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posted on 3rd of october, 2012

Some time ago I started uploading additional format (RAW files) for the pictures I sell with dreamstime. The RAW format files brought me some income in the beginning, but the it turned out to be just a temporary thing.

I was wondering how additional format file sales turn out for you.

This is the image that brought me the most income from selling additional format files up until now.

Good luck,

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Posted by Onetoremember on June 22, 2013
Many thanks - this has answered my question. Was going to spend some time today uploading RAW files but think I will do something else instead! Regards
Posted by Chanevy on October 06, 2012
I have been uploading RAW files without selling any. After reading this, I may stop.
Posted by Inyrdreams on October 03, 2012
I would like to know this answer too! does having a raw format help sell an image? who is getting a better sale out of it? I have uploaded at least a dozen raw files, but never sold one yet. inquiring minds want to know!

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Addressing all happy Canon users

posted on 3rd of october, 2012


Last month i decided i wanted to part from my old Canon 400D and its kit lens. Now I face one big decision: which Canon body should become my "new partner in crime"?
At the moment my options are the follwing:
1. Canon 7D
2. Canon 5D mark II
3. Canon 6D (which will soon be available for sale).

Now I know, the first one is a crop camera and the second and third one are full frame cameras. You can now buy a new 7D camera for quite a good price and although it is a crop camera it has a lot of key features of high-end cameras.
In order to buy one of the two full frame cameras I'd probably have to get at least 500 EURO more out of my pocket, but I'd be willing to spend that money for a full-frame. At this point I have to say that all my lenses are compatible with Canon full-frame cameras....

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Posted by Alexsleepy on October 05, 2012
Thanks for the advice! I'll wait for the 6D to be available and compare the specs.
Posted by Digikhmer on October 04, 2012
I decided to get a 5D Mark III at the end of this year (Christmas season promotion's sale) before the announcement of the 6D. As I am more in travel and landscape photography, the GPS and Wifi are more attractives for me the the 63 AF ;) I will wait and will compare the Specs at that time to get either 5D or 6D.
Posted by Alexsleepy on October 03, 2012
When I decided I will sell my 400D in order to upgrade, 6D wasn't announced. So I decided for the 7D, because after comparing the specs with the 5DmII, i found theoretically it should offer more performance. So, I wasnt willing to pay the money difference for one reason, full-frame camera. Then they announced the 6D, the specs look pretty impresive, it should be around 100euros more expensive than the 5DmII. So that changes everything. There was only one question left like you ask yourselves when you buy a new car: should I go for the old model with facelift, because it has probably been tested and improved or should I take the new model because they promise great new technology?

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Images in dim light

posted on 3rd of october, 2012

A couple of years ago, when summer started I decided to go out for a stroll with my camera after I finished work. After running around the city center shooting buildings, like I usually do, I landed in the central square a took a break near a fountain. It was already dawn. I noticed children playing around the fountain and decided to shoot some pictures with long shutter speed as the dim light was perfect for that. I switched my WB to Tungsten light, to get a nice blue sky, got a good shooting angle and started to press the button.
The result:

I went home, downloaded my "prey" to lightroom and shortly afterwards the picture was online on dreamstime. It didnt take to much time and the first sale came along, and then the second and the third one and so on. At the moment it's...

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Posted by Thelionsden on October 07, 2012
Alexandra, they are beautiful shots!! I agree that the lighting is just awesome and really shows off the reflections and sky.
Posted by Thanatonautii on October 04, 2012
Really amazing pictures! Thanks for sharing!
Posted by Alexsleepy on October 04, 2012
Thanks everybody!

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