Here's a fun game to play

posted on 9th of may, 2016

I hear a lot of folks bemoaning the fact that things are taking a little longer on the site these days. With the vast number of contributors and uploads, we are experiencing a bit of a delay in processing queues when uploading our pictures - videos - audios - illustrations.

When you find yourself with a bit of spare time on the site, there is a fun game you can play while you wait. Try taking your last 10 sales and see if you can weave a story around them. It's fun to do, and just may stimulate those creative juices to help you come up with new ideas as well.

Here is the story the last 10 images of mine sold are saying to me .........


I was working in my garage the other day, when I got a great idea ...


Why not hop in my...

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Posted by Generalul2015 on May 15, 2016
beautiful picture :)
Posted by Godfer on May 14, 2016
You aren't allowed to mention other sites in the forums here. Some take much longer than here some take less.
Posted by Kittysnaps on May 14, 2016
I appreciate what you are trying to say about the length of time it takes to get approval of photos but will be looking for other sites that might be considerably quicker. Any recommendations?

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Turning a Passion into a Profit

posted on 2nd of july, 2015

Many of us have a hobby that we’re passionate about – and at one time or another most of us have given thought as to how to turn that pastime into a money generating activity. Before quitting your day job however, ask yourself a few hard questions.


What do you produce that has value to others? Whether your hobby produces tangible objects or intangibles like intellectual property, it is important to understand how others perceive what you produce. Is there an existing market for your product? If you’re not sure, a quick Google search can probably help you answer that.

How is what you do different or better than what is already available? We live in a connected world. The advances in technology mean that individuals around the globe can easily conduct business...

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Posted by Manuelroma333 on April 23, 2016
Real success!
Posted by Haotian on July 13, 2015
Your self portrait picture really puts it across. :)
Posted by Pamjreynolds on July 06, 2015
A very inspirational article, and it ticks all the right boxes, especially the last paragraph.

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A to Z of Stock Photography Terms

posted on 2nd of july, 2015

Starting out in photography, one can quickly become overwhelmed with the terminology. Photographers use their vernacular as comfortably as a first language, but for someone starting out, especially when starting in the world of stock photography, they may as well be speaking Klingon.


To help the newcomers to Stock Photography, I’ve compiled a list of some of the most commonly used terms in a handy reference guide.

Aberration – An imperfection like chromatic aberration, which shows itself as purple fringing in an image. Caused by poor optical quality of lenses. Can sometimes be corrected in Camera Raw.

Aperture – Refers to the size of the diameter opening in a camera, which allows light to strike the photographic materials. Measured in f/stops. Combined with...

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Posted by Pamjreynolds on July 09, 2015
Excellent article
Posted by Laqhill on July 03, 2015
LOVED this needed article!! It would have made my life sooooo much easier when I first started out!!! Thank you.
Posted by Rajansingh on July 02, 2015
Good job done Sir. Thank you very much for the information.

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Getting Started with Strobe Lighting

posted on 29th of june, 2015

Natural light. I often hear photographers say they ONLY work with natural or available light. To me, that means one of two things. They have either found a way to channel the creative genius of Ansel Adams – or they have yet to master the art of the strobe.


Flash or strobe lighting turns pictures into photographs. It allows you to control the impact of elements in a frame, to bring life to the eyes of a subject and to control the feeling and mood of the overall image. And it’s not hard to learn when you follow a few simple guidelines.

First, take it off camera! A flash that is popped from on camera creates a flat, one-dimensional image because it removes most if not all of the shadows on your subject. It’s those shadows that provide 3-D contouring and...

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Posted by Estevens077 on July 22, 2015
Thanks for your article. I am enjoyed! )
Posted by Clearvista on June 30, 2015
Very interesting. You have started the cogs turning in my head now regarding strobe lighting. Thanks.

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Imagining Business as a Newbie

posted on 27th of june, 2015

I often see newbies asking questions on the message boards about what types of images are needed in this highly competitive business. To understand what end users are looking for, I recommend looking at the way dreamstime classifies images into categories and sub-categories. This is the their way of telling you what is being searched for by their users.

Take the Business category, one of the most popular categories for stock images, as an example. You'll see the sub-categories break down as follows.


People Everyone has seen the ubiquitous image of smiling, happy business men and women doing …. something. Talking of the phone, looking seriously at a piece of paper, shaking hands in introductions, etc., etc., etc. The need for quality images of business people goes...

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Posted by Dreamsoniro on October 22, 2015
Im just starting with stock photos; just got few photos accepted so far but its enought to make me a happy man!
Thanks for the guideness, very helpfull.
Posted by Lenutaidi on July 28, 2015
Thank you very much Karen!! Best regards!!
Posted by Karenfoleyphotography on July 28, 2015
@lenutaidi they are railroad model figures. You can buy them at a model train store or online by searching "model train figures". Just be aware they come in 3 sizes H, HO and N (in decreasing order) - relating to train track gauges of the various models- so do a little research to make sure you get the size you want. K-

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Capturing the Concept of Technology

posted on 25th of june, 2015

Looking for inspiration for your next stock image? Look no further than the devices that surround you.

We’re a wired world. It is hard to imagine getting through a day without using technology in some form or another. For a stock photographer, that’s a gold mine of opportunities.

Think of the phrases that you use everyday: online shopping, viral video, cloud computing. Technology has even changed the way we talk. We “Google” things we “like” to “share” with our “friends” or “pin” for later. Now close your eyes. What is the first thing that pops into your head when you hear those terms? Those are your stock image.

Represent these ideas by placing technology in everyday settings. Put an e-Reader or tablet on a sandy beach to illustrate summer reading lists. Show...

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Comments (2)

Posted by Kheng1987 on July 06, 2016
Great blog!

I have always been puzzled by what it meant by "stock image" when my submissions got rejected.

You have put across very clearly what "stock image" means.

Thank you!
Posted by Clearvista on June 26, 2015
Some great ideas. Great blog as usual.

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The Art of Light Painting

posted on 24th of june, 2015

The art of photography is often referred to as painting with light. The photography technique called Light Painting brings that art to a literal definition.


Light painting is all about using lighting selectively and creatively to bring subjects alive in a darkened scene. The focus of light painting can range from large structures to macro subjects and everything in between. Here’s a look at how to approach light painting with large, outdoors scene.

In addition to your DSLR, there are three critical elements for great light painting: a strong tripod, a selection of light sources and a great imagination. Everything else is trial and error.

Start with a darkened subject. Using a wide beamed light source, light the scene where you want the focal point to be with...

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Comments (2)

Posted by Clearvista on June 26, 2015
Very interesting blog. Will try this myself after seeing your great results. Thank you.
Posted by Tigertim01 on June 24, 2015
Thanks, great article, I had my first attempt the other day (not as grand as yours) but after looking at your pictures I will most certainly be trying this again.

   Cogs, Gears, Old Water Mill   

Thanks for sharing.

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National Pancake Day

posted on 4th of march, 2014

Today is National Pancake Day.

Introduced into the US by IHOP as a fund raising event for Children's Miracle Network,
National Pancake Day has been celebrated here since 2006.

So how are you celebrating today??

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Posted by Laurasinelle on March 10, 2014
Nice! Great images!
Posted by Wxh6763 on March 07, 2014
Posted by Peanutroaster on March 06, 2014
Taking photos of maple sugar farms.

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Top 10 Things to Do When It's Cold Outside

posted on 23rd of january, 2014

It’s January.
For those of us in the Northern Hemisphere, that means it’s winter.
And winter means the days are short and the temperatures are low.
Hearing words like “polar vortex”, makes you just want to crawl into a warm bed and hibernate until spring, not grab the camera and go outside to shoot stock photography.
But that doesn’t mean we can’t make these cold and snowy months productive ones. To help you do that, I’ve put together my

“Top 10 Things to do when it’s Cold Outside”

#10 I've got one word for you - Studio. If you have one, plan on spending some time in it. Use these days to try new things, organize equipment and props and give it a good spring cleaning (at least it will make you think warm thoughts&...

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Comments (13)

Posted by Pamjreynolds on June 29, 2015
Wonderful and inspirational article, thank you so much for sharing
Posted by Egomezta on January 31, 2014
Great blog, thanks for sharing.... Good luck.
Posted by Laurasinelle on January 31, 2014
Nice blog, thanks for sharing!

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And the 2014 Word of the Year is .....

posted on 2nd of january, 2014

I'm a list maker. It's what I do. It's how I keep myself organized.

I'm such an extreme list maker that my husband jokes that I need to keep lists of all the lists that I keep!

Sometimes I write things on a list, just so I can cross them back off.

It's a sickness - I can't help it.

So you can imagine what a New Year means for me.

Yup, New Year - New Lists!

For years I have started the New Year by listing
.....all the things that I will do that year
.....all the things that I will no longer do that year
.....all the places I want to go during those 12 months
.....all the goals I want to accomplish before the next January 1st
.....etcetera, etcetera, etcetera...

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Comments (8)

Posted by Karenfoleyphotography on January 08, 2014
Thanks for the kind comments everyone. Hope you are having a Happy New Year so far, K-
Posted by Edosaodaro on January 06, 2014
Very nice!
And a very happy new year to you too!
Posted by Davidwatmough on January 06, 2014
What a wonderful blog post....................... the management say it only takes a few minutes to write a post but this has been carefully put together with much time and thought put into it . Many thanks. David.

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