Collections Contribution Request Part XIII

posted on 11th of march, 2013

Hear, hear: 6 new collections open for new contributions :)

If you have nothing for this round, you could check my previous blogs or wait for new future ones! Here are past collections that are always open for suggestions:
I, II, III, Iv, V, VI, VII, VIII, IX, X, XI, & XII.
The only thing I ask of you is to suggest only what fits. How do you find out? By reading the descriptions of the collection in question. I'd highly appreciated it for this blog as well so as not to waste my time looking through irrelevant suggestions.

So now, why don't we fun looking at Denim Fun:

© Vlana (Help)

Then celebrate this new day with some Fireworks:

© Dole (Help)

Relax or get nervous around Cascading nature:

Or just totally relax and be joyous around Flowering Trees:

Get struck with nostalgia with a bunch of Teddies in Action:

Finally, end the day with nice Chicks... NOT Women :P:


Comments (55)

Posted by Cglightning on May 03, 2014
Teddys in action ;o)

 Voodoo Teddy   Voodoo Teddy 

Flowering Trees:
 First day of spring 
Posted by Elianehaykal on May 02, 2014
I love it and it fits perfectly!
Posted by Marcociannarel on May 02, 2014
 Teddy bear and carousel 
Posted by Marcociannarel on May 02, 2014
Hi!! Could be interesting in "Teddies in action" this one?
Posted by Dejai63 on February 17, 2014
Hello Eliane, probably this photo is suitable for the collection "Cascading":

Thank you very Much !
Posted by Andmorg on February 04, 2014
Hi Eliane,
a picture for your collection "Cascading":

and another for your collection of panoramas:

Posted by Flyingdolphin on December 18, 2013
Thanks for adding them. Always nice to see a collection.
Posted by Elianehaykal on December 16, 2013
Sure :)
Posted by Flyingdolphin on December 16, 2013
   Father Waterfall   
   Indian River Reflections   

Been a bit watery lately and thought one my fit your water reflections and the other the cascades. I hope you think they fit.
Posted by Alvera on August 10, 2013
For your CHICKS collection:

   Image not available or id is incorrect.   

   Image not available or id is incorrect.   

   Image not available or id is incorrect.   

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   Image not available or id is incorrect.   


Posted by Kinsjeroen on August 05, 2013
thanks for adding!

another approval today that matches your question:

   Mumlava waterfall   
Posted by Kinsjeroen on July 26, 2013
only some waterfalls here, make your choice :) :

   Savica waterfall   
   Pericnik waterfall   
   Waterfall at Plitvice lakes   
   Plitvice national park   
   Plitvice national park   
   Plitvice lakes: big waterfall   
Posted by Angkawijaya92 on July 08, 2013
Hi Elaine, would you consider this ?

thanks and have a nice day...
Posted by pic.r on July 06, 2013
Cascading nature:
   Forest stream waterfall   

Flowering Trees collection:
   Cherry tree blossom       Spring tree sunset   

Thanks, lovely collections!
Posted by 4harmony on July 06, 2013

Here is an upward view through a flowering crabapple tree.
Posted by Flyingdolphin on July 03, 2013

Maybe for your butterfly collection
Posted by Angkawijaya92 on May 09, 2013
Helo...please consider 30535753 to cascade collection...thankyou..
Posted by Alexsleepy on April 04, 2013
Hi! I have some fireworks shot in Nice, France in my portofolio. Maybe you will find something that will fit your collection Fireworks.
Posted by Chanevy on April 03, 2013
I have nothing for these but what a fun set of collections!
Posted by Inyrdreams on April 01, 2013
[imgl]http://www.23831160[/imgl] here are some teddies...
and one to add to your Easter[imgr]http://www.29878794[/imgr] collection!
Posted by Elianehaykal on March 17, 2013
Haha no, no worries :) I'm used to both names because native English speakers never seem to be able to say name, neither in speaking nor in writing!!
Posted by Karenfoleyphotography on March 16, 2013
Elaine - Another fun set of collections!

Yikes, I just realized I misspelled your name Eliane - I'm so sorry, color me red! K-
Posted by Flyingdolphin on March 15, 2013
Sorry I meant for the flying birds, thanks for adding them. Now you have encouraged me so I have looked at some of your other collections and maybe have -

ancient structures - 24393913 26107511 24382664 20954367 26501442

Huts and Sheds - 23742469 27095689

Water Reflection - 28725660

Posted by Elianehaykal on March 14, 2013
Thanks all for liking my collections :)

illian, as your birds are not baby birds, they can't fit in this collection - but in another if I already haven't added them.
Posted by Flyingdolphin on March 14, 2013
   Sea Gull      Sea Gulls   
Your birds look better than these but maybe one can sneak in
Posted by Flyingdolphin on March 14, 2013
   Turkey Pamukkale   

This isn't a waterfall but mineral but sort of fits, maybe?
Posted by Flyingdolphin on March 14, 2013
   Vernal Falls Rainbow      El Yuque waterfall   

Maybe one of these will be ok for your cascades, nice collections again

Posted by Karenfoleyphotography on March 14, 2013
Elaine - Another fun set of collections!

For your consideration under Teddies in Action

28456115, 25173106, 19020125, 13924904, 13746214 and anything from the collection Oversized Bear at Work and Play

thanks, K-
Posted by Andmorg on March 13, 2013
Hi Eliane!
You may consider these images for your fine collection Flowering Trees:

Posted by Dleonis on March 13, 2013
Great thanks for Your collections!!!!

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Comments (55)

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