Portfolio Milestone - 1,000 Images

posted on 1st of may, 2012

I just reached 1,000 images in my portfolio after ten months after discovering and deciding I should try this micro-stock thing. I must admit two things. 1. I didn't think I'd reach this point this soon. Who could imagine there were 1.000 things to photograph? 2. I thought I'd be selling a lot more at this point. Too much belief in the hype from the golden days of micro-stock when the competition was smaller. Here is a little time line of my though process as I built up to this goal.

July 2011 - 47 online. 88 refused. What is it that they want? Why are are all of these images getting rejected? What is this noise business? No sales? I'll try some other sites. How come that guy in the book just put up a photo of a Christmas tree and sat back and...

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Posted by Chanevy on May 30, 2012
Congratulations. Thank you for sharing your journey. It helps me believe that I can make it too if I keep learning and give it my best effort.
Posted by Peanutroaster on May 30, 2012
Thanks, yeah I've been cranking them out. For some reason I have the number 3,000 in mind. May has been good. BME - earning per photo is up.
Posted by Martingraf on May 30, 2012
not even a month later and you have another 167 pics online -wow - anyway a late congratulations from me too - and in approx. 6 months you will be celebrating 2000 pics :)

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How mature is this mature market?

posted on 2nd of may, 2012

They say the micro stock world is a maturing market. But how mature can a market be when new players seem to jump in everyday?

It is a mature market in many ways but in a lot of ways the players still act very immature. I think the most recent debate about rate changes illustrates this. And I mean this in a economic, business, 30,000 ft view point and not as a disparagement of any individual, although some players do tend to shoot their mouths of before thinking from time to time (I include myself here).

Just compare the way many contributors deal with the concept of an agent. Some are exclusive with one agency while other are free range independents who have several agencies representing their work.

Individual contributors will most...

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Posted by Teabum on May 03, 2012
Going exclusive looks so tempting, when you look on extra earnings and other benefits.... But ... compared to other sites is my image acceptance one of the lowest on DT, earnings around the same (changes from month to month) and surely, some images not accepted here are doing great elsewhere. That's why I don't want to commit. BUT - I agree to have a same image over many sites is mass production for low cost and exclusivity (like Apple ;) is ideal. For that, I would like to have more exclusive images on DT, because I think, if you commit images to be exclusive, you don't have to sacrifice the potential and creativity of the photographer in areas not supported by the site. Saying that, I wish DT was giving little more appreciation to exclusive images (then 2.5% extra) to motivate me to lock image "forever".
Posted by Solidsdman on May 03, 2012
I've wrestled for a year on whether or not to go exclusive. I contribute to three stock sites and I think it's very interesting to see how my best selling images vary from site to site. My highest selling image on DT has barely a couple of downloads on another site and vice versa. I like the changes that were recently made to Levels. Changes were recently made to another site which severely impacted my earning there for Editorial images. The scales are starting to tip towards DT.
Posted by Mlhead on May 03, 2012
I like the better pay outs being exclusive and I like the photos are getting more views, being higher up in the searches. I am still discouraged by the acceptance rate, the reasons seem really random most the time!

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10 Traits of a Good Stock Photography Model

posted on 7th of may, 2012

With the need to keep costs to a minimum in the stock photography world, good models that will work for nothing or close to it are extremely desirable. When you find a good stock photography model you'll certainly know it but here are some traits to watch for:

10 Traits of a Good Stock Photography Model

1. They are willing to work for kibble.

2. When you say "sit", they sit. No whining, no lip.

3. They are naturally cute and adorable. Let's face it cute sells.

4. They don't give the photographer any grief over wardrobe choices.

5. They show up on time and don't try to charge you for mileage.

6. They don't fret about bad hair days, wrinkles or makeup.


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Posted by Peanutroaster on June 01, 2012
Posted by Suebmtl on June 01, 2012
Great blog.Your white dog looks like mine.
Posted by Egomezta on May 09, 2012
Great blog, great images. COngratulations.

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Happy Mother's Day!

posted on 11th of may, 2012

Don't forget Mom on Sunday! You only have one Mom!

What to get Mom? Nancy Soriano, a lifestyle expert, says mothers want what they don’t have: time to themselves. But giving time as a gift needs to reflect a certain amount of thought and consideration on the part of the giver, reflecting mom’s personal passions. “Things that speak to moms’ interest make them feel more fulfilled,” Soriano says. “The really important thing is what they like and what is personal to them.”

What they don't want is breakfast in bed if it means cleaning up a messy kitchen afterwards.

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Posted by smartview27 on May 14, 2012
Happy Mother's Day !
Posted by Famed01 on May 13, 2012
nice shots!!!congratulations!!
Posted by FabioConcetta on May 12, 2012
Is a great work, congratulations!

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Pinterest - The Cross Agency Lightbox?

posted on 18th of may, 2012

There's been a lot of discussion about Pinterest lately here on the DT blogs and forums. Some feel its a great social networking promotion tool while others think its the spawn of the devil and yet another example of rampant copyright infringement on the Internet. Others simply don't know what to make of it yet.

Personally I'm kind of on the fence about Pinterest. When I first checked out Pinterest I thought - whoa boy this site is just full of copyright infringements. Unwatermarked images with no links to their source, obviously famous images of celebrities and all kinds of stolen images. Not unlike Google images which sells ads by serving up other people work. (Pinterest hasn't figured out how to make money from its site as of yet).

But then...

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Posted by smartview27 on May 22, 2012
Thanks for sharing .
Posted by Peanutroaster on May 22, 2012
Of course some where in the fine print there is something about not using Pinterest to promotion. LOL!

The newest thing with Pinterest is they are trying to make my money by affiliate accounts. For example if you pin the latest Nikon camera available from Amazon, they'll add their affiliate code to it.

Maybe they'll do the same with DT at some point but meantime we can put in our promotional codes.
Posted by Giannit on May 22, 2012
just a wonderful idea...

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Pinterest's Evolving Attribution Data - FlickR

posted on 21st of may, 2012

From Pinterest's blog:

"You can now find a Pinterest button in the Flickr share menu to easily pin everything that you can share via Flickr, including photo pages, favorites, and groups. If you pin frequently, the Pin It button will show as one of the two shortcuts directly on the photopage.

Attribution appears below the pin’s description and provides a permanent link to the work, its author, and where they host their content. Because attribution cannot be edited, photographers can rest assured that pins and repins of their work will credit and link back to them.

We think simple and automatic attribution is a step forward for the sharing of content online, so we went even further than adding attribution to pins directly from...

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Posted by Peanutroaster on May 23, 2012
Seems like a dance between what we'd like to get out of the promotion opportunities of sites like Pinterest and what how Pinterest would like to do to make money.
Posted by Bobbrooky on May 23, 2012
Thanks for the blog Edward, by sharing information like this, hopefully we can keep ahead of the game, rather than falling behind.
Posted by Celiaak on May 22, 2012
nice to know :)

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Pet Photography and Stock

posted on 22nd of may, 2012

In Ellen Boughn's book about microstock "Microstock Money Shots - turning downloads into dollars with microstock photography" she has a list of subjects to avoid.

One of interest to me, since I've been taking a lot of pet photos over the past few months, is "Your Pet". Here is what she has to say:

"Your pet, unless the animal is very ugly, really funny, and unbelievably cute or is a prop in photos with people. A photo of your sleeping cat is especially boring."

Its true, any subject be it a tomato or a pet that is accessible to many people is going to be shot to death so one has to bring something extra special to the table. This is what I've been attempting with shots of my dog and some of his friends.

One photographer that I've come to...

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Posted by Dmccale on June 14, 2012
thanks peanut you have some great shoots also
Posted by Peanutroaster on June 14, 2012
Hi Dmccale - I see that "Sleeping Old Dog" is your second top seller. Its a great shot and a beautiful dog! Very encouraging.
Posted by Dmccale on June 14, 2012
I agree with Gmargittai on this.I have sold several of my dogs just sitting there.Thanks for the blog

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Memorial Day

posted on 28th of may, 2012

I will admit it. Most Memorial Day's in my past I've taken advantage of the three day weekend and went camping, never giving the holiday much of a thought other than it was a holiday weekend.

The past few year's I've spent with my Father who served in Vietnam and watch proudly as he marched in the local parade with other veterans and listed to speeches by school children sponsored by the American Legion.

Typically these speeches come off kind of canned. (Kind of like the beginning of this blog). They typically are of the sort "I never thought much of the meaning behind Memorial Day blah blah".

Anyway the meaning of Memorial Day I get from my father is not so much to celebrate a soldier's service or sacrifice but to not forget the human cost of wars and to hold our...

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Posted by Peanutroaster on May 30, 2012
I was glad to see President Obama's Memorial Day speech where he welcomed home our Vietnam Vets who never received a proper welcome back from that unpopular war. My Dad joined the army to pay for college and ended up making a career out of it. On leave from a tour of Vietnam to come home to meet me for the first time, he recalls having to change out of his uniform at the airport so he won't risk being spat on.
Posted by Chanevy on May 30, 2012
Thank you for sharing. This touches my heart.
Posted by Laurasinelle on May 30, 2012
Thanks for sharing!

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What Sells in Microstock?

posted on 31st of may, 2012

They say people photos sell the best. Specifically business people. But what if your portfolio is shy of, say, 30,000 people images? Do your people shots have much of a chance against the competition? What should you be concentrating your shooting time and efforts on? Landscapes, Travel, Studio?

According to the Microstock Insider blog there are three key features in all stock photos:

Three key features of all stock photos
A good stock photo can be broken down into three main components, all of which must be correct to make a high selling image.

1) Choice of Subject, be it an appropriate model or props, an object sat in a context that creates some kind of concept, something quite abstract that only really gains a meaning when...

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Comments (14)

Posted by Giannit on June 06, 2012
Nice blog... and great shots....
Posted by Peanutroaster on June 05, 2012
Onime - good point.
Posted by Onime on June 05, 2012
nice blog. but don't forget about idea & creativity component :)

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