Goodbye noisy skies with "distorted pixels"!

posted on 14th of march, 2012

Hi Dreamers!

I guess I am not alone tackling the issue of denoising the skies in outdoor shots, especially when it comes to night photography. Even with photos taken at nominal ISO values (ISO-200 for my camera) I found it often frustratingly noise-prone to make the sky brighter and richer by boosting the levels/contrast.

Here are a couple of examples, where my first attempts to "improve" the skies led to refusals initially. That time I knew little about the origin of "distorted pixels" and possible noise at nominal IS0. Simply by the method of a "reasonable guess", I decided to redo the editing with less contrast and saturation boost.

Later, however, I have discovered for myself a pretty simple method of noise reduction especially suitable for the...

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Posted by Ferdie2551 on April 08, 2012
TFS Andromantic. Very informative post.
Posted by Androniques on April 06, 2012
By the way, here is the last night photo I complained about: ID 23924972 - everything worked out nicely eventually. :)
Posted by Androniques on March 26, 2012
yep, GIMP is a great package that comes with great functionality by itself and enhanced by lots of third party enthusiastic filters... mere sharpening has at least four different options (in my version) including selective and smart sharpening, plus content-aware selection removal which is great for getting rid of small artifacts and wires/cables on the sky. GIMP also seem to allow saving jpeg's at much better quality than Photoshop's 12th grade (at least before it was the case) - if I save at GIMP's 100% the jpeg is around 10-12 Mb - similar size as Nikon's RAW/NEF file (well, it also tells you about the efficiency and compactness of Nikon's RAW format).

Comments (18)

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Welcome more sales! - my best day ever here up to now :)

posted on 27th of march, 2012

Hi Dreamers!

I do not tend to shout about my so-called "milestones", because I do feel and know too well that I am not particularly fast in getting sales. But today (already safe to say yesterday)... err... "words don't come easy to me" It's either the wind changed and started filling my loose sail, or someone somewhere decided suddenly: "O'kay, every dog has his day, so..." Honestly, I even thought that maybe someone helped the visibility of my profile by tweeting or otherwise, hard to guess but still...

Ooops, I got five sales in one day (well, just two of those with credits), and that's my record... Writing this, I do wonder: will I do it again? And I think to myself: "what a wonderful day"... Well, better forget this question...

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Posted by Androniques on April 06, 2012
Not to start another thread/blog... I discovered that I have my first level 3 pic too - ID: 14270279 :)
I would ask the buyers also have a look at a similar pic: ID 14270285
Posted by Androniques on April 02, 2012
Thank you, Godfer! I stick to your advice and wait patiently...
Posted by Godfer on April 02, 2012
Well done... Sales will creep up bit by bit! Congrats!

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