What I learned selling stock images online

posted on 2nd of november, 2012

I've been selling stock images online for about a year and a half now. I started out as a complete novice and have grown to the point that I consider myself somewhat of a pro. But I'm always learning and improving!

The learning curve in selling stock online is steep and success is directly related to effort. The cycle of uploading, getting images accepted or rejected, and selling images is an important feedback loop that allows one to learn at his own rate and is based on the level of effort made at each step. The more one shoots, edits, uploads, sells - the more one learns the craft of photography and how to produce work that sells.

For me, skill improvement has been one of the best results of my participation in selling images through stock agencies. Microstock has some of the highest technical...

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Posted by Frisotop on December 27, 2012
Good article and a realistic view! Taking a look at your portfolio, makes me realize that you'don't make it with just 40 pics online...I'm fairly "new" myself, but my pics are viewed,not sold yet. Guess I'm still looking for a certain style in photography - something that buyers might recognize, so they will come back to your portfolio - I think that's an important thing as well. Wish you many downloads
Posted by Calyx22 on November 03, 2012
Nicely written, Peanutroaster! I too have learned "on the job", as it is. I'm still learning, every day. But you gotta get those images out there--I am in perfect agreement with you on that.

And I love the dog with the typewriter! So cute!
Posted by Egomezta on November 02, 2012
Thanks for sharing, great blog.

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After the Election...Christmas!

posted on 6th of november, 2012

It's been a long election season here in the USA. Now election day is here and I'll be relieved when its over even if it takes days to count up the votes.

It seems to have a strangle hold on the country's ability to think about anything else. No doubt retailers are ready for the public to stop concentrating on the election and start thinking about buying Christmas presents.

With the constant negative ads speaking about gloom and doom in the economy its bound to put a drag on spending - despite polls that indicate that consumer confidence is actually on the rise. Who wants to make any plans or spend any money when we are constantly bombarded with dire predictions and more gloom and doom?

Either candidate is unlikely to have much impact on the economy. It will slowly come back on its own, but...

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Posted by Egomezta on November 06, 2012
This years has gone way too fast... I don't like that....
Posted by Peanutroaster on November 06, 2012
So much is riding on Christmas for retailers, they can't wait to get Halloween out of the way.
Posted by Karenfoleyphotography on November 06, 2012
Grocery stores started putting up XMas stuff as soon as the Halloween candy went on sale ...... aaaaaarrrrrrrggggghhhhhhh!

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Editors Choice

posted on 6th of november, 2012

Thanks to the image editors for picking this image of my book worm, library, reading dog as an editors choice image.

It only took two views to earn a download.

This is my second editors choice award. My other one was this Easter image:

Sales and downloads are nice but the special recognition from the editors is so valued. It's recognition from your peers despite whether or not the image finds commercial success.

Editors choice winners appear on the home page and currently the collection includes 127 pages of images.

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Posted by Dianabahrin on November 14, 2012
Congrats! :)
Posted by Linqong on November 14, 2012
So nice so cute!
Posted by Cammeraydave on November 07, 2012
Congratulations !

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Are you thinking Easter?

posted on 7th of november, 2012

I got my first indication that EASTER is the holiday designers are now starting to work on. Remember you have to think ahead. Lead times are months.

Bloggers might be using Thanksgiving images now but for printed items, ads, and other products, designers work months ahead of the event.

This image of mine just sold:

Hint - EASTER!


Another Easter sale today!

Comments (7)

Posted by Giannit on November 10, 2012
Great colorful pictures!!!
Posted by Thanatonautii on November 08, 2012
Really nice pictures! Thanks for sharing!
Posted by Littlemacproductions on November 08, 2012
No.. ;)) But that chick looks yummy!

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1,000 Sales

posted on 13th of november, 2012

In the beginning every single sale or even every single acceptance is a moment of celebration. As your stock photography career evolves the pacing the milestones spread out - 50 acceptances (become exclusive or not?), $100 in sales (first payout), 100 online (sales become more regular), 500 sales (now we are talking) etc.

My latest milestone to crow about is 1,000 sales!

Comments (30)

Posted by Serjedi on November 29, 2012
Congratulations.. Well done.. Thanks for sharing.. :-)

If you have time have a look to my portfolio, I need your comments!
Posted by Malajscy on November 26, 2012
Congratulations, keep developing! :)
Posted by Fred11 on November 20, 2012
Yes. many congrats! and youre in the hands of a good agency!

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Keeping Pets Safe at Christmas Time

posted on 28th of november, 2012

* Many holiday plants can lead to health problems in dogs and cats. Among the plants to keep out of reach are holly, mistletoe, poinsettias and lilies.

* Snow globes often contain antifreeze, which is poisonous to pets.

* Pine needles, when ingested, can puncture holes in a pet's intestine. So keep pet areas clear of pine needles.

* The extra cords and plugs of holiday lights and other fixtures can look like chew toys to pets. Tape down or cover cords to help avoid shocks, burns or other serious injuries. Unplug lights when you are not home.

* Anchor Christmas trees to the ceiling with a string to keep it from falling on pets.

* Do...

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Posted by Giannit on December 05, 2012
Thank you for share with us this info...
Posted by Karenfoleyphotography on November 29, 2012
Excellent advice for all pet lovers! I'd add that this is also not a great time to give a pet as a gift since the stress of the Holidays PLUS a new animal in the house is a lot to handle. Thanks for sharing this, K-
Posted by Thanatonautii on November 29, 2012
Very useful article! Thanks for sharing this info!

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