$200 in about 5 months

posted on 25th of april, 2013

This is good news for the newbies who are trying to get paid for a hobby. I haven't really been putting in any efforts at conceptual stock photos and portraits, which are supposed to sell best. The main reason being I don't have proper gear yet. If I shot a portrait, I'd have chromatic aberration on every pore of the model's face. My eyes are black and they suddenly became blue in the photos. (my Facebook profile photo)

I'm confident about creating good portraits but it isn't probably going to be in this year with a load of studies to do. Maybe after I'm done with high school? Being a very self-taught type, I wish schools were extinct. Unfortunately schools remain the strongest institution for thousands of years. The Mayans vanished and the Roman empire fell and the Great Depression brought people to the streets and the schools passed through without any trouble at all.

Back to the subject. I have been concentrating on strange things all the time. I'm trying to make the best out of normal and usual things right now. I still don't have any level 0 image. It was around December I started getting any sales. It was 5 sales a month at first and picked up good enough for me. Last month it was 23 sales a month. I don't complain. It is way too good for a portfolio like mine. I have literally shot half my portfolio from my study room window or garden. I don't even live in a beautiful place and that is why you'll find many photos in my portfolio that can be shot from literally anywhere in the world - photos of skies, moon, etc.

I might do an article on selective overexposure soon. I studied some research publications from trusted and huge associations and organisations and found out how people respond to color intensities and frequencies. For example, blue stimulates the brain most. A person cannot sleep deeply in a room lighted in blue. Simply - my interpretation is that if it can simulate the brain, it can attract interest from an awake man. And I wasn't wrong. I searched "blue background" and found out that millions of blue backgrounds have been sold. They are probably the most sold color. I'm probably making stock photos sound like nuclear warheads, but I really feel there is more to imagery than we usually assume there is. I'm really interested about some psychological factors right now and I'm going to make use of my port to experiment. I'm more of a writer and psychologist than a photographer.

This is real fun, when you can make people think the way you want to. I'll be coming up with some more technical articles when I find time. Once upon a time I had 5 articles on the hot articles and most useful list. And now I am so busy that I have 1 image pending. :/

Here are some images made by keeping in mind certain psychological factors. I'll see if they sell as per expectations.

If you are going to shout "Photoshopped - FAKE!", that's accepted. All my images are views from my window and so they must go through intense editing to look something like stock photos. If you are new, I suggest you get into Photoshop. I didn't know what Photoshop is 6 months back. I learned a lot by spending just 30 minutes every day. Lots of tutorials out there to get started with. :)

By the way, just in case anyone has any suggestions on the recent uploads? I have many free credits. Best suggestion gets a sale.
Open bribing. But it would help me out.

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Posted by Gheburaseye on May 21, 2013
uff....I arrived too late :(
Posted by Robinstockphotos on May 06, 2013
Parkinsonsniper gets a sale!
Contest closed. ;)
He suggested useful stuff.
Posted by Freedomsfolio on May 06, 2013
Congrats! good illustrations....they r rich in colors
Posted by Parkinsonsniper on May 06, 2013
Wow you even created a campaign "best suggestion gets a sale" hahahah I'm in pick me pick me :)))
Posted by Robinstockphotos on May 05, 2013
1100+ views on this post!!!
Thank you everyone. This really got me a lot of exposure. LOTS of exposure. :D
Posted by Elianehaykal on May 01, 2013
Well-deserved :)
Posted by Lenutaidi on May 01, 2013
Great result!Keep up the great work!Congratulations Robinstockphotos!
Posted by Cammeraydave on April 30, 2013
Nice !
Posted by Laurasinelle on April 29, 2013
Great millestone! Lovely images!
Posted by Gheburaseye on April 29, 2013
Really a good milestone!
Congratulations ;)
Posted by Robinstockphotos on April 29, 2013
Wow, 500+ reads! Thank you everyone!

@Count1989, Welcome to Dreamstime! :)
I see you have good gear. Be ready to be surprised if you're planning to use the gear to full potential.
Posted by FabioConcetta on April 27, 2013
Great result, congratulations!
Posted by Marknem on April 27, 2013
Posted by Adeliepenguin on April 26, 2013
I think it is a magic window, that sparks the imagination:) Nicely done. I enjoy reading your posts and watching your portfolio grow.
Posted by Egomezta on April 26, 2013
Congratulations, great achievement.
Posted by Hongtao926 on April 26, 2013
Posted by Cmoulton on April 26, 2013
Congratulations! You are always such an inspiration!
Posted by Joe1971 on April 26, 2013
Posted by Suyerry on April 26, 2013
Congrats Pratik! Keep up the great work. I am happy for you! :)
Posted by Robinstockphotos on April 26, 2013
Thank you everyone. :)
Let me know if you have researched and found some similar ideas.

Sanjay, yeah I'm really busy with it. My fingers stay especially busy. haha! Piano, writing, photography.....
Posted by Pindiyath100 on April 26, 2013
Huge Congratulations to you, Pratik!! Keep that shutter & PP happy finger busy eh? :)
Posted by Defess on April 26, 2013
Good work! Well done!
Posted by Cousy86 on April 26, 2013
Good work,nice research!)I like this stuff about colors!)
Posted by TMarchev on April 26, 2013
Nice! Its good day for you:)
Posted by Miraclemoments on April 25, 2013
well done and congrats with the $200. Some lovely editing work being done. Keep it up.
Posted by Bradcalkins on April 25, 2013
You've certainly made the most of your window!
Posted by Picstudio on April 25, 2013
Great work! Well done.

Comments (27)

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