new collections

posted on 10th of august, 2012

Hi all! this newbie has figured out how to do collections..so I need some images! SO FAR MY 3 COLLECTIONS ARE butterflies, children playing and military. soooooo... if you have some images you would like in my collections, let me know here! thanks all!

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Posted by Kathywooding90 on October 17, 2015
Hi, you have some great photos!
Here's one you might be able to use for the Butterfly collection
Posted by Yl413100419 on September 03, 2012
I have some images about nature,building and something else.
You can add my images as you like

  Abisara echerius  
  Cyrestis thyodamas  
Posted by Inyrdreams on August 30, 2012
thanks for the photo dan although I am looking for military moments rather then military objects. more people, soldiers, working on base, coming home and shipping out. please let me know if you have others that would fit that catoagory or my other two collections!

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collection request

posted on 21st of august, 2012

Hi again! I need some images for two collections still.. of children playing and military moments. both have 4 photographers but I need at least 5 to go public and Id like more! so if you have not contacted me about these two collections and you have some images you would like me to add, then let me know the photos! thanks~!

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Posted by Inyrdreams on August 22, 2012
Thanks Mira! exactly what I was looking for!
Posted by Arim44 on August 22, 2012
Here are some military images from fleet week in NY
19696872 19696871 19697169 19696878 19746688
Posted by Inyrdreams on August 22, 2012
thanks for the pictures so far all, for the military moment collection I am looking more for military families, soldiers, a moment in a life rather then just weapons and buildings. if anyone has something like that to add I would love to include it. lauriey had one of the best with a soldier coming home to his little boy!

and children playing.. still need more new photographers for that category!! I just added some new ones to that of my own grand kids, but need more and different photographers as well. thank you

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subscription rates on photos.. what gives?

posted on 22nd of august, 2012

hello everyone, and especially DT staff.
Can anyone tell me what is going on with the new subscription rate fees for photos? this is a great deal for buyers but almost a slap in the face for photographers. someone can download an image for a set price no matter the size? and they can do whatever they like with this image? I dont know if I am understanding this right.
What I do know.. is out of almost 300 accepted images I have had 22 sales and over half of these sales have netted me a fine sum of 42 cents each. for maximum sized images. more then a bit disheartening. DT staff, can someone let me know if I am doing anything wrong here? is there a way to opt out of this... or do I have some thing checked wrong on my images? I have to admit...

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Posted by Mudplucker on August 29, 2012
photography looks like it is a business with a LOT of competition so it is doubtful i'll get into anything more than just an "on the side" sort of thing... i surely couldn't afford to rent a fancy location and advertise like a lot of the locals. And then there are these companies that do whole family photo shoots for a little over 100 bucks including prints (portrait innovations) I have sold off stuff before too and later thought "what was i thinking???" happens to us all i guess :)
Posted by Inyrdreams on August 29, 2012
mudplucker, I like photokey a lot it makes getting rid of the background and adding a new one so much easier. however... I have been an on location photographer for so long doing 90% people.. that I prefer backdrops and real sites hands down. all in all, its easier to just do the shot right the first time on the backdrop I want then to add the extra steps to play with green screen, but for what you are doing it will be ideal! I used to have access to a ton of backdrops- I was a backdrop artist. but then I sold off all my equiptment and studio things after a divorce... what was I thinking????
Posted by Mudplucker on August 28, 2012
Oh Susan, how do you like Photokey Pro ? I was thinking of buying it for getting some stuff ready for DT if it will outperform Photoshop Elements 10 without all the extra workarounds

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reached a milestone

posted on 29th of august, 2012

well I did it.. I reached my goal of 300 before september. did not think I would make it! September is my one year date and I had wanted to get that many uploads in one year- but it seemed like I was stuck on 50 forever! I was able to have 97 uploads accepted just in august.. I dont want to talk about how many rejected! I did spot a photo of a ferris wheel I shot as a editor's choice, so that was exciting! and it sold the first hour it was posted!
I figure it took 6 months to get the first hundred and half that to get the next 200 so maybe you can teach an old dog new tricks here? now to reach my first 100 sales....!

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Posted by Simonslaura on December 04, 2012
Oh that's great it's celebration time, amazing collection of photographs some were excellent!!!!!!!!!

stair treads
Posted by Linqong on August 31, 2012
Posted by Rigsby8131 on August 29, 2012
Congratulations and good luck with sales!!!

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