Night lanscapes and misty mornings: my experience

posted on 12th of february, 2013

Some months ago I wrote a blog on MISTY MORNINGS where I presentred some shoots taken by me last Summer at the Seliger Lake in Russia and accepted by DT. There were 8 images of starry nights and misty mornings there in that blog.

I have just finished to process all the photos dedicated to mist and fog that I took for several nights and only two mornings in August 2012. Almost all of them have been approved by DT and here they are:

Several tips for those who are going to shoot night landscapes and misty mornings.

1) Tripod and remote control (wireless is better but not obligatory) are mandatory since exposures can be extremely long, especially for night shots - up to 0.5...1.0 hours.

2) Use 'noise suppression' mode to avoid hot pixels.

3) Do not try to go above ISO100. Such kind of shots are extremely sensitive to the termal noise, so one has to undertake all the measures to avoid them.

4) Save image only in RAW. Histogram for night landscapes and morning mists is typically very narrow and you will want to stretch it out. JPEG format does not allow that since streatching out the 'JPEG' histogram leads easily to different kind of artefacts. RAW is much more suitable for such kind of processing. NB: for me, RAW is mandatory for any kind of shots.
5) When processing do not strive to get the histogram uniformity, as it is naturally for 'common' shots. 'Night' hisogram should have a lack of counts at the right part since there are lack of bright objects. On the contrary, 'misty' histogram should have a lack of counts at the left part (or even be absolutely empty there) since due to fog there are no dark objects.

6) When processing convert RAW to 16-bit TIFF, then process it and save the final result only as 8-bit JPEG.

7) Both at nights and at morningrs watch carefully the camera and lens: dew might happen to condense on them.

8) If your lens is not too excellent and expensive use the wide angle (saying 15...20mm for crop-factor 1.6) and apertures f/4...f/5.6 both for for night and misty shots. Then, on the one hand, you will get light enough, and from other hand all the chromatic effects will be not so noticeable. The good lens limits you much less when choosing focal distance and aperture.

9) The mist hunt requires lot of patience. You have to wake up at 4am each moning for 2 or 3 weeks and go to the place you choose for shooting and only 1 or 2 (in the best case!) you will see the real mist.

10) The last (but not the least): have a luck! :)

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Posted by Opreaioan on March 27, 2014
Well , those are dreamy mornings... Magical I con say. Thx for sharing! Great photos
Posted by Gbfoto on February 24, 2013
Igor..... great photo's as always :)
Posted by Igordabari on February 24, 2013
to Djapart & Joe1971: Thanks a lot!
Posted by Djapart on February 24, 2013
thankyou, nice sharing friend :D
Posted by Joe1971 on February 22, 2013
thank you for sharing!
Posted by Igordabari on February 21, 2013
to Photobee: Thanks for reading and commenting.
Posted by Photobee on February 20, 2013
Fantasy in general!Thanks for sharing!
Posted by Igordabari on February 17, 2013
to Jdanne, Joe1971 and Thanatonautii Thank you for reading and commenting.
Posted by Jdanne on February 16, 2013
Thanks a lot for sharing your experience with us! Nice photos!
Posted by Igordabari on February 15, 2013
to Dolechen: First of all thanks for your comment. Secondly I can't be your teacher since I am beginner in photography. I was just lucky to see lot of fogs last summer and have got some experience that I tried to share.

I think that all the tips can be applied to foggy city. Just because I see no essential difference. 600d should be applyable - as for me, I made all the images above with 350d + 18-55 kit (which is the worst lens from Canon, I believe).

Good luck!
Posted by Dolechen on February 15, 2013
Hi Igor, thanks for sharing, this blog is actually super useful. I would like to ask you a question: How to apply those tips of misty mornings to foggy city sight pictures?I live in Macau, and since spring is approaching, the weather starts to become really wet and foggy (In some ways, it's like London),i have been trying to take some picutures of the foggy city scene but the result is not pleasant. My equipment is a Canon EOS 600D, is it possible to take good foggy pictures with that? If so, how?I will be really appreciated it if you could teach me. :)
Posted by Thanatonautii on February 13, 2013
Awesome pictures! Well done!
Posted by Joe1971 on February 13, 2013
It is beautify photo.
Posted by Alvera on February 13, 2013
to Alvera: Thank You, Your Majesty. Surely, it is possible to recover images that have been removed. By I don't want any confrontation and tension. []
I read your blog in Home > Dreamstime Message Board > Dreamstime blogs and not in blog's page. Here you can post another images I guess. I will try right now to see if it's work.
Nope, not working to use the Insert image button here. Another blog - part 2 - will be good.
Posted by Alvera on February 13, 2013
It's okay if all from here to spell correct the word "King" and I will be pleased :) Nothing else matters.
Posted by Igordabari on February 13, 2013
Spell checker is working as a spell checker sometimes. But another sometimes it looks more like an accident :) Just yesterday it destroyed my keywords changing them for some kind of abracadabra...
Posted by Alvera on February 13, 2013
It seams to me that it is a shortage of admins and/or editors. I have pending images from 04 Feb and still ETR 45 hours - this means another 2-3 days. Hope this will end one day. As a joke, this is good for old contributors, the new one will be scared with this long queue and lack of support and go away :) No more concurrency for us :)) BTW, spell checker is working again.
Posted by Igordabari on February 13, 2013
Thanks to everybody for reading and commenting. I am glad to know this can be useful for you.
Posted by Igordabari on February 13, 2013
to Lostars: Thank you, my friend.
Posted by Igordabari on February 13, 2013
to Lenutaidi: Right you are: these ones are not bestsellers on stock market. However they sells little by little.
Posted by Igordabari on February 13, 2013
to Digikhmer: Surely, there could be some limit for number of images. But my point is that it should be announced clearly. Be agree, one is not able to check the FAQ for changes each time when one undertakes any step on DT. I am quite sure that there should be rules that are known by everyone and followed by everybody. Otherwise things always have a tend to go down to anarchy (from one side) and down to arbitrariness and tyranny (from the opposite side).

Imagine: you are going to write a blog and have to select some amount of images for it. How many images are you allowed to select? Have you got a warranty that your careful selection will not be destroyed by moderators who even will not let you know neither "before" nor "after"? How is it possible to do something if one doesn't know what is allowed and what isn't?
Posted by Igordabari on February 13, 2013
to Alvera: Thank You, Your Majesty. Surely, it is possible to recover images that have been removed. By I don't want any confrontation and tension. But I would like to know perfectly well what am I allowed to do and what I am not. 3, 2 and even 1 year ago things looked like co-operation between the DT administration and contributors. But, as I see, something happened in April 2012. The DT policy regarding relations with contributors changed drastically.

Before I used to write to support asking the specific reasons for my images rejecting. It happened once per 50 refused images and I knew pretty well that I got a clear and detailed answer which would help me to decide if I could fix the problem and re-submit or not. Now such e-mails can be answered and can be trown in a basket. As Nikitu said: Please understand that while we do try to answer all refusal complaints you can not expect our admins to discus every rejection in detail<...(More)
Posted by Digikhmer on February 13, 2013
Hi Igor, first thanks for the processing tips. You have captured great pictures.
In the other hand, i am not defending the admins but I guess that too many pictures in a blog can mess up the style of the new layout blog page. I think that they experienced the limit of the new layout and fixed it without your consent.
As this 2 weeks period is the Chinese New Year Celebration, I wish everyone a Great and Happy New Year again :)
Posted by Alvera on February 13, 2013
Yes, come here on the message board at dreamstime blog section and reply with the missing photos attached. You can attach photos here - don't reply below the blog.
Posted by Clearvista on February 13, 2013
Great photos Igor. Very interesting article. Perhaps you could post the "missing" images again for us to see.
Posted by Chanevy on February 12, 2013
thank you for sharing your tips
Posted by Rosedarc on February 12, 2013
Thanks for sharing your shooting and processing tips - especially the histograms part. Beautiful photos, it will be interesting to which ones sell best.
Posted by Perstock on February 12, 2013
Igor, great shots and great blog! As usual :-)
Posted by Alvera on February 12, 2013
Another word from the King: beautiful pictures! And a lot of work to make this kind of photography, I understand perfectly why you are sad. Keep on the good work!
Posted by Alvera on February 12, 2013
Maybe there is a limitation in how many pictures you can post in a blog? If not, I suspect a coding problem in site, the spelling check is not working and the site behavior is strange. I understand that some transformation are in progress. But, if Igor is right and some admin deleted his pictures, I am on his side an say that this is unacceptable! This post is very useful and the missing pictures must be a lost for all of us.

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