Time for a Green Christmas!

posted on 1st of december, 2012

Times change, so do the priorities and issues.

Have you noticed how noticeably our climate is changing? Taking a stroll on the mountains that morning I was wondering if we're ever going to realize what we are doing. Is it already too late?

Christmas celebrations are meant to be all about happiness. But happiness and enjoyment at the cost of nature? No! The need of the hour is to change the way we visualize "celebrations". It is no longer about bringing a ton of plastic home decoration stuff and then disposing it off after a few weeks. Nor is it about having your home shine with lights that consume a lot of additional power. Of course you want to enjoy, we all want to, but why not do it in a way that restricts the negatives?

I'm going to attempt to keep some things under...

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Posted by Robinstockphotos on December 19, 2012
Thank you! I'm glad you did like it. :)
Merry Christmas everyone!
Posted by Effavale on December 19, 2012
your image with world in a ball is a wonderfull idea! Congratulation !!!   Christmas in Mantova   
Posted by Lenutaidi on December 06, 2012
Great post!Thanks!Merry Green Christmas!

Comments (13)

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HDR Photography - Tips

posted on 7th of december, 2012

Love HDR photography? I agree it is interesting. But are you doing it the "professional" way? It is not always easy to get HDR photos perfect because of little things we often ignore.
Here is the quick list you must scan through mentally every time you're out for that perfect HDR photo:

1. Whenever possible, use Aperture Priority mode and set bracketing to +-2 of the normal 0EV. You can always take 5 shots at -2,-1,0,1,2 EV but it uses more processing time, creates a mess and produces the same photo (almost) as that at -2,0,+2 EV.
2. Are you using a compact camera like Canon PowerShot series? Take care! It is internally programmed to limit shutter speed of all Aperture Priority shots to 1sec. If you're shooting a night HDR, you'll get all photos underexposed....

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Posted by Hermes-sicily on January 05, 2013
Nice post, thank you for the tips !
Posted by Matthewbam on December 19, 2012
I wrote a book about HDR Photography that came out recently.


Need someone to review it on Amazon. matthewbam@aol.com
Posted by Miraclemoments on December 10, 2012
Nice write up...I have not done an HDR in ages....must give it another go. I have one HDR image online if I recall.....

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Workflow for your compact camera photos

posted on 10th of december, 2012

Don't have a DSLR that produces very high quality images? Read on!

Modern DSLR cameras are highly flexible, fast and produce RAW format images which contain all the data produced by the image sensor. That means none of your data is lost and most of the adjustments can be done later to achieve impressive results. But what if you only have highly compressed JPEG images only? What if you shot a photo at 14MP and it is hardly 2MB in size?
That simply means you lost a LOT of color information because JPEG compression causes loss of information.

Here's a suggested workflow: (only the post processing part. Management of your personal image database is something you must do on your own)

1. Import your photos from your camera to a local hard disk. Never use external disks for...

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Posted by Suyerry on December 11, 2012
Good Blog, very informative, I am sure many will benefit from this info, thanks for sharing!
Posted by Babar760 on December 11, 2012
Good tips Pratik. I shoot many stock images with my Canon S95 and have to go through many of the steps you recommend! Careful composition, low iso, no camera movement and careful exposure will yield a 90% acceptance rate. Keep up the good work and I hope that soon you will have over 100 images on Dreamstime.
Take care,
Posted by Thanatonautii on December 11, 2012
Great blog!
Thanks for sharing the info!

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posted on 18th of december, 2012

Is it really that bad, this apocalypse theory? It did give me a little sale on the photo anyway. ;)

The Mayans believed the world might end this way :

But would it? Would we be THAT fortunate? I doubt it. Because the world would probably end this way---------------------------------->

Now back to the serious topic. This post is mainly about what I believe and sharing my thoughts over the topic. You all must have heard about the recent shooting incident in the US, didn't you? Now tell me, doesn't the world deserve complete destruction?
Okay, agreed I sound almost suicidal or fanatic up there. But I'm not talking about just one of two things of the recent past. I'm talking about what has been happening year over.

Let's start from around the 1000AD....

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Posted by Snookless on December 18, 2012
Thank you for sharing, I enjoyed the read.....Very interesting perspective. However I do not think politics needed the help of science to get us where we are today...POLITICS and GREED....now I think that is the fuel for this fire. Yes...yes we are a ticking time bomb, you are surely correct about that, however I am sure we will be the cause of our own end and not this "apocalypse theory"....but hey either way, like you said....."there in no pain". ..just my thoughts.

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