Viva Las Vegas!

posted on 7th of july, 2012

I recently joined my wife on a trip to Las Vegas at the end of June. She attended a conference at Mandalay Bay Resort and Conference Center and I tagged along for the fun.

Each morning I'd join her for a walk down to the conference center, say goodbye and then start out to explore the Las Vegas Strip and take photographs.

Las Vegas is a very unique place. An adult playground where typical society norms are tossed aside and replaced by a new more permissive set which includes drinking at all hours, relaxed attitudes toward sex, and of course spending money. Once you get off the plane you can hear this giant sucking sound that is created by the offerings of Las Vegas and its powerful effect on ones wallet. Food, drink, gambling, shows,...

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Posted by Jeniicorv8 on July 13, 2012
I love that Paris shot and the Bellagio one is so cool!
Posted by Laurasinelle on July 11, 2012
Great images!
Posted by Giannit on July 10, 2012
Great shots...

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Thinking ahead...Halloween, Thanksgiving and even Christmas?

posted on 9th of july, 2012

It seems like the summer season has just begun - cookouts, swimming, hiking, theme parks, gardening, vacations and just relaxing. Summer is here perhaps in our reality but for designers most are already working on fall and winter themes.

One tip off was a recent trip to a craft store this past weekend found that they had Thanksgiving fabric and craft supplies out already! Now when do you think those products were designed? Probably a year and half before their intended use.

Some recent sales from my portfolio indicate that many buyers are working on fall (apple picking) and Halloween themes (gross eyeballs). It certainly is hard to get in the mood to create Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas images in the middle of summer...

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Posted by Laurasinelle on July 11, 2012
Nice images!
Posted by Giannit on July 10, 2012
Nice shots...
Posted by Djapart on July 10, 2012
i agree with your word.. designer must think a head.. :D

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My Favorite Model On The Mend

posted on 12th of july, 2012

My most willing, cute, undemanding, loyal and easy going model is on the mend after being attacked by a large dog while hiking last Sunday.

It happened on the summit of a local small mountain, Mt. Cube which is a two mile hike from the base. We had been subjected to this other large golden retriever type dog on the way up -- it keep bothering us for food. Its flaky owner seemed to think it was ok to just let her dog run loose and stick its face in the face of other hikers. She even gave our dog a treat without asking. Not only did this cause our dog to start following her but it probably set up the events that would occur later.

At the summit we stopped for an apple, sat away from the other people and put our dog on the leash. The large dog appeared...

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Comments (5)

Posted by Giannit on July 16, 2012
Great shots... and great model.
Posted by Peanutroaster on July 15, 2012
Thanks - stitches and cone will be gone in a few days. He's back to barking at deer and sniffing around for chipmunks.
Posted by Littlemacproductions on July 14, 2012
Oh my. Glad Tiki is doing well. Just remember you can't fix 'stupid' owners.. just pity their dogs. The pepper spray is probably a good idea. Please give kisses for the pup.

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Milestone - first $1,000

posted on 16th of july, 2012

Now here is a milestone worthy of marking - I just reached my first $1,000 in sales. This month also marks my one year anniversary with Dreamstime, 600+ sales and 1,354+ uploads. And importantly my acceptance rate has gone from about 20 percent to around 70 percent. So I must be learning something!

Like anyone starting out in micro-stock the learning curve has been steep in the beginning. I think my favorite part of being a contributor has been the learning process. When you have the motivation of actually selling your photos, it spurs one to take more and more photographs and to be on the look out for opportunities to take photos. The more photos you take, the more feedback you get, the faster you learn.

You also learn to edit your work. If you only have 10 photos to choose from, how good...

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Comments (31)

Posted by Artshock on July 19, 2012
Congratulations :)
Posted by Miketea on July 18, 2012
good milestone
Posted by Ekson1 on July 18, 2012
congrat's friend..!
you have done!

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Sometimes its just a matter of timing...Batman Rises

posted on 17th of july, 2012

They say timing is everything and that is certainly the case of this shot of the Batmobile I took recently at the Six Flag's New England amusement park.

One view one sale! The opening of the latest Batman movie "Batman The Dark Knight Rises" this coming weekend certainly had to be a factor behind this sale.

The Batmobile is on display in the parks Justice League area with DC Comics themed roller coasters and interactive area with costumed figures. Unfortunately the Superman based Bizaro rollercoaster lauded as one of the best in the world was not working at the time we wanted to ride it but we did ride the Batman roller coaster and the Mind Eraser.

According to Warner Bros. "The Dark Knight Rises" takes place eight years on from the previous Batman movie and a new...

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Comments (4)

Posted by Psmpics on July 18, 2012
Great photo - looks like a promo shot!
Posted by Zenonk on July 17, 2012
Nice car :)
Posted by Peanutroaster on July 17, 2012
I certainly wasn't hauling around a full camera bag of lens and trying to get on the rides - had my trusty Lumix LX5. That thing was huge. I did shoot a few angles but was hampered by the barricade. Its in the line for a ride.

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They just don't build them like this anymore...

posted on 23rd of july, 2012

Summertime is here and among all of the other great activities of summer, its time for owners of classic cars to awaken from their winter slumbers.

Cars that hide all winter from salt-ridden roads and bad weather get dusted off, shined up and lead gassed for the summer car season. Its time year for owner's of classic cars bring them out and show them off.

I'm always amazed by how many of these great old cars are still in the hands of private "collectors" and are still in great condition. I've been seeing them all summer on the Interstate, in front lawns and at shows.

Many of these cars are still with the original owners. People who had the foresight, means and storage area necessary to keep these cars for prosperity so that today's public can enjoy them.


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Comments (4)

Posted by Peanutroaster on July 24, 2012
Even better than engaging the owners is having your spouse do it and skillfully get them out of the way of the shot. ;-)
Posted by Peanutroaster on July 24, 2012
I got this shot at the same event. I did a bunch of cloning out of modern elements like power lines and signs using Photoshop.Vintage car and diner
Posted by Celiaak on July 24, 2012
I just love the image, it is just so retro. And thank you for the tips about engaging with owners.

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Recipe: Barley with Grilled Summer Squash

posted on 25th of july, 2012

If you're a gardener or have a friend at work who is one, then just about this time of year you are most likely up to your knees in summer squash.

We've been trying all kinds of recipes lately to use up the bounty. This one was really tasty and healthy - give it a try!

Barley with Grilled Summer Squash and Herb Vinaigrette

2 cups of water
1/3 teaspoon of salt
1 1/4 cups quick-cooking pearl barley
1 medium zucchini, quartered lengthwise
1 medium yellow summer squash, quartered lengthwise
1 small red onion, cut into 1 inch pieces
3 tablespoons olive oil
1/3 tbs black pepper
2 tbs white wine vinegar
1 tbs honey
1 tsp dijon mustard
1/2 tsp snipped fresh thyme
1/2 tsp snipped oregano
1/2 tsp snipped parsley
1/3 cup coarsely...

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Comments (1)

Posted by Karenfoleyphotography on July 26, 2012
Looks yummy - and as you said, healthy - will give a try. Thanks for sharing, K-

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