Why do you travel ?

posted on 9th of january, 2013

What is the purpose of your trip abroad?
Why do not like leaving your house?
Are you afraid of the unknown?
Share with us your thoughts on Dreamstime ...

When I was small my father used to say: "Do not be afraid of anything ever!
Fear has big eyes, especially in the dark. "
He gave me the strength to cope with difficult situations.

I thank him for it ...

My courage, the joy of traveling and exploring new countries, led me to the highest mountain range in the world - the Himalayas. They live there, people who owned almost nothing and are happy and humble. We have warehouses full of food and yet many of us are unhappy. Why is that?

Enjoy the new year by looking at my photos of the highest and most beautiful mountains in the world: Mt. Everest, Lhotse, Cho Oyu, Ama Dablam ...

Thank you in advance for your opinions on travel and for visiting my portfolio.

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Posted by Hellen8 on January 30, 2013
To: Pettys
Thanks Peter. All mountains are beautiful. Himalayas are pearls on the globe. Well, climb mountains and do not carry the camera with you is a big mistake. Shooting in the mountains is hard work, but we have joy of it.
You have beautiful pictures of the mountains.
See ya :-)
Posted by Pettys on January 29, 2013
Beautiful pictures Hellen.
I love the Himalayas and mountains in general.

Greetings from Pettys
Posted by Hellen8 on January 28, 2013
To: Angelaostafichuk
Thanks for your nice comment Angela. Yes. Travel is the best way to know more of our blue planet.
Posted by Angelaostafichuk on January 28, 2013
Very nice pictures. I travel because our world is not to be missed. As it shrinks we are coming closer together and it's important to know what is happening. Travel is the best way to see it firsthand!
Posted by Hellen8 on January 28, 2013
To: Jdanne
Thanks for sharing opinion. Like most "to have fun and to make nice photos!" Yes, our goal is to make the best photos to sell well on Dreamstime.com. China is also one of my future destinations to visit.
Have a "good light"
Posted by Jdanne on January 27, 2013
Excellent Photos!

Why do we travel? To get experience, to widen one's own horizon, to meet interesting people, to have fun and to make nice photos! Yesterday I returned from China, so my memories are fresh!
Posted by Hellen8 on January 13, 2013
To: Arturoosorno
Thanks.Yes. Inspiring thoughts for all. "Look positively to the future!"

To: Thevegetable
Thank you. I wish you to visit this beautiful place. The first photo above is the crown of Himalayan peaks seen from Tengboche Buddhist monastery. It is reportedly the most beautiful place in the Himalayas. Yes, it is a sacred place with great positive energy.

To: Matewe
Thank you very much for wishes :-)))

To: Physi28
Yes. I agree, and thank you for the comment. We have beautiful nature on our continent. And we also have a lot of experienced photographers who are interested in nature photography and wildlife.
I wish you a bright light for your new pictures !
Posted by Physi28 on January 13, 2013
I like my home country, Catalunya, but since I work at DT, I like to travel to foreign countries to get wildlife images of species which are rare to see in DT and will make it easier to sell them. In Europe, we have wonderful nature and wildlife but of course there are plenty of photographers out there with their cameras, many of them very experienced.
Posted by Matewe on January 13, 2013
Wonderful photo's of a wonderful place. I like my home, but I like traveling too, to see foreign countries with my own eyes and to try to feel the spirit of it. I wish you a lot of time and money for traveling, whenever you want it.
Posted by Thevegetable on January 12, 2013
wow,, a beautiful place ..
let me get there someday ... :)
thanks for sharing
Posted by Arturoosorno on January 11, 2013
Inspiring thought, thanks for sharing.
facing fears with that philosophy is a good way to look ahead.
Posted by Hellen8 on January 11, 2013
To: Yuritz
Thanks for the comment. Yes, I agree. Without money you can not travel. It is important to have a job. The truth is that today it is possible to travel virtually on the Internet, but the real journey enriches us completely differently - internally in our hearts.

To: Babar760
Well, today is a different time and opportunities for travel are enormous. I like: I did just the opposite! :-)
Posted by Yuritz on January 10, 2013
The only thing that keeps me from travelling all year long is the work and obviously the money you need to do that,otherwise I'm one of those who think that nothing give you more experience than what you can learn by travelling,meeting new culture;because it's true that we now know almost everything by wathcing the tv and documentaries,by reading other people experiences,but I truly believe we need to make our own trip to really understand what that means
Posted by Babar760 on January 10, 2013
On another note, my grandfather used to say," travel? Why would anyone want to travel when it's so nice at home!" And, " the best surprise is no surprise!" Needless to say, I did just the opposite.
Posted by Hellen8 on January 10, 2013
to: Philcold
Thanks for the beautiful proverbs. I fully agree. Travel broadens the mind and keeps the spirit of youth. Everyone should at least once a year to leave their home and go to a place where there had never been. So forget your everyday stereotype in the hectic world and resorting to nature, in solitude. There are people who prefer to be in society and vibrant city. To these people I thank God I do not belong.
I agree that traveling costs money. Not everyone can travel far and according to his wishes. No need to travel far. Just visit some nearby place where you've never been. Of course, this is for people who are in your life still a goal. Some even have no more ... :-)

To: Digikhmer
Thank you for comment. I agree.
Posted by Digikhmer on January 10, 2013
Traveling is to open your mind to the world. It makes you to appreciate who you are and what you have.
Posted by Hellen8 on January 10, 2013
to: Baldas1950
Thank you for your honest words. The desire to make a panorama of high mountains image entails much strength and passion with which the photographer wear on his shoulders a heavy photographic equipment. Yes. Humility, courage, patience and inner strength belongs to me .... :-)

to: Egomezta
Thanks for the comment. Yes. I agree that the best investment is to travel and explore. Experiences and knowledge of the travel will stay with us forever preserved in memory. And will never be any financial crisis lost.

To: Lejoch
Thanks for nice cemment.
Posted by Philcold on January 10, 2013
Proverb says: "Travel broadens the mind."
In France, the proverb says "Travel broadens the youth" I would add that the age is determined by the trips we made ​​during our lives... Former travelers keep the spirit of youth.
Shame that it is sometimes so expensive, and not everyone can do it.
Posted by Lejoch on January 10, 2013
I love traveling in every way. I started traveling with my parents, later with my friends, alone, with my husband and now with my children. Very different ways but every time it's beautiful and a great emotion.
Posted by Egomezta on January 09, 2013
I think that the best invested money is traveling...
Posted by Baldas1950 on January 09, 2013
Happiness is not an absolute condition but very relative. Have you ever wondered why so many of us are so happy to carry the weight of our camera and lenses while many others, even wanting to shoot, can not bear?
The passion for photography helps us to "not be afraid of the weight" ...
The lack of fear also helps in many other situations, even when you have nothing ...
I also remember another man who, like your father, exhorted young people to never be afraid. He was a Pope: John Paul II.

Congratulation for your beautiful portfolio!
Posted by Hellen8 on January 09, 2013
to: Dark3y3s
Thank you for your nice comment.
Nowadays, many parents behave contrary to their children, do not support them in assertive growth. It's a big mistake.
I wish you find a beautiful and peaceful place to vacation this year.

to: Midou3
Thank you. For me, it's exactly the same. :-)
Posted by Midou3 on January 09, 2013
I started with taking pictures during my travel. Now I travel during taking pictures....
Posted by Dark3y3s on January 09, 2013
Very beautiful photos! And I love your father's saying 'do not be afraid of anything ever'. One of my professors at University told us the same thing last year and I really find them to be very wise words.

I travel because I love to discover new places. But I also feel like I am searching for something. I don't know what is it but I feel the need to keep seeing new places. Maybe I'm searching for a new place to call home or I just have to see the whole world until I come to peace with myself :)
Posted by Hellen8 on January 09, 2013
to: Perstock
Thank you very much. " THE JOY OF EXPLORING !!! " :-)))
Posted by Perstock on January 09, 2013
The joy of exploring :-) Both foreign exotic places and the home ”backyard”!
Your Himalaya pictures are really breathtaking!

Comments (26)

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