2012
Tough road! but good encouragement especially for starters like me =)
Posted by Adeliepenguin on October 25, 2012
Thank you for your kind words, Afagundes, but you have so many more images online and so many sales:)
Posted by Afagundes on October 25, 2012
Thank you Racheld32
Posted by Racheld32 on October 25, 2012
wonderful story, and a great example of persistence! thank you for sharing :)
Posted by Afagundes on October 25, 2012
Thank you guys, that was very kind of you.
Posted by smartview27 on October 25, 2012
Congratulations !
Posted by Jackai on October 25, 2012
Fantastic story and congratulations to you. Well deserved indeed!
Posted by Afagundes on October 24, 2012
Adeliepenguin, you are on the same track as me, even more successful, almost 3 sales per image, congrats!
Posted by Adeliepenguin on October 24, 2012
I loved reading your story:) To find a passion is a great thing, isn't it? And you have achieved many milestones and successes. How good it must feel. Thanks for sharing, and congratulations.
Posted by Afagundes on October 24, 2012
Thank you all for the terrific and supportive response! You are great photographers and great people as well!
I was writing a big response on that, but decided to open a new blog on tips, so, please take a look if you will.
Posted by Meryll on October 24, 2012
An interesting story, thank you for the insight Afagundes :-)
Posted by Suebmtl on October 24, 2012
Congratulations.Great job and wonderful story.
Posted by Bogdan on October 24, 2012
Congrats! Keep up the good work!
Posted by Us40637 on October 24, 2012
Great post. Reminds me that even if I just upload a few pictures a week, I will get there. $100.00 an upload is fantastic. Your portfolio is amazing. Thanks for sharing!!
Posted by Arturoosorno on October 23, 2012
Congrats !! We all learn from stories like this.
Your work gives you joy and results
Posted by Elifranssens on October 23, 2012
Nice going, Afagundes! Nice to see so much passion and such a nice portfolio.
Posted by Afagundes on October 23, 2012
Thank you guys, is really good to hear that, have agrear day!
Posted by Gmargittai on October 23, 2012
Inspiring story. As an amateur you are extremely prolific. Wish I have your energy and dedication. Keep up the good work.
Posted by Laurasinelle on October 23, 2012
Great story and milestone! Congrats!
Posted by FabioConcetta on October 23, 2012
Great milestone, congratulations!
Posted by Alvera on October 23, 2012
A very fine post! All my best for your hard work, I am your fan! Good luck!
Posted by Lfmpereira on October 23, 2012
You are a great example, Afagundes. :)
Great story and i wish you the best. :)
Posted by Egomezta on October 23, 2012
Wow amazing story, you're doing great. Congratulations.
Posted by Peanutroaster on October 23, 2012
Great milestone for sure!
Posted by Defess on October 23, 2012
Very interesting writing, beautifull image and a great resul! Congratulations!
Posted by BCritchley on October 23, 2012
Many congratulations and very much deserved my friend :)
Posted by Clearvista on October 23, 2012
Like I said before on your other thread. Your brilliant photos and your attitude to your work here and also your helpfulness to other contributors is a a great example to follow. I salute your well deserved success and wish you all the best for the future. Thank you :)
Posted by Baldas1950 on October 23, 2012
A great result, beautifull images and a very interesting story. Congratulations to you!
Posted by Deniskelly on October 23, 2012
Well done - a great achievement. I'm looking forward to seeing the new images that contribute to your next 10,000 sales!

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Comments (72)

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