21,000+ sales after 4 years at DT

posted on 1st of june, 2013

Wow, where does the time go? It was May 5, 2009 when I joined Dreamstime. It was October of 2010 when I last updated my sales. At that time, I had 4653 images with 8500 sales, which I think was pretty good for the first 18 months here at DT.

Fast-forward 2 1/2 more years and here we are. I now have 6270 images online with 21712 sales.

I've only added 1617 new images these past 30 months, so it's obvious that I have not been drawing as much as I used to. My other client work has taken me away from my mass-drawing abilities, but I do try to keep adding new images as often as I can. I'm sure the majority of you can relate how tough it is to keep adding to your portfolios while tending to other real-life things.

But, I do encourage everyone to try to add what they can - when they can. It all adds up over time, so just keep adding new images and your profits will also continue to increase.

I'm always inspired by different things. This recently-added image was related to my thoughts of the improving housing market where people are buying again.



Thanks to Dreamstime and to you, the DT community! Dreamstime continues to be a successful place to be at. The community is always nice, and the sales continue to be strong. So, thanks to everyone for their continued support, comments, etc.

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Posted by Adrianbrasov on August 06, 2014
This is how a professional illustrator looks like. Congratulations Cteconsulting!
Posted by Cteconsulting on August 05, 2014
Hey TMarchev. Thanks for the comment. Wow! I cannot believe that it has been over a year since I posted this blog entry. Now I'm at 7049 images with 26172 sales.

I've never posted revenue before, but no one has ever asked either. Ha! Here at DT, it's just over $32,000 since I joined. I hope that providing that figure helps to inspire and encourage others that it's possible to make a living doing microstock. It's just a lot of hard work, time, and energy.

Meanwhile, hopefully the next 5 years will be even stronger! :)

Best wishes to all of you on your continued journey.
Posted by TMarchev on August 05, 2014
Very useful portfolio what is your total revenue? :)
Posted by Martingraf on June 21, 2013
congratulations - average of 125 uploads per month over 4 years speaks for itself - sounds like you like what you are doing :)
Posted by Hongtao926 on June 19, 2013
Posted by Cteconsulting on June 12, 2013
Thanks all. Anubis911, no, there is nothing in particular that I have done to promote my images. I mostly try to continue to add illustrations based on things and ideas that are not already in my portfolio - many of which come from my day-to-day real life experiences. For example, I had a heart problem last year (all good now so no worries), but that prompted me to draw a variety of heart-related items. I recently took my new puppy in to get his first shots and that inspired me to draw the Veterinarian symbol and some dog-walking illustrations. I recently bought some solar panels for my home and that inspired me to draw home-energy related illustrations. So, I just continue to try to add items to my portfolio that add value for what a buyer might be looking for. I think my images sell themselves simply because I'm always adding a variety of new ideas/illustrations to my portfolio which increases its value and expands my portfolio to more potential clients to download. In addition...(More)
Posted by Anubis911 on June 10, 2013
First, let me say congrats. That is amazing. Is there anything u do to promote your stock after they are accepted, or do they sell themselves?
Posted by Gheburaseye on June 10, 2013
marvellous milestone! I saw somting interesting in Your portfolio: I'll apply what I read ;)

Thank you ;)
Posted by Celiaak on June 07, 2013
Great advice. Sometimes we miss the big picture.
Posted by Famed01 on June 07, 2013
this is wow!!! Congratulations!!!
Posted by Sgnajn on June 07, 2013
You are amazing. congratulations.
Posted by Alvera on June 07, 2013
Hard to reach Winterfell :-) And I have no crow to send the message.
A good novel but too much blood & gore for my old fashion eyes on TV series. Sad.
Posted by Cteconsulting on June 06, 2013
Nice. Now, tell that to the Stark family on Game of Thrones! Ha ha ha! :)
Posted by Alvera on June 06, 2013
Thanks Best wishes to everyone as well. :) Where is this year going!?! It`s already June!!!

"Time is a dimension in which events can be ordered from the past through the present into the future, and also the measure of durations of events and the intervals between them." wiki
Posted by Cteconsulting on June 05, 2013
Thanks Best wishes to everyone as well. :) Where is this year going!?! It's already June!!!
Posted by Alvera on June 05, 2013
Thanks everyone!!!Alvera, yes, I came to DT with a fairly large portfolio (approx. 3200 images). It took 4 months to get these images up and running. Then, I have just been creating image after image over the past 4 years to get to 6270 images. My goal is to get to 10,000 images, but that seems far off for now! :)
Thanks for info. I wish you good luck and many sales. And have fun, of course, it's clear that you enjoy this work.
Posted by Egomezta on June 04, 2013
wow, that's amazing. congratulations.
Posted by Bradcalkins on June 04, 2013
Outstanding work! All the more since you've created every illustration from your imagination - no easy flower shots for you :)
Posted by Laurasinelle on June 04, 2013
Posted by Cteconsulting on June 04, 2013
Thanks everyone!!!

Alvera, yes, I came to DT with a fairly large portfolio (approx. 3200 images). It took 4 months to get these images up and running. Then, I have just been creating image after image over the past 4 years to get to 6270 images. My goal is to get to 10,000 images, but that seems far off for now! :)
Posted by Sergieiev on June 04, 2013
Posted by FabioConcetta on June 03, 2013
Congratulations, well done!!!
Posted by Perstock on June 03, 2013
Very impressive! Congratulations!
Posted by Freedomsfolio on June 03, 2013
That's huge.....congrats
Posted by Rigsby8131 on June 03, 2013
Congratulations!!! Fantastic achievements.
Posted by Suyerry on June 03, 2013
Congrats, love your work!
Posted by Friedel3 on June 03, 2013
Well done, great work.
Posted by Lejoch on June 03, 2013
Congrats, fantastic work!
Posted by Defess on June 03, 2013
Posted by Teeimagination on June 02, 2013
Great Work! Graphics are really good to get into!

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Comments (42)

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