Lens for Micro 4/3 Cameras

posted on 4th of april, 2012

Micro four thirds is a camera standard or design created via a partnership between Olympus and Panasonic. The design does away with the mirror and prism system found on traditional DSLRs so the result are very compact cameras.

Camera mounts can be used to marry traditional or legacy lens to M4/3 cameras or of course the growing line of lens created for the M4/3 design are available from Olympus, Panasonic (with lens designed by Leica).

One of the big advantages of the M4/3 camera is the compactness of the lens. Because the len sits closer to the sensor, the effective focal distance doubles. So a 20mm M4/3 lens is the equivalent to a 40mm traditional lens.

Quite a number of the available M4/3 lens turn out to be a huge cost savings when you compare them to lens in traditional formats. For...

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Posted by Peanutroaster on June 15, 2012
Update: I love my Rokinon FE75MFT-B 7.5mm Fish Eye. The colors I get out of this lens are great. Nice and bright. Sometimes the fisheye effect is weird but when it works with the scene its fantastic. You bearly have to focus this thing. Here is a new on with this lens:[imgl]25228057[/imgl]
Posted by Sobek85 on April 28, 2012
nice article
Posted by Peanutroaster on April 26, 2012
After a recent vacation week in Florida, my new fisheye for my G3 was a winner. I got lots of interesting stock shots. Unfortunately my "big" zoom the 45-200mm was a disappointment. I think it really is not that sharp at its maximum range, which I was using a lot trying to capture birds. Either that or I'm just not good a holding this long lens. I've gotten some very sharp shots using this lens but I had so many in my pile of 800 images that were not.

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Happy Easter! Spring brings fresh ideas

posted on 5th of april, 2012

Its often good to give one self creative challenges. Living in the northern regions spring and Easter always seems farther off then perhaps in the rest of the country. A trip a few hours south from here will reveal a landscape several weeks in the future with green grass and tulips while back home we still have snow on the ground.

When I first challenged myself to create spring and Easter images I had photographer's block but once I got going I really got into it and couldn't stop.

Spring time from pagan rituals to Christian stories of resurrection is all about renewal. Renewal of nature as the drab, cold landscape warms and comes alive with new plants and the birth of baby animals. Chicks, lambs, eggs, bunnies, flowers and bright colors are all part...

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Posted by Calyx22 on April 09, 2012
These are great, Edward! I love the dog in the car and the woman looking in the window. You always have great articles and I so enjoy hearing about the ways you jumpstart your creativity. Thanks for sharing.
Posted by Celiaak on April 09, 2012
I just love thr lost in the weeds one!
Go go go for Spring images!
Posted by Martingraf on April 07, 2012
Yes, Happy Easter - to you and everyone on DT!

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I Found My Boyfriend's Face on a Dating Website

posted on 6th of april, 2012

I'm on a errand to buy some new jeans with some department store "play money". You know the freebie rebate your wife gives you after she's gone on a shopping spree and says "Look how much we've saved, here is thirty dollars in store X money. Go buy yourself a new pair of jeans before Weds".

The more you spend the more you save

But I digress...

I can't get out of the car because on NPR (National Public Radio) they are teasing me with an upcoming story about the weird world of stock photography.

It seems that Slate had this story...

Article from Slate on stock photos

The boyfriend

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Posted by Peanutroaster on April 09, 2012
Have to talk up the fame aspect and downplay the fortune part. ;-)
Posted by Celiaak on April 09, 2012
Interesting. Makes me wonder who will be interested in modelling for zero payment due the possibilities on how the image can be used.
Posted by Peanutroaster on April 07, 2012
In this case the images were used in the correct manner. They had MRs, were purchased from an agency etc. A lot of the feedback to the article call the author "whiny" and self-absorbed which is true. A real model realizes that they are playing a part and can separate their individual self from the image.

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Great Shots Are Possible with Point and Shoots

posted on 9th of april, 2012

While I wouldn't rely solely on a point and shoot to capture stock images, it is possible as long has you have a quality point and shoot with a good lens.

I originally settled on a mirrorless compact camera (Panasonic Lumix G2) because I knew it would be too easy to leave behind a large DSLR system.

But even then I found times when I left the house without a camera and of course spotted all sorts of great subjects on my trips around town. So I purchased a Lumix LX5 which features a nice fast Leica lens and provides 10 mega pixels and the ability to shoot RAW. I can toss this camera in the glove box or put it on my belt.

At first I didn't have too much luck with it and was getting grainier images then I wanted for stock. But then I discovered a tip about resetting the camera to its factory...

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Posted by Peanutroaster on April 11, 2012
Searching for the pro point and shoot blog
Posted by Akulamatiau on April 11, 2012
Have to get myself a P and S one of these days!
Posted by Peanutroaster on April 11, 2012
Canon G12 - another of the higher end point and shoots. Good point - you will need to pay more attention to things like lens fringing with the smaller cameras so know how to deal with it (Photoshop or Lightroom).

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Fisheye Fun in Florida

posted on 23rd of april, 2012

Before leaving on our spring break vacation to Florida, on kind of a whim after some of the Micro 4/3 banter on the Dreamstime blog, I bought myself a fisheye lens to bring along.

Doesn't every photographer have a secret wish to use a fisheye lens at somepoint? There is something so exotic about that superwide effect. For most situations its not a very practical lens to use but for those special occasions it provides the perfect effect. Especially with interiors or when you need to get really up and close to a subject.

So when I discovered an inexpensive alternative to the Panasonic Lumix H-F008 Fisheye lens - 8 mm - F/3.5 - Micro Four Thirds at $625+, I had to get one....

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Posted by Fengai on April 29, 2012
and people taking pictures so? will be a cartoon!
Posted by Wordplanet on April 24, 2012
Nice to know there is also an inexpensive Nikon alternative. I've wanted a fisheye since I got my 35mm Olympus OM-1 back in college. I'd look at the catalog of lenses and think what fun it would be, but I've still never owned one. Maybe I'll give that Rokinon a look.
I wondered after I got my lensbaby , had I spent $300 for a toy? But several of my top-earning light blur backgrounds were made with that lens and it has mostly paid for itself.
I like the second car from the left and hope your sales help pay for the lens. Still not sure how practical it will be but let us know how sales are going. The editors certainly found your lens worthwhile so here's to future sales!
Posted by Peanutroaster on April 24, 2012
Note: This lens was for my Panasonic Lumix G3 Micro 4/3 camera.

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Beware of Empty Praise

posted on 23rd of april, 2012

Maybe it’s a generational thing but I really have a distaste for empty praise. I really cringe at the thought of getting praise for work that I know is subpar. Maybe I’m too hard on myself but I truly believe one can not advance when one is constantly told how good they are if they internally know that they can do better. Sure it takes an outside opinion to give one perspective but we are constantly surrounded by biased opinions from family, friends and people desperate to be your, or anyone’s friend or wanting to help boost your ego.

Kids these days are raised in environments of constant praise. If their baseball teams loses every single game, they still receive a trophy. If they receive an F on a test they are praised for trying or given an excuse that the teacher plays favorites whether...

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Posted by Asakalaskas on May 17, 2012
Excellent blog and I couldn't agree more!!!
Posted by Peanutroaster on May 11, 2012
My first attempts at assignments were disappointing but I kept at it. You can have a great stock image but they want something with a bit more ump. Its a subjective thing.
Posted by Inyrdreams on May 11, 2012
good point! I am new here and was recently frustrated that some images for a recent assignment were accepted on the site but not for the contest. I was finally given a great explanation by the powers that be on here and it made sense!!! This is a great site for learning and I am doing that in spades. so close to my first 100 accepted images (at 97(: )and so far 3 sales. still learning!

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Dreamstime Photographers in Mad Magazine

posted on 24th of april, 2012

My favorite magazine as a kid was Mad Magazine. I was a big fan of Snappy Answers to Stupid Questions by Al Jaffee, Spy Vs. Spy from the mind of Antonio Prohías and of course the "One Day..." strips of Don Martin.

Now that my son is a twelve, he's discovered Mad Magazine and while flipping through the June 2012 issue I noticed an editors note that said they had forgotten to credit the photos in the previous issue in an article called "Banana Republican" which featured Photoshopped images by Scott Bricher.

The images used from Dreamstime.com included photos from Knostpix (Michele Bachmann), Iryna Rasko (Rick Perry Body), Keith Brofsky (Ron Paul) and Sergey Pristyazhnyuk (Sarah Palin & John Boehner).

Nice to see Dreamstime and the photographers credited!

Note: I couldn't find the exact images...

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Posted by Sobek85 on April 28, 2012
wow very good
Posted by Giannit on April 26, 2012
Wow..... great images!
Posted by Irynarasko on April 26, 2012
Thanks a lot for sharing.

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