3 years with DT (some stats)

posted on 29th of november, 2012

Yesterday 3 years passed since my registration on DT. I have got some stats that could be of interest for others, so let me share some of my figures with you.

So, after 1st year I had 216 images online, 92 sales and revenue of $$160. For my second year I uploaded 257 images and earned $$940 with 580 sales. My third year gave me 563 sales, $$1380 and I uploaded 288 files. Totally, by the moment I have 651 images online (110 have been disabled by me for 3 years), 1163 sales and revenue of $$2480.

Analysing the figures above one can notice an interesting thing: in spite of growing portfolio number of sales stays at almost the same level (since beginning of 2011 it is approx. 45-50 sales per month). So, revenue grows only thanks to growing RPD (which is 2.33$ for my 3rd year). This means, on my opinion, that one needs to upload extensively to increase sales or at least keep them at some constaant level. For those who stop uploads sales will fall down.

Number of 'leveled' images (I mean levels as they defined today, i.e. 5 level for images with >24 sales, 4 level for >10 sales, 3 level for >5 sales and 2 level for >0 sales, correspondingly) changed as follows: 0, 1, 3, 48 after the 1st year; 0, 12, 23, 208 after the 2nd one and 5, 18, 46, 294 today. So, 56% of my files have been sold though once and this number seems for me to be a bit too low.

Besides, I am tooking the 1st place in Stock Rank here on DT :)

Nevertheless 3 years have been passed and I have had lot of fun and enjoyment. Also I have learned lot of things on stock photograhy and was pleasured by communication with the DT members. And, for sure, I am going to continue.

So, thanks a lot to DT and... And the life will continue.

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Posted by Alvera on September 04, 2014
old times :)
Posted by Angelaostafichuk on March 27, 2014
Greta article, thanks for sharing the advice. It's very interesting to see where others are coming from!
Posted by Opreaioan on March 27, 2014
I just came back from a long winter vacation. I guess, your advice about uploading photos is true. No activity, no selling. Database exposure will decrease so, as a consequence, less viewers, no sales. Thx for the advice.
Posted by Igordabari on February 25, 2013
to Daddiomanottawa: Thanks for your comment, George. And best of luck to you, as well!
Posted by Daddiomanottawa on February 25, 2013
congrats on your success!
on my first year anniversary a month ago, i had about 360 photos online and about $360 in sales. thus far my second year has given me another hundred and sales and i'm looking forward to a good or possibly even great year! (i'd really like to get an oly em5 or panny gh3).
I found the first year was a tough haul with many rejections whilst i was learning and growing with photographic and microstock knowledge.
I've managed to bump my dismal 30% acceptance rate to 55% now and hopefully it will climb.
i agree with other comments here. Don't expect overnight, raging success and most of all don't give up. I almost did many times. it seems, from my limited experience, that if you keep at it...you'll get somewhere.

Again, congrats to you and best of luck.
Posted by Igordabari on January 03, 2013
To Perstock: Thanks, Per. And best of luck to you. Happy New Year!
Posted by Perstock on January 02, 2013
Igor, your info is great!
After three months on DT with about 50 downloads per month the trend is at least visible.
1, 1, 3 sales. Activity is seems to be the "word” :-)
Posted by Igordabari on December 14, 2012
Best of luck here on DT!
Posted by Astormfr on December 14, 2012
thanks for your feed back. It is very interesting for newbies like me with very little portfolio
Posted by Igordabari on December 10, 2012
to Sharkphoto, Yuritz, Celiaak: Thanks a lot for your comments.
Posted by Celiaak on December 10, 2012
It is always good to know some stats from others here so we can learn. Thank you. I also feel that pictures that sell more, or are more classic stock are subs, thus making less money.
Posted by Yuritz on December 10, 2012
Congrats and good luck with the next sales
Posted by Sharkphoto on December 06, 2012
Great info and thanks for sharing.
Posted by Igordabari on December 04, 2012
Thank you, Enrique.
Posted by Egomezta on December 04, 2012
Congratulations, you're doing great.
Posted by Igordabari on December 04, 2012
to Nero67: Thanks, Francesco!

to Alexlp: Best of luck here on DT!
Posted by Nero67 on December 04, 2012
Congratulations Igor, great job!!!
Posted by Alexlp on December 03, 2012
Thank you! I register on DT only one month.
Posted by Igordabari on December 03, 2012
1) I am at your service, Your Majesty
2) I sold only 4 (!) images with people, so far. Besides, all these were subs. So, big cash come from other genres.
3) It would be pity, Your Majesty. Perhaps, things are going to get better?
Posted by Alvera on December 03, 2012
Glad to have a scientist on my royal court. Those numbers pleased me a lot. One question: big cash come from photos with people or from other kind like astronomy, landscapes etc? Thanks for posting my friend. Keep on the good job, I am ready to quit after 4 years of hard work :( Because my graph is going down :(
Posted by Igordabari on December 02, 2012
Lot of thanks to everybody who commented the blog!
Posted by Ewapix on December 02, 2012
Congratulations and many more to come. Also, it is always a pleasure to read your blogs and posts on the forum. Thanks for that too!
Posted by BCritchley on December 02, 2012
Congratulations Igor and I hope you continue to grow from strength to strength :)

Posted by Lostarts on December 02, 2012
Great job, my friend!
Posted by Meryll on December 02, 2012
Posted by Thanatonautii on December 01, 2012
Great job, Igor! Your numbers look really well! Good luck from now on!
Posted by Bradcalkins on November 30, 2012
Congrats on continued success. I find the best part of stock rank is when one of my own images appears in the choices :)
Posted by Halilin on November 30, 2012
Posted by Baldas1950 on November 30, 2012
Congratulations for your wonderful portfolio! Your statistics teaches us that we must not be too hasty in judging our results and that perhaps three years is a reasonable period of time. Good luck for the next three!
Posted by Igordabari on November 30, 2012
Thank you, Lejoch and Sunguy, for your positive comments.

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Comments (38)

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